by Roxie Munro


Nine birds and their eggs and nests

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Publishers Weekly
Munro uses a guessing game format to deliver an impressive amount of trivia about nine types of birds. "Can you guess whose eggs these are?" is the repeated refrain that appears above clusters of eggs against a cream-colored backdrop; opposite, a silhouette of the eggs' shape contains several sentences to aid in the guessing ("The eggs, usually two in a clutch, are white, so they can be seen in the dark. These birds are nocturnal"). The answers (in this case, great horned owls) are revealed, after a page turn, in full-bleed scenes that show the birds flying, swimming, and caring for their young in their natural habitats. Straightforward, but packed with information. Ages 5–11. (Feb.)
Children's Literature - Mary Hynes-Berry
This book is an excellent example of a very effective, informational picture book. Each of the ten birds is introduced in a two page spread; on one side the eggs are shown with the question "Can you guess whose eggs these are?" On the facing page, clues about the species of bird are given in an egg or cloud shaped balloon. The following spread provides a clear illustration of the bird and it's young in its habitat, along with another balloon giving the bird's name and further information. At the bottom right, other creatures in the habitat are listed (as well as shown in the illustration). Those whose reading skills or command of English are not quite up to the level of the text can glean a great deal of information from the realistic illustrations. The back matter includes a glossary and a listing of book and web resources. This book would be a valuable resource for both primary and middle school classrooms. Reviewer: Mary Hynes-Berry
School Library Journal
K-Gr 4—Which bird can turn its head 270 degrees? Which bird can stay under water for up to 18 minutes? Which bird never drinks? Which bird can run faster than a racehorse? Whose nest weighs more than a car? These and other fascinating facts about familiar and unusual avian species from the great horned owl and the emperor penguin to the cactus wren, ostrich, and bald eagle are presented in a fun and accessible format. A simple illustration of an egg or group of eggs is accompanied by large, bold text posing the question: "Can you guess whose eggs these are?" The facing page includes a brief description of the mystery bird. Turn the page and a detailed spread reveals an expansive colored-ink illustration of the species, its nest, and its offspring along with more information and interesting facts. A white text box at the bottom of the page lists other animals that share the featured bird's habitat, and readers will enjoy searching for them among the intricate illustrations. Useful for classroom units, this inviting and attractive book will captivate young nature lovers.—Rachel Kamin, North Suburban Synagogue Beth El, Highland Park, IL

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