Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want

Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want

by James Arthur Ray, Linda Sivertsen

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Are you ready to transform your current thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions? Are you ready to shatter the illusion that it's not "spiritual" to want a fit body or financial wealth? Are you ready to create outrageous results in every single area of your life?

You're in the right place.

Harmonic Wealth will propel you to where you want to go. This practical


Are you ready to transform your current thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions? Are you ready to shatter the illusion that it's not "spiritual" to want a fit body or financial wealth? Are you ready to create outrageous results in every single area of your life?

You're in the right place.

Harmonic Wealth will propel you to where you want to go. This practical, results-based book will help you to push beyond your self-imposed limitations and show you how to get past all the reasons you think you can't have what you want.

Struggling to know what you want? That doesn't mean you're not perfect, it just means you're ready for a shift. And that's exactly why you picked up this book.

The result of more than twenty years of study and practical application by World Thought Leader and featured expert for The Secret, James Ray's Harmonic Wealth is based on extensive study of ancient wisdom traditions, cutting-edge findings in quantum physics and other scientific fields, not to mention years of hands-on, hard-won experience. Let this sought-after teacher show you what he's discovered about the secrets of attracting more than you've ever thought possible.

Learn how to:

  • Heighten your creativity, intelligence, intuition, and mental functioning.
  • Deepen your personal relationships and ramp up your ability to attract the people you want in your life.
  • Achieve financial freedom.
  • Maximize your health and energy, and amplify your physical strength.
  • Free yourself from unconscious limitations.
  • Vanquish the fears that have kept you stuck, kept you from knowing and owning that you deserve the best.
If you've been having trouble with the Law of Attraction, you'll quickly learn the missing keys. Harmonic Wealth will reveal the formula for success in the Five Pillars: financial, relational, mental, physical, and spiritual. You'll see why having anything less than success in all of Five Pillars will never bring you true wealth, and you'll learn how to go 3 for 3 . . . how to have your thoughts, feelings, and actions working together in complete alignment. With these factors firing together, you'll create everything you desire and deserve.

Harmonic Wealth encourages you to get real and get creative about how to achieve your goals . . . and then walks you step by step through the blueprint for their attainment. Stop playing it safe. Stop living in fear. Start living in harmony right now, and know that everything you want is within your reach.

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James Arthur Ray's Harmonic Wealth aims at filling in the notes missing from the Law of Attraction. Ray, who brands himself as a practical mystic and thriving entrepreneur, identifies the Five Pillars that bolster any true success: financial, relational, mental, physical, and spiritual. This inspired self-help book promises to help you design a strategic life blueprint; improve your creativity, intelligence and mental functioning; increase your energy level and remove unconscious self-imposed limitations; and vanquish the fears that have held you mired in place.

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HARMONIC WEALTH The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want
By James Arthur Ray Linda Sivertsen
HYPERION Copyright © 2008 James Arthur Ray
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4013-2264-9

Chapter One One Quest, Five Pillars

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. -JOHN MILTON

Harmony-The Elegant Whole

Maybe you know people who make millions of dollars a year but don't have fulfilling relationships or good health. Or people who spend their lives committed to religion or spirituality, literally touching the divine, but have holes in their shoes. We all know people who have razor-sharp intellects but are out of shape and out of touch. There's a much more integrated, fulfilling way to live: I call it Harmonic Wealth.

Harmonic Wealth isn't just about material abundance-although that's a fun and extremely necessary component. It's about abundance in all areas of your life. Think of harmony as a musical performance, in which different instruments move to weave a magical tapestry. Now, apply this to your life. Wouldn't you like to have all the different parts of your life moving toward an elegant whole that's more than the sum of its parts? That's Harmonic Wealth.

Most people equate wealth with money. While money is a part of wealth, it's so much more than that. True wealth is a state of harmony and well-being. I know people who are multi-multimillionaires who would gladly hand over half their net worth to have more health, loving relationships, or a personal connection with something beyond themselves. A truly wealthy individual experiences harmony in all facets of his or her life-a sense of fulfillment and well-being that transcends the momentary happiness of lopsided achievements in one or two areas while neglecting the others.

