Hard to Find Jukebox Classics: Fabulous Fifties Instrumentals and More

Hard to Find Jukebox Classics: Fabulous Fifties Instrumentals and More


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  1. Manhattan Spiritual
  2. March from the River Kwai & Colonel Bogey
  3. The Yellow Rose of Texas
  4. Giant
  5. Honey-Babe
  6. The Children's Marching Song (Nick Nack Paddy Whack)
  7. Joey's Song
  8. Smiles
  9. Glad Rag Doll
  10. Yellow Dog Blues @@Joe Darensbourg & His Dixie Flyers
  11. Little Dipper
  12. Main Title/Molly-O @@Dick Jacobs & His Orchestra & Chorus
  13. Petticoats of Portugal @@Dick Jacobs & His Orchestra & Chorus
  14. A Theme from "The Three Penny Opera" (Moritat)
  15. Ciao, Ciao Bambina (Piove) @@Jacky Noguez & His Orchestra
  16. The Italian Theme
  17. When the White Lilacs Bloom Again @@Helmut Zacharias & His Magic Violins
  18. The Poor People of Paris
  19. A Theme from "The Three Penny Opera" (Moritat)
  20. The Bandit (O'cangaceiro)
  21. 11th Hour Melody
  22. Almost Paradise
  23. Autumn Leaves
  24. Around the World
  25. My Beloved
  26. Devotion
  27. Fascination
  28. It's Almost Tomorrow @@David Carroll & His Orchestra & Chorus
  29. Melody of Love

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Malcolm Arnold   Composer
Leonard Bernstein   Composer
Billy Maxted   Composer
Otto Cesana   Composer
W.C. Handy   Composer
Domenico Modugno   Composer
Norman Petty   Composer
Robert Maxwell   Composer
Bertolt Brecht   Composer
Bill Buster   Producer
Jacques Prévert   Composer
Joe Reisman   Composer
Victor Young   Composer
Greg Adams   Liner Notes
Tom Daly   Producer
Don George   Composer
Marguerite Monnot   Composer
Arnold   Composer
René Rouzaud   Composer
Franz Doelle   Composer
Kaye   Composer
M. Treppiedi   Composer
Nascimento   Composer
Adkinson   Composer
Callahan   Composer
Dougherty   Composer
Palmer   Composer

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