Hardcore Breakout USA

Hardcore Breakout USA


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  1. Jolt  -  Ultraman
  2. Rich  -  Jawbreaker
  3. Indigestion  -  Samiam
  4. Stand up and Fight  -  Bedlam Hour
  5. Shave Clean  -  Crucial Youth
  6. Full On  -  Hogan's Heroes
  7. New Queen  -  Samiam
  8. Those Who Curse  -  Crucial Youth
  9. Zombies  -  Kraut
  10. You Popped My Life  -  G-Whizz
  11. Threat of Power  -  Dirge
  12. It's About Time  -  Agitators
  13. Turn to Ice  -  Ultraman
  14. Home Sweet Home  -  Samiam
  15. Unemployed  -  Kraut
  16. Positive Dental Outlook  -  Crucial Youth
  17. Megalopolis  -  U.K. Subs
  18. Breaking Your Rules  -  Hogan's Heroes
  19. Underground  -  Samiam
  20. Sabre Dance  -  U.K. Subs
  21. Reagan Youth  -  Reagan Youth
  22. Last Will  -  Hogan's Heroes
  23. Juvenile Justice  -  Kraut
  24. The Frog Song  -  P.E.D.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Crucial Youth   Track Performer
Hogan's Heroes   Track Performer
Reagan Youth   Track Performer
Samiam   Track Performer
Ultraman   Track Performer
Jawbreaker   Track Performer
Alvin Gibbs   Bass
Charlie Harper   Vocals
Christopher Ross   Drums
Chuck Walker   Guitar,Vocals
Mikey Wallace   Vocals
Sergie Loobkoff   Guitar,Background Vocals
Blake Schwarzenbach   Guitar,Vocals
David Ayer   Drums
Jason Beebout   Vocals
Martin Brohm   Bass
Mark Deniszuk   Drums
Johnny Feedback   Drums
Adam Pfahler   Drums
Eric Tucker   Guitar
Doug Holland   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Bauermeister   Bass
Agitators   Track Performer
James Brogan   Guitar,Background Vocals
Pike   Bass
Tim Jamieson   Vocals
John Corcoran   Bass
Davy Gunner   Vocals
Belvy K.   Drums
Mick Byrd   Bass
James Hogan   Bass
Quentin Flory   Guitar
George Barbeiro   Guitar
Don Cowan   Bass
Paul "Joey Turk" Cripple   Guitar
John Cuccinello   Bass
Daniel Gollin   Drums
Skip Hoefling   Vocals
Dave Insurgent   Vocals
Gentlemen Jim   Bass
Kevin Karl   Guitar
Wayne Keeler   Vocals
Scott Kennealy   Guitar
Duane Kiener   Bass
Adam Kolesar   Bass,Background Vocals
Brent Long   Drums
John Monahan   Vocals
Angel Nevarez   Drums
Clint Phillips   Drums
Toby Record   Bass
Tony Scandiffio   Drums
Sam Shiffman   Guitar,Vocals
Michael Story   Guitar
Roger Thomisee   Guitar
Maynard Krebs   Guitar
Rob Wagoner   Guitar
Melvin Berkley   Drums
Joe Crucial   Vocals
Ollie Grind   Guitar

Technical Credits

Ryk Oakley   Engineer

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