Harvest of Violence: The Maya Indians and the Guatemalan Crisis

Harvest of Violence: The Maya Indians and the Guatemalan Crisis

by Robert M. Carmack

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This is a compilation of firsthand accounts by anthropologists with long experience in Guatemala. They returned to the area and interviewed friends and informants about the torture, imprisonment, and brutal death of Indians caught in the trap of the civil war and the duplicity of U.S. policy sustaining that brutality. The authors write out of conviction that once the American people understand the nature and extent of the tragedy, they will pressure our government to take steps to curb it and rescue the Indians from virtual extinction. Similar in content tro Jean-Marie Simon's Guatemala ( LJ 11/1/87), which may reach a wider audience because of its simple human-rights approach; this book will appeal more to specialists in the field. Highly recommended. Louise Leonard, Univ. of Florida Lib., Gainesville

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