HarperCollins Atlas of Bible History / Edition 1

HarperCollins Atlas of Bible History / Edition 1

by James B. Pritchard

Most up-to-date Bible atlas with amazing four-color maps, diagrams, and photos.See more details below


Most up-to-date Bible atlas with amazing four-color maps, diagrams, and photos.

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Meet the Author

James B. Pritchard (1909-1997) was an eminent biblical archaeologist who excavated some of the major sites of the ancient Near East. He was professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania and the Hays-Fulbright Professor of Archaeology at the American University in Beirut. He was awarded a medal from King Hussein for the achievements made during his seven excavations in Jordan and the gold medal of the Archaeologists Institute of America.

Table of Contents

Setting the Scene
The land     10
Mapping Biblical narratives     14
Historical geography and archaeology     16
Writing, archives, and libraries in the ancient Near East     20
The Bible and ancient history     22
Pagan cults and religious practice     24
Routes and distances     26
The Patriarchs
Hunters, farmers, and metalworkers     30
Noah's descendants     32
The first cities     34
Abraham's migration     36
Wanderings and journeys of the patriarchs     38
Jacob and Joseph     40
Egypt and the Exodus
Egyptian expansion into Canaan     44
Ugarit - center of trade and influence     46
The Amarna tablets and Sety l's campaigns     48
Ramesses II of Egypt in contest with the Hittite empire     50
Routes of a scribe and Pharaoh Merneptah     52
Canaan's trade with Mycenae and Cyprus     54
Changes beyond Israel's borders in the 13-12th centuries BC     56
Route of the Exodus     58
Conquest and Occupation
The conquests of Joshua in Canaan     62
Occupation of the land     66
The Philistines     68
The age of thejudges     70
The United Kingdom
Saul's kingdom     74
David's rise to power     76
David's kingdom     78
Solomon's kingdom     80
Temples and shrines in Palestine     82
Solomon's Jerusalem     84
Israel's relationship with Phoenicia     86
The Divided Kingdom
The kingdom divided     90
Shishak's invasion     92
Omri, Ahab, and Elijah     94
Israel and Moab     96
Israel's relations with Aram     98
The Assyrians     100
Peace and prosperity under Jeroboam II     104
Assyrian sovereignty over Israel     106
The fall of Israel     108
The resurgence of Judah's power     110
Assyrian attacks on Philistia and Judah     112
Judah under Hezekiah and Manasseh     114
The end of the Assyrian empire     116
The rise of Babylon     118
The reign of Josiah     120
Nebuchadnezzar and the fall of Jerusalem     122
The Persian empire     124
Between the Testaments
Judah in the Hellenistic world     128
Judah and the Ptolemies     130
The Seleucid empire      132
The Maccabees     134
Jewish independence - the Hasmonaean monarchy     136
The development of the synagogue     138
Palestine under the Romans
Rome's expansion     142
The Herodian kingdom     144
Jerusalem under Herod the Great     146
The Dead Sea Scrolls and their writers     150
Roman rule after Herod     152
Galilee and the ministry of Jesus     154
Jesus' last days     156
The Early Church
The Jewish Diaspora     160
Jewish life in the Diaspora     162
The cities of Paul     164
The journeys of Paul     166
Beyond the times of the Bible
The First Jewish Revolt     170
The Second Jewish Revolt     172
Roman Palestine after the revolts     174
The growth of Christianity     176
Israel and Palestine today     178
Chronology     180
Bibliography     181
Index     185
Acknowledgments and picture credits     192

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