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Hansi, the Girl Who Loved the Swastika

Hansi, the Girl Who Loved the Swastika

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by Maria A. Hirschmann

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Hansi Ministries, Incorporated
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Hansi, the Girl Who Loved the Swastika 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hansi, is a book about a little German girl who lived during the holocaust. Hansi was well raised at the same time raised poorly. She moved in with a friend of her mothers after her mother past away and her father ended up drunk almost every single night. She was a German girl living under the roof of a family who was German but loved any and everyone else. Hansi was taught right from wrong and taught how to stand up for herself. Hitler¿s armies moved in and the Germans were rejoicing. They had great schools to teach their children, great places to work, just great way to live. When Hitler was selecting just a few children to attend his best school in Prague Hansi decided to take the test. Out of millions of other children Hansi was blessed by being picked. Her step mother hated the idea, not only of losing her only daughter but also knowing what she knows about Hitler was afraid for Hansi. Inspite of all of her mothers doubts she went anyways. She left and knew because of her decision her mother would not speak to her except to say, ¿Keep looking to Jesus, don¿t forget your ways¿. Eventually Hansi started to follow Hitler. In time after watching the teachers at her school she realized that they were all following and doing horribly wrong thing. Time went by, by and by when finally everything that was happening in the holocaust finally caught up in Germany. Hansi was taken from her nice living it up life at a school with great food and great people. She ended up going to a concentration camp with her fellow school mates. She not only saw and heard horrible horrible things she also smelled even more terrible things. Yes, she was a little girl who sometimes couldn¿t handle some things but when this came around she was a great strong girl. Hansi came out in the end. The good guys finally came in and rescued them. Hansi got out and in the end went to Ameica to start her life over and become someone who doesn't let that bother her. Hansi was a great book for knowing about what happened during the holocaust. I recommend this book to people because they need to learn what really did happen and from a little girls perspective also from a German's perspective. This book has a great message to it at the same time as keeps you wanting to go further in reading the book. The one thing that did get to me is something that needs to be in this book. I thought all the vividness of it got to me big time but with out that the book would not be worth reading. So in the end read this book learn and realize Hansi was a brave little girl. She is someone to glearn from. Hansi is a book that everyone should pick up and read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I found this book and devoured it in a few days. Hansi was the true Hitler youth, with a sad fate. This story goes from Hell to unbelieveable reality that is so wonderful. God does touch the hearts; 'train up a child in the way he should go and he shall never leave it' Hansi came back to TRUTH.