So, you're about to learn how to have an abundance of well-being in the five key areas of life, what I call the Five Pillars of Wealth: Financial, Relational, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. Without these five pillars, you might be rich, but you'll never be wealthy. Interestingly enough, I've found that the more you reach this state of true wealth, the more money rushes to you-and all that money can provide. The universe is at your command and lines up in joyous support of your awakening.

Creating Harmonic Wealth brings an overall sense of well-being, fulfillment, even unity. Understand that your pillars are interdependent: When you attend to each of them, all increase in strength. When you take care of your health by working out regularly and eating well, you create multiple benefits. Sexual relationships become enhanced by your greater confidence and stamina. Business booms from your increased energy. You're more alert and receptive in spiritual pursuits. You're more alive. Similarly, spiritual growth translates to deepening intimacy in friendships and romantic relationships, fueling your desire to keep up with your physical exercise.

Research in the evolution of consciousness now proves that cross training is the key to exponential growth. This is a fundamental concept we'll be dealing with in this journey. Through revealing personal stories and case studies, ancient and cutting-edge wisdom, and simple but powerful exercises, we'll look at how to make the most of this integrative way of life. What's more, we'll reveal how, with Harmonic Wealth, you can create true wealth by going 3 for 3 in the five main areas of life. Going "3 for 3" is what happens when your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions are all firing simultaneously and in alignment. I'll give you proven action steps that are practical and easy to implement-the same steps that have catapulted my life and work into the world. I'll keep them down, dirty, and simple, because if you're anything like me, you want your results yesterday already.

Why Balance Is Bogus

I'm a great believer in harmony, but balance is bogus.

Many teachers talk about balance, and guess what? Not one of them is balanced. I know; I used to be one of them. The only people who are perfectly balanced are six feet under and it's not your time yet. Balance in this world cannot be achieved, so get over it.

Think of a scale. In perfect balance, nothing's happening. There's no dynamism, no life or vibrancy. Now, think of a jazz band in action-the life and vibrancy are palpable, aren't they? The performers in this band have less to do with playing the melody as written and more to do with improvising. They give life to nuance and the music takes shape in the moment. That's harmony. The different parts aren't balanced-sometimes the saxophone leads. Sometimes it's the bass, or the drum or lead guitar. Whatever instrument is out in front at the moment, they're all contributing, all creating that amazing thing called music. Each musician plays his part of a magical, magnificent whole.

I want to encourage you to think of your life like this. When you're in harmony, some days your parenting skills will lead. Other times it'll be your job or your school. On certain occasions your marriage will take center stage. Sometimes you're going to be running on two hours' sleep, having worn the same clothes three days in a row. It may not be pretty, but that may be just what it takes to finish the business plan that lands you the big dollars and the nourishing rest and relaxation that follows. If you had been in perfect balance, you never would have pulled those crazy hours to begin with, and look at what you'd have missed. So, with my way, you're going to have to get used to the idea that you're never going to be in perfect balance, nor would you want to. Perfect balance is death, death of mind and spirit.

Hopefully I've just lightened your load if you're good at traveling on guilt trips on account of your lack of balance. It's time to get over it. Knowing that nothing dynamic's happening when you're in balance, why would you want to be? Harmony is where it's at; harmony is dynamic and full of life, even if you choose to venture temporarily into choppy seas. While it's true that you can't control the waves, who said you can't learn to surf?

If you're still tempted to strain for balance, you've been forewarned that it's always going to be an impossible dream. My prayer is that you'll see throughout the chapters how liberating it is to cease chasing this illusion.

You Always Succeed at What You Value

"James, I want to be more successful!" a man I'd never met told me over the phone. "Can you help me?"

"Sure," I said. "Where are you already successful?"

"I'm not! That's why I need your help!"

"Okay, cool," I answered. "Now, tell me, where are you already successful?"

"James! You're not listening to me!" he wailed. "The reason I'm calling you is because I need to be successful and I'm not."

