Happy Anniversary: 25th Anniversary Concert

Happy Anniversary: 25th Anniversary Concert

by Slim Whitman

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Bgo - Beat Goes On


  1. Happy Anniversary  - Slim Whitman
  2. She Thinks I Still Care  - Slim Whitman
  3. Hello Love  - Slim Whitman
  4. There Goes My Everything  - Slim Whitman
  5. Room Full of Roses  - Slim Whitman
  6. Making Believe  - Slim Whitman
  7. It's All in the Game  - Slim Whitman
  8. If You Love Me (Let Me Know)  - Slim Whitman
  9. Hold Me  - Slim Whitman
  10. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World  - Slim Whitman
  11. What I Had with You  - Slim Whitman
  12. Easy Lovin  - Slim Whitman
  13. Opening Announcement/Opening Of Indian Love Call  - Slim Whitman
  14. I'm Casting My Lasso Towards the Sky  - Slim Whitman
  15. Serenade  - Slim Whitman
  16. Cool Water  - Slim Whitman
  17. Cattle Call  - Slim Whitman
  18. The Twelfth of Never  - Slim Whitman
  19. Love Song of the Waterfall  - Slim Whitman
  20. Got The All Overs For You  - Slim Whitman
  21. There's a Love Knot in My Lariat  - Slim Whitman
  22. Poor Little Angeline  - Slim Whitman
  23. China Doll/Indian Love Call/Rose Marie  - Slim Whitman
  24. The Old Spinning Wheel  - Slim Whitman
  25. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen  - Slim Whitman
  26. When I Grow Too Old to Dream  - Slim Whitman

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Slim Whitman   Primary Artist
Colin Towns   Keyboards,Guest Appearance
Jerry West   Steel Guitar,Guest Appearance
Malcolm Anthony   Announcer,Spoken Word
Colin Townes   Keyboards,Guest Appearance

Technical Credits

Rudolf Friml   Composer
Sigmund Romberg   Composer
Billy Hill   Composer
Slim Whitman   Arranger
Freddie Hart   Composer
Jimmy Wakely   Composer
Jimmy Kennedy   Composer
Sammy Cahn   Composer
Oscar Hammerstein   Composer
Otto Harbach   Composer
Kelso Herston   Producer,Audio Production
Dickey Lee   Composer
Jerry Livingston   Composer
Vic Maile   Engineer
Cy Payne   Producer,Audio Production
John Rostill   Composer
Carl Sigman   Composer
Paul Francis Webster   Composer
Tex Owens   Composer
Pierre Tubbs   Booklet Concept
Biff Collie   Producer
Ray Griff   Composer
Bob Nolan   Composer
Jimmy Work   Composer
Alan Warner   Producer,Audio Production,Biographical Information
Paxton   Composer
Pat Wallace   Contribution
J. Walker Clarke   Contribution
Charles Dawes   Composer
R. Harris   Contribution
Will Grosz   Composer
John Wall   Contribution
Denis Byrne   Contribution
Maurice Hope   Liner Notes
A. Bertwistle   Contribution
R.V. Burby   Contribution
P.R. Channell   Contribution
Evelyn Clough   Contribution
Yvonne Evans   Contribution
I.G. Francke   Contribution
J.L. Gibbons   Contribution
Cynthia Goulden   Contribution
E. Hazlett   Contribution
R. Heather   Contribution
M.P. Higgins   Contribution
D. Leather   Contribution
Aidan ONeill   Contribution
Albert W. Parfett   Contribution
Anthony Petrie   Contribution
J. Whiddleton   Contribution
Royston Winwood   Contribution
Dawes   Composer
Nolan Winge   Composer
Lee White   Composer
Aileen Mnich   Composer
Cannan   Composer
Bif Collie   Audio Production
Friml   Composer
Brodsky   Composer
Throckmorton   Composer
Robinson   Composer
Carter   Composer
Wilson   Composer
Barnes   Composer
Putman   Composer
Frazier   Composer
Bourke   Composer
Sherrill   Composer
Spencer   Composer
Glenn Johnson   Contribution

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