Handel: Arien [Hybrid SACD]

Handel: Arien [Hybrid SACD]

by Jochen Kowalski

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  1. Rinaldo, opera, HWV 7: Arie: Or La Tromba In Suon Festante (3. Akt)  - George Frideric Handel
  2. Messiah, oratorio, HWV 56: Duett: He Shall Feed His Flock  - George Frideric Handel
  3. The Choice of Hercules, oratorio, HWV 69: Arie Und Chor: Turn Thee, Youth, To Joy And Love  - George Frideric Handel
  4. Orlando, opera, HWV 31: Arie: Fammi Combattere  - George Frideric Handel
  5. Silete Venti, motet for soprano & strings in B flat major, HWV 242: Arie: Dulcis Amor, Jesu Care  - George Frideric Handel
  6. Messiah, oratorio, HWV 56: Arie: Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter Of Zion  - George Frideric Handel
  7. Süsse Stille, sanfte Quelle (German Aria No.4), hymn for soprano & continuo, HWV 205  - George Frideric Handel
  8. Rodelinda, regina de' Langobardi, opera, HWV 19: Arie: Vivi Tiranno (  - George Frideric Handel
  9. The Choice of Hercules, oratorio, HWV 69: Arie: This Manly Youth's Exalted Mind  - George Frideric Handel
  10. Giulio Cesare in Egitto, opera, HWV 17: Arie: Va Tacito E Nascosto  - George Frideric Handel
  11. Serse (Xerxes), opera, HWV 40: Rezitativ Und Arie: Frondi Tenere... Ombra Mai Fu  - George Frideric Handel
  12. Messiah, oratorio, HWV 56: Arie Und Chor: Why Do The Nations... Let Us Break  - George Frideric Handel
  13. Flavio, Rè di Longobardi, opera, HWV 16: Arie: Amor, Nel Mio Penar  - George Frideric Handel
  14. The Choice of Hercules, oratorio, HWV 69: Arie: Mount, Mount The Steep Ascent... Arise, Aris  - George Frideric Handel

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