"Interesting," I said. "How's your health right now?"

"Well, I've never been more fit in my entire life," he answered.

"How's your relationship right now?" I asked.

"My wife and I just celebrated our twenty-year anniversary. She's the best. Our eldest daughter just got into Brown."

"So, fit, healthy, and in a loving connected relationship with happy kids?" I asked.

"Yes, and I can see where you're going with this, James. But now buddy down the street is making ten times more money than I am and I can't figure out why. He just bought my brand-new dream car, a BMW, and it's making me nuts!"

"That's really terrific for him," I said. "But how's his health?"

"Um, he had a heart attack last year and nearly died."

"Interesting," I said. "How is his relationship?"

"He just went through a nasty divorce. He and his ex are fighting over custody."

"Interesting. So, who's more successful?" I asked him. * * *

I'm not here to tell you which path in life is right or wrong for you. That's not my role. You currently have the life you chose, based upon your values, and the actions you've taken toward those values-like my caller friend and his neighbor. Read that again. Even if you don't like this life (and I'll explain later why I believe you actually love it), for now it's enough to say that you've succeeded at creating what you value. The guy up the street clearly had a higher value for his business than my client. He valued materialism more than his family or his health. Conversely, the caller had a higher value for his health and his family than he did for his business. We always put energy where our attention is. There's a law in our universe that's backed up by physics, which states, "Energy flows where attention goes." Our challenge is to shift our attention to what we truly value ... and keep it there.

If we take this focus and attention business one step further, we see that when we're constantly focusing on I don't have it, the universe says, "Your wish is my command," and we continue not having it. But that, too, is a story for later. For now, just know that I'm going to help you turn this type of thinking around to where "right thinking" followed by "right action" becomes your natural state-quickly.

We Are Energy, We Are Divine

I struggle a bit with the label self-help, even if that's the section where you found this book, because I come from the premise that you're already perfect, magnificent, and divine. To my way of thinking, self-help says that you're broke and need to be fixed. I prefer personal transformation. Personal transformation says that no matter how fantastic things are for you, you can always grow, expand, and more fully express yourself. There's always room to receive more of the richness and wealth the universe has to offer. If you're currently struggling in any area, it doesn't mean you're not perfect. It just means you're ready for a shift. That's why you picked up this book.

To make that shift, you'll probably have to redefine your ideas about God, wealth, and spirituality. I was raised in a very fundamental Christian household with a Protestant minister as a father. He's one of my best friends and mentors and he always taught me to study and keep an open mind. I'm here to tell you that you're not going to hear the tired "you've got to suffer to get into heaven" jargon from me. There isn't one ounce of belief in me that says you have to have a hard life to justify spiritual rewards. What a crock! Ever since I was a kid I questioned-everything. Deep down inside I just knew that you could advance spiritually without giving up the joys of the earth. I looked around and saw that the people who were saying you couldn't be wildly successful and highly spiritual at the same time didn't appear to have authentic results in either area.

This is a new millennium and it's time to redefine what it means to be wealthy and spiritual. I believe, for example, that it's every bit as spiritual for LeBron James to slam-dunk on a court as it is for me to sit in my living room meditating. Bill Gates has touched as many, if not more, lives with his inspirational vision as any modern-day teacher. Each person contributes and gives to the world from their own unique calling and gifts. Quantum physics as well as spiritual traditions tell us that all things come from the same source.

I'm not knocking meditation by any means; I meditate every day and have an outrageous story to share with you about doing so. That said, it's an incredible hypocrisy to sit on a cushion all day, so connected and high, only to drive around in traffic an hour later and go ballistic. Heaven starts within, my friend, and true harmony can be had whether you smell the roses or the diesel fumes. I'm going to help you redefine spirituality in your own life while we uncover your purpose and get you on track to have an incredibly wealthy life on all levels.

