Handel: Super Hits

Handel: Super Hits


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  1. The Arrival of Queen Sheba  - Raymond Leppard
  2. Allegro - Andante - Allegro da capo  -  Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
  3. Air  -  Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
  4. Minuet I & II  -  Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
  5. Bourrée  -  Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
  6. Hornpipe  -  Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
  7. Ouverture  -  Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
  8. Bourrée  -  Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
  9. La Paix  -  Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
  10. La Réjouissance  -  Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
  11. Menuet I  -  Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
  12. Menuet II  -  Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
  13. []  -  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Chamber Orchestra
  14. Alla Hornpipe  -  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Chamber Orchestra
  15. Minuet  -  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Chamber Orchestra
  16. Lentement  -  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Chamber Orchestra
  17. Bourrée  -  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Chamber Orchestra
  18. Air ("The Harmonious Blacksmith")  - Anthony Newman
  19. "Let the Bright Seraphim," HWV 57  - William Neil
  20. Minuet  -  Philharmonia Chamber Orchestra
  21. Largo ("Ombra Mai Fu")  - Jean-Claude Malgoire
  22. "See, the Conqu'ing Hero Comes"  - Crispian Steele-Perkins
  23. A tempo giusto. ("Lift Up Your Heads" from Messiah)  -  Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
  24. Overture. ("And the Glory of the Lord" from Messiah)  -  Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
  25. Hallelujah Chorus  - Jerold D. Ottley

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Pierre Boulez   Conductor
Anthony Newman   Harpsichord
Columbia Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Mormon Tabernacle Choir   Choir, Chorus
English Chamber Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Raymond Leppard   Conductor
Hartmut Haenchen   Conductor
Steven Hendrickson   Trumpet
Edward Carroll   Trumpet
Jeanne Lamon   Conductor,Leader
William Neil   Organ
Jerold D. Ottley   Conductor
Philharmonia Chamber Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Carolyn Watkinson   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra   Ensemble
Crispian Steele-Perkins   Trumpet
Jean-Claude Malgoire   Conductor
Grande Écurie et la Chambre du Roy   Ensemble
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Chamber Orchestra   Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

George Frideric Handel   Composer
Thomas Frost   Producer
Georges Kadar   Producer
Roy Emerson   Producer
Grace Row   Reissue Producer
Jackson Braider   Producer
David Mottley   Producer
Thomas & Richard Frost   Producer
Detchapat Arttasan   Art Direction
Lawrence J. Kraman   Producer
Wolf Erichson   Producer
Grace Kristopher Row   Reissue Producer
Emily King   Liner Notes

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