Handbook On Women And Aging

Handbook On Women And Aging

by Jean M. Coyle

Expert contributors summarize current research on women and aging.See more details below


Expert contributors summarize current research on women and aging.

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Table of Contents

1Sexism and Ageism
2Images of Middle-aged and Older Women: Historical, Cultural, and Personal
3Witches, Widows, Wives, and Workers: The Historiography of Elderly Women in America
4Images of Aging Women through the Ages
5Sagacious, Sinful, or Superfluous? The Social Construction of Older Women
6The Economic Status of Older Women
7Middle-aged and Older Women in the Work Force
8Retirement and Women
9The Health of Older Women: A Diverse Experience
10Developmental Models of Midlife and Aging in Women: Metaphors for Transcendence and for Individuality in Community
11Life Satisfaction and Older Women: Factor Structure Consistency across Age Cohorts
12Reminiscence among Older Women
13Suicidal Behavior in Middle-aged and Older Women
14Women Survivors: The Oldest Old
15Religion and Faith Development of Older Women
16Voluntarism among Older Women
17Living Arrangements for Midlife and Older Women
18Midlife and Older Black Women
19Hidden Lives: Aging and Contemporary American Indian Women
20Issues and Trends Affecting Asian Americans, Women, and Aging
21Chicanas and Aging: Toward Definitions of Womanhood
22Rural Older Women
23Family Relationships of Midlife and Older Women
24Single Women in Later Life
25Friendship Patterns among Older Women
26Older Women and Widowhood
27Women and Caregivers for the Elderly
28Fathers, Daughters, and Caregiving: Perspectives from Psychoanalysis and Life-Course Social Science
29Conclusions and Research Implications
Selected Bibliography
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