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Happy Birthday Mr Sidney

Happy Birthday Mr Sidney

4.3 6
by Paul Maddams

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Happy Birthday Mr Sidney 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I finished this book in one weekend, and finished a half a box of Kleenex. I found the book extremely enjoyable. I have and will continue to recommend this book to everyone. Men alike should enjoy it. It has a sensative but very real subject. I hope the author writes more books, especially ones as enjoyable as this one.   Marcia J. Boeuy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I had just met the Author, he had told me a little about his book. Being curious I purchased it. UPS delivered it on a Friday morning, and I began to read it. I could not put it down, hours went by and it was time to pick my daughter up from school, I sat in the parking lot and continued to read. When my daughter got in my truck I told her about the beginning of the book and she asked if I could read it with her from the beginning. Of course I did. We read the entire book in 2 1/2 days. My daughter then did a book report on the book which was oral on Monday morning. The teacher was so intrigued by the story she asked if she could read the book to the class. It was so cute, the entire class did not want the teacher to put the book down. The class finished the book in 4 days. They wrote me a thank you card for sharing the book with them. I live my life for the best, and I appreciate everyone and everything, I do not judge anyone. Now when I hear people talk and I know what they maybe up against someday I reccommed they read Paul's book. I have a few friend's that are going to recieve it for Christmas. 'AWESOME BOOK' Thanks Paul, Shelle
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is well written and very interesting. A quiet 72 year old man reaches the end of his life alone, HOW DID IT HAPPEN? Paul Maddams, the author, takes you back in time, showing small incidents that create this man's personality. It is very clearly written taking you from past to present without confusion. There are twists and surprises which keep you intrigued and wanting to understand the man even more. I found this book extremely enjoyable and I recommend it for all ages. Do not fall in this man's trap of life. Live yours to the best of your ability. Great First book Mr. Maddams,,hope to see another.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this spare first novel from Paul Maddams, we explore the emotional life of Stuart Sidney as he approaches his 72nd birthday. Conveyed through a series of vignettes seen in retrospect, Stuart is challenged to find joy and happiness in a life he sees as having been punctuated only by loss. The rather meta-physical and mysterious construct employed by Mr. Maddams is appealing regardless of ones personal beliefs, and most readers will identify with the universal themes of life, loss, joy, happiness and regret. Although the book is light on exposition, for example we never learn how Stuart earned his living or the color of his eyes, much of the impact of the book is actually in those things left unsaid. It really isn¿t important that we know every detail, we still identify with the loneliness of a recent widower, the joy of a little league baseball game, or the sweetness of first love. The onerous is on the reader to discover Stuart as he discovers himself¿we are all Stuart somewhere inside, or know him as a friend, neighbor, family member or colleague. For the independent thinker, this lovely novel will open ones eyes and heart to the life in front of us all, if only we will embrace it. Published by 1stBooks.com, this is a book I look forward to reading aloud to my children, and sending to my favorite Aunt in Springfield.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay they made me rate it. Hello to all that are reviewing my book or thinking about purchasing it. Don't have spell check on this so best of luck. The idea of this story was based on a true incident experienced by a paramedic. I was so touched by it I created a whole story around it. How could someone end up like this? What in their life had they done? I was told that my story hits all the right senses in the right way. I hope it does for you also. It's intended to make you laugh, cry, feel good about yourself, and Oh yea, scare you some also with some suspense mixed in. I also hope you take time to let me know how you feel and enjoyed my first fiction novel. WE CAN ONLY HOPE THAT DURING OUR DEATH WE DO NOT REGRET OUR LIFE. (from the book)