Hansel and Gretel [NBC Television Musical Spectacular]

Hansel and Gretel [NBC Television Musical Spectacular]

by Barbara Cook

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Sepia Recordings


  1. The Hansel and Gretel Song (Much Too Happy Dancing)
  2. Market Today
  3. Men Run The World
  4. Evening Song (Soft Through The Woodland)
  5. Morning Song
  6. Eenie, Meenie, Mynie, Moe (The Counting Song)
  7. What Are Little Girls Made Of?
  8. Finale
  9. When A Wooer Goes A-Wooing
  10. I Hava A Song To Sing, O
  11. Oh! A Private Buffoon
  12. Were I Thy Bride
  13. Is Life A Boon?
  14. Strange Things Are Happening (Ho Ho, Hee Hee, Ha Ha), song
  15. The Ho Ho Song
  16. The Buttons' Bounce, song
  17. Oh! My Mother-in-Law, song
  18. That Girl, song
  19. Sorta on the Border, song
  20. O (Oh!), song
  21. Cheers, song
  22. The More You Laugh, song
  23. Let's do it, let's fall in love, song (from "Paris")
  24. I'm Just a Vagabond Lover, song
  25. The Pig Got Up and Slowly Walked Away, song
  26. Maine Stein Son, song
  27. Mad Dogs and Englishmen (used in Cochran's revue "Words And Music")
  28. Vieni Vieni
  29. Betty Co-Ed, song

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Barbara Cook   Primary Artist,Vocals
Rudy Vallée   Vocals
Elliot Lawrence   Conductor
Billy May   Conductor
Alfred Drake   Vocals
Paul Lawrence   Vocals
Sondra Lee   Vocals
Celeste Holm   Vocals
Bill Hayes   Vocals
Risë Stevens   Vocals
Elliot Lawrence & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Philip Green   Conductor
Stubby Kaye   Vocals
Hans Conried   Vocals
Red Buttons   Vocals,Narrator
Paul Hartman   Vocals
Eddie Bracken   Vocals
Hansel and Gretel Cast Ensemble   Choir, Chorus
Shai K. Ophir   Vocals
Will Able   Vocals
Paula S. Lawrence   Vocals
Paul Harman   Vocals
Elliott Lawrence   Conductor
Glenn Oscar   Conductor
Hansel and Gretel Pit Orchestra   Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

Arthur Sullivan   Composer
Rudy Vallée   Songwriter,Composer,Lyricist,Lyric Revision
Elliot Lawrence   Lyricist
Alec Wilder   Composer
Noël Coward   Composer,Lyricist
M. Brown   Lyricist
Marshall Brown   Songwriter
Joe Darion   Songwriter
Cole Porter   Composer,Lyricist
Alan Walker   Songwriter
Jerry Wayne   Lyricist
William Schwenk Gilbert   Lyricist
Alden Shuman   Songwriter
Jack Wolf   Songwriter
Vincent Scotto   Songwriter,Composer,Lyricist
Dana Suesse   Composer
William Engvick   Lyricist
Irving Gordon   Lyricist
Earl Shuman   Songwriter
Benjamin Hapgood Burt   Composer,Lyricist
Michael Carr   Songwriter
Byron Gay   Lyricist
Henri Varna   Songwriter,Composer,Lyricist
Willie Gilbert   Lyricist
Red Buttons   Songwriter,Composer,Lyricist
Leonard Zimmerman   Composer,Lyricist
Eddie Bracken   Composer,Lyricist
A.J. Walker   Lyricist
Richard C. Norton   Liner Notes
George Kager   Songwriter
Ray Leaning   Graphic Design
Elliott Lawrence   Songwriter
Glenn Oscar   Arranger
Adelbert Sprague   Lyricist
J. Paul Fogarty   Songwriter
Leon Zimmerman   Songwriter
James Barron   Songwriter
Lincoln Colcord   Songwriter

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