To understand how I see spirit, start by understanding what you read in the welcome-that everything is energy. Everything-you, me, everything around us. We live in a vibrational universe. We all vibrate to our own frequencies, forming a massive energy field from which science tells us all form is created. Since everything in your universe (from a plant to a palace to a planet) is comprised of this same energetic source, this field is pregnant with unlimited potential and possibility. This field of unlimited opportunity goes by many names. Some scientists call it the quantum hologram, some call it plenum or the Zero Point Field. Some of these scientists are even calling it the mind of God. If you ask them to describe energy, they'll say something like, "Well, it's omnipresent. It can never be created or destroyed. All that ever was or will be is already here. It's always moving into form, through form, and back out of form."

Ask a theologian what created the universe, and you'll hear about God or the Creator, the Source, Universal Mind, Higher Self, the Holy Guardian Angel-the list goes on. Ask that theologian to define God, and he or she will say, "God is omnipresent, can never be created or destroyed, was always here, and is always moving into form, through form, and back out of form."

Notice anything? Hello? They're saying the same things! For the first time in recorded history, we now have a marriage between science and spirituality. We need to drop these artificial distinctions between the spiritual and the material. It's up to us to see how these truths apply to our everyday lives and how we can integrate them for Harmonic Wealth in all areas.

But you and I aren't going to live in mystical abstractions. We've got real work to do. Spiritual mastery in today's world is about integration. It's about being able to have a great body and run a business, as well as meditate, give back, and everything in between. My goal has always been to soar into the realms of the mystic, while keeping my feet in the sand. You know, a practical mystic. There's no point in teaching you how to tap into the Zero Point Field if you can't bring it back to the third dimension and create results in your life. My intention for you in this work is to give you insights, tools, and techniques to create the outrageous and amazing results you deserve in every area of life.

Trust me, the universe is going to support us in this. The laws of our vibrational universe are vast and varied, but they are immutable. While people seem to want to force fit the entire universe into the Law of Attraction these days, our universe is governed by other equally powerful, distinct, and definitive laws. When you align with them, you win, and when you don't, you lose. It's just that simple.

Your Fellow Traveler

In case you haven't noticed yet, I'm eclectic (although I prefer the term integrated). That comes, I believe, from having thrived in the extreme mystical realms to executive roles in the business world-with a full spectrum of integrated living in between.

While I've always had a strong appetite for spiritual and mystical truth, I've never felt it necessary to shun the business world or the amazing joys this life has to offer. To me, integrated spiritual mastery is about embracing both worlds with equal enthusiasm and commitment.

The reason I'm so excited about bringing this information to you is because it's truly the "best of my best" from everything I've learned and accomplished-a blueprint, if you will, for the success I've enjoyed on so many levels and helped foster in the lives of my clients.

My research in the field really began when I was still in high school. A voracious reader and seeker, I was never fully satisfied by the answers about the meaning of life I got from traditional religion. My strict upbringing gave me a certain perspective, yet my dad always encouraged me to think for myself. That said, it was still a little bizarre for the eighteen-year-old son of a Protestant minister to start lugging home books on Buddhism and meditation.

The voracity of my seeking increased with time, and I began traveling to sacred sites around the world, working with shamans and teachers. I've been honored to have been initiated into three shamanic orders from the Incan culture as a Mesayoq-"carrier of power"-as well as the supernatural Huna tradition of ancient Hawaii.

As awe-inspiring and insightful as these teachings have been, however, I still found that many of my questions remained unanswered. Whether I was in the rain forest of the Amazon, the sacred mountains of Peru, the islands of the South Pacific, or the deserts of Egypt, I found myself thinking during many a ceremony, "These people are so pure, but almost childlike in their understanding and mentality." Not to mention, I didn't love the idea that unless I wanted to give up money, food, and sex, I would never fully be able to tap the power of Eastern meditative practices.


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Meet the Author

James Arthur Ray grew up the son of a minister, immersed in traditional Christian religion. A practical mystic and thriving entrepreneur, he is one of the few spiritual teachers to have achieved top honors in the business world, having worked with AT&T and Stephen Covey before becoming a successful entrepreneur and business growth expert. As coach and mentor, James has taught thousands of individuals and organizations to create harmonic wealth in all areas of life and business. He lives in San Diego.

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