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Harry's Agatha

Harry's Agatha

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by Jamie Richards

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Regency romance Josephine just wants to get to London to take up her new position as a lady's companion. Unfortunately, she tumbles into one mishap after another on the way.


Regency romance Josephine just wants to get to London to take up her new position as a lady's companion. Unfortunately, she tumbles into one mishap after another on the way.

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Jamie Richards is a retired professor from a moderately sized university who spent thirty-four years teaching about communism and other forms of political philosophy. He wrote six books on these serious topics and when he retired he decided to write fiction.

What kind? He began as a boyhood fan of westerns, then science fiction, and then mysteries. Gradually he grew tired of bodies and detectives and leaned toward stories that had a little romance in them. It was not far to historical romance and just before he retired he became enamored of the Regency period in English history, roughly 1800 to 1825.

Jamie began collecting novels he enjoyed and then after retirement gave him the time, he began to write. He now has 3400 regency novels on his study shelves, and the two novels for Twilight books are his first step in romance publishing. He especially enjoys the extensive research and the travel necessary for historical novels.

He met his wife at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio back in the 1950s and has three children and four grandchildren, all of whom are very special. He enjoys family, traveling, reading, and writing.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Denied by her grandfather, the Duke of Worthington, Josephine Morrison orphaned, alone , and with little money in her pocket, squeezed in bed between two ladies in an old inn dreaming of a better life. She will serve as companion to Lady Montgomery in London. On her way to the new position, Josephine was accompanied by a young man named Josh Middleton who carried two rabbits named Harry and Agatha, whom he described as unusual with their ability to talk to each other and understand humans. But an accident happened. Their carriage fell into a ditch leaving Josephine wounded on the head and limb while Josh had a broken leg. Along came their rescuer, a handsome man named William Penhollow, Lord Earl of Oaksworth. He took Josephine and Josh to his all-male establishment, hired a bargirl named Sister Sally, and tend to their needs. They were anxious to resume their trip to London, Josephine to her new job and Josh to the Astley¿s Royal Circus to deliver the rabbits to an animal trainer who will look after it until his friend can retrieve Harry and Agatha for more safer place. But only Josephine was permitted to leave and Josh stayed with the Earl because his leg was not yet healed. Josephine was asked to take the rabbits with her and look for the animal trainer in London. Eager to meet her new employer¿s requirement, she bid farewell and thanked the broad-shouldered earl and left his mansion. But deep in her heart she felt a touch of loneliness leaving her new found friend, Josh and yes, Earl William whom she found herself falling in love with, but little she did knows that William feels the same way too for her. But when she arrived in London, something terrible happened, again. She was informed that her employer had hired a new companion. Penniless, she was wondering what to do next when an elderly lady approached and offered her another job. Without thinking further, she accepted the offer and thought that it was her lifesaver until a lovely and well-mannered lady introduced herself to Josephine. She found out that the kind offer was just a front for prostitution! She heartedly thanked the true lifesaver, the fair governess and companion of Cedric Hopkins, Lord earl of Donwich, Miss Betty Witherspoon. Meeting these fine people will change Josephine¿s life as well as Harry and Agatha¿s as they continue they journey surrounded by new people and mishaps. Two pair of shorter ears for a new round of days, two round heads for non-stop adventures and surprises, and two button noses that wiggle for romance. Mr. Richards¿ story will leave you breathless as he takes your hand to a journey with an exciting and colorful ending. A true page-turner that will make you fall in love again and treasure the things around you.