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Hart's Desire A Lowcountry Seduction

Hart's Desire A Lowcountry Seduction

4.0 3
by Chloe Flowers

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Hart's Desire

Rakishly handsome and equally exasperating Landon Hart is a Freedom Runner-part of a network of people moving runaways to a new life up North. He's in Charleston for two reasons. The first is to smuggle a recently escaped group aboard his ship. The second is to uncover the purpose of a


Hart's Desire

Rakishly handsome and equally exasperating Landon Hart is a Freedom Runner-part of a network of people moving runaways to a new life up North. He's in Charleston for two reasons. The first is to smuggle a recently escaped group aboard his ship. The second is to uncover the purpose of a clandestine meeting his late business partner had set with a Commodore Grey. When he meets a sword-wielding, fiery-haired temptress on the way, he isn't prepared for the impact she has on his tightly guarded heart...nor the trouble she manages to attract.
Fiercely independent and equally impetuous Keelan Grey acts the dutiful daughter on the outside, but inside, she's determined to avoid marriage to a cruel neighboring plantation owner even if it means taking the most desperate measures. Everything changes when a deathbed confession from a loved one plunges her into a dark plot of deception and revenge. Desperate for help, Keelan finds an unlikely ally in the antagonistic, but irresistible sea captain, Landon Hart.
But while she might trust him with her life, can she trust him with her secrets?

Hart's Passion

Landon and Keelan's plans immediately go awry when Gampo's pirates arrive. As usual, Keelan ends up neck deep in trouble, and it's not long before she has the pirate captain demanding her head and Landon's cargo. Even worse, should they discover what he's smuggling in the walls of his hold, all hell will break loose.
Dr. Everett Garrison's mind has fractured further and he doubles his efforts to pull Keelan from Landon and make her his reticent wife. Keelan is forced to act a charade and soon her life depends on her acting the part. With the mystery of her true identity yet to be solved, Keelan must rely both on her wits and skill with a blade to survive.
Landon is committed to protecting Keelan from the dangerous forces closing in, but has to make hard choices when pirates target his merchant fleet, and Keelan puts herself in danger.
One thing is certain; the pirates suspect she's aboard his ship, and it's not long before their schooner is spotted on the horizon.

Editorial Reviews

Laura Emery
I was engrossed in the story from page one. The characters are intriguing and draw you into their complicated lives. Keelan is a feisty young woman who likes sword fighting and the city. Hart is a sexy 1800's bad boy, and remains a bit of a mystery in this book. I'm anxious to read the rest of the series to find out more! The author has a firm grasp on life and language in this time period while keeping the story light and easily understandable.
Suzanne Nicole
Great entertaining read from the first paragraph. Hart's Desire by Chloe Flowers is an historical romance set in Charlston, South Carolina in the 1800's.

Captain Landon Hart, our rakish swash-buckling hero with a guarded heart comes up against feisty, independent Keelan Grey, when stranded in Charlston for a ship repair.
Keelan is trying to escape an arranged marriage and despite their less than ideal first meeting, Keelan finds an unlikely friend in Captain Hart.

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Flowers & Fullerton
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Pirates & Petticoats , #1
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Barnes & Noble
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Meet the Author

Descended from a family of cooks and gourmet chefs, I’m is a true foodie. Along with working for Fortune 500 companies in marketing and teaching MBA students strategic marketing, I also ran a gourmet cookie company. Cooking for a crowd runs in the blood, so my fridge is always full. I deal with stress by baking pies (just ask my college roommates what happened around exam time).

My love for pirates began with Peter Pan, and continued with Pirates of the Caribbean, the Starz TV series Black Sails, and ghost stories about pirates from the Outer Banks. I listen to Celtic music or epic movie soundtracks while I write. When life gets too serious, I read Calvin and Hobbes comics. Our pets have always been named after favorite characters: Mushu, Gimli, Luke, Indiana, Hobbes…Dead Pool (just kidding). I live in Ohio with my tall, dark and handsome husband and three children. And two hives of bees. Call me crazy, but I love honey that much.

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Hart's Desire: A Lowcountry Seduction 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
JoRead More than 1 year ago
This is the first installment in the Pirates & Petticoats series. It was an entertaining story with enough mystery and a daring heroine that kept me turning the pages until the end however if you’re looking for romance and characters with enough substance this story was lacking a little of both. Romance was definitely not at the front and center here as the main plot revolved around uncovering too many secrets and a lady trying to become more independent, which again kept the story interesting but not enough to be called a historical romance, at least not for my taste. Perhaps if the main characters had spent more time together even if not around their romance and their relationship had been more detailed the story wouldn’t have felt so incomplete. As it was, it felt as if he was only flirting with her ALL the time and not wooing her enough. 3 stars, and only because the other characters and the mysteries surrounding the couple were interesting enough. ** I was gifted a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review **
jdh2690 More than 1 year ago
I didn’t realize until the end of this story that this was the first part of a saga. In a way I’m glad because the writing and story are so good and it isn’t over and will last a lot longer for my reading enjoyment. I love this saga! But in another way I don’t like having to wait to see Hart and Keelan reach their happy ever after. In this first part of the saga Keelan’s father is ill unto death and almost all of Keelan’s other family members have died under mysterious circumstances. Captain Hart meets Keelan for the first time when Hart is in town because of some damage to one of his ships and repairs are needed. Keelan’s uncle rented some warehouse space to Hart for storing his goods while his ship is repaired and in a roundabout way Hart meets the rest of Keelan’s family, attends a ball, and thus began the saga of Hart and Keelan and their falling in love. There is a mystery to solve about the deaths of Keelan’s family members and a terrible storm that brings about a climax to this first part of the saga. And I can’t wait to read part two, Hart’s Passion! A complimentary copy of this book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
Hart's Desire #1 of a new series, "Pirates & Petticoats" by debut author, Chloe Flowers is an interesting Western Historical Romance set in early 1800's Charlestown, South Carolina, prior to the Revolutionary War. A great debut for Ms. Flowers! A possibility of war with Great Britain is looming in the forefront of everyone's mine, the characters are intriguing and intense. Steady paced, well developed characters and an intriguing storyline makes for some engaging entertainment. With some swashbuckling action, secrets galore, deception, revenge, an assassin on the loose and death bed secrets revealed, readers will find a exciting read. Ms. Flowers has written vivid descriptions and details, which I felt at times a bit too much, however, they brought the story more to life. The heroine, was a bit immature, carekess, and reckless, playing with the affections of two young men, which could find herself in true trouble. However, her mother has died in the past two years, she has lost a couple of family members under mysterious circumstances, her father's health is feeling, she's been uprooted, not only to a new place but a new country entirely, and there is an overbearing, hateful and jealous cousin. Has an assassin followed them to America? Definitely a difficult, stressful time in a nineteen year old's life. The hero, is seeking an audience with the heroine's father, a disgraced, and court marshaled commandore, whose health is failing, mysteriously. The cast of characters in "Hart's Desire" is impressive and engaging. A unique storyline filled with many mysteries and tragedies. Exciting and adventurous storytelling with many twists and turns. Be warned not all questions are answered, in fact, many are left unanswered. I would say, the reader is left with cliffhangers. A continuing saga, to be sure. Which I most definitely look forward to continuing. However, even with this, it is a very enjoyable, enticing and satisfying read. Ms. Flowers is an author to follow. The reader will need to read the next installment for sure, to solve some of the mysteries of "Hart's Desire". Received for an honest review. However, all opinions and thoughts are my own. Rating: 4 Heat rating: Mild Reviewed by: AprilR