HarperCollins Language Survival Guide: Germany: The Visual Phrase Book and Dictionary

HarperCollins Language Survival Guide: Germany: The Visual Phrase Book and Dictionary

by HarperCollins Publishers

A Phrase Book . . . A Dictionary . . .A Travel Guide . . . All in One!


A Phrase Book . . . A Dictionary . . .A Travel Guide . . . All in One!

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HarperCollins Language Survival Guide: Germany

The Visual Phrase Book and Dictionary
By Terry HarperCollins

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2007 Terry HarperCollins
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780060733797


As technology sweeps across the world, travellers aren't just faced with the prospect of speaking a foreign language—they also have foreign machines to contend with. Machines for parking, for dispensing cash, for buying tickets and food. Often there is nobody about to ask how they work. Collins Language Survival Guides address this problem by showing photographically signs and situations you might come across.

The things that throw you are often the ones that look familiar—such as buses, trains or phones—but which operate slightly differently.

There are usually codes to how things operate, and though you might not think you are aware of them, you are probably using them every day: the colour-coding for roads (blue for motorways, green for major roads, yellow for temporary signs) or when buying milk (generally blue for whole milk, green for semi-skimmed and red for skimmed). It's when these familiar codes don't work in the same way, that you feel slightly at a loss and probably more unsure than you need be. By making a note of how these types of things work and knowing a few keywords, you will feel much more confident.

The unique combination ofpractical information, photos and phrases found in this book provides the key to hassle-free travel and the colour-coding below shows how information is presented and how to access it as quickly as possible.


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