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Hard Feelings: Reporting on Pols, the Press, People and New York

Hard Feelings: Reporting on Pols, the Press, People and New York

5.0 2
by Ken Auletta

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Random House, Incorporated
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Hard Feelings 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I got up with a groan, spitting snow out of my mouth. I shivered and wiped off my arms and face. I mean, I wasn't even wearing a jacket! Brushing myself off, I heard a whizzing sound, and I ducked, rolling just as a knife impaled itself in the tree behind me. Maybe I shouldn't have quit gymnastics. Oh well. I started to run, faster and faster. Too fast for me to stop when something long and thick snaked across my path, making me fall to the ground. Something whipped around my legs and pulled me backwards.. I screamed, scrambling back in the snow and kicking and flailing until it let go. I took off, racing up the street. Why did I have to live on a hill? I imagined Sadie standing on the curb, yelling, "C'mon, Aiisha! Push it! Keep going!" It worked. I propelled myself farther until I reached the top, panting. I glanced behind me. Nothing. My pursuer was gone. I bent over, breathing heavily. I couldn't feel my whole upper body; it was that cold. I shivered. Good thing that that thing was gone. Something lassoed around my hands and pulled them behind me. Or not. I screamed, trying to wrench them free but to no avail. "Let me go! What do you want from me?" A figure all in black rose in front of me. It spread its robes, and I saw that the tentacles I'd been seeing emenated from a beast too terrifying to describe. On the inside of its robes, faces shifted and wailed—tortured souls of the monster's past victims. I tried to scream but couldn't, frozen in horror. My muscles wouldn't move, I couldn't look away. Finally, I found my voice and screamed at the top of my lungs. In response to my cry, a tentacle looped around my neck and squeezed, effectively cutting off my voice. My mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, desperately trying to suck air into my lungs with no luck. Just as I'd resigned myself to my fate and the edges of my vision grew fuzzy, an arrow whizzed by me and I heard an oddly piglike squeal from the monster. The next minute or so was a blur, until the beast's grip loosened and I fell to the ground in a heap. I still couldn't move, my mind shut down from the horrors I had seen. The last thing I remembered before I gave in to the darkness was a voice saying, "She needs help. Take her to the safe house."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great as always! This goes out to all who care (which will be very little). My own story, at dequ/merino, has come a long way. But of late, people have simply stopped reading. Diana has been the only reader lately, and I appreciate her support. If you're reading this, Diana, let me share my sincere thanks. I never knew how good a writer I was until I read your comments. We've sort of inspired eachother: Raining Fire was born through Lakeside Drive, a story I've been babying for 2 years now, and you've let me know I'm skilled in my potential vocation. Thank you. Anyway, if you want Lakeside Drive to continue, please go to starstruck result one and tell me to keep at it. If I get 5 comments of love, you will hear the end of Toni's story. If not, you can kiss Lakeside Drive goodbye, until you see it again in a few years at the book store. It's your move. If you haven't read Lakeside Drive, it is at dequ for the first chapters and merino for the rest. Remember, go to starstruck to ask me to continue. Thank you for reading.