Hate Crimes

Hate Crimes

by Laurie Willis

ISBN-10: 0737728892

ISBN-13: 9780737728897

Pub. Date: 06/29/2007

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing

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Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date:
Social Issues Firsthand Series
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
9.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range:
13 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Foreword     9
Introduction     12
Messengers of Hate
The Recruitment Tactics of Skinheads   T.J. Leyden   Vivienne Walt     18
Warning Against the Sin of Homosexuality   Fred Phelps Sr.     25
Promoting the White Supremacist Worldview   Matthew Hale   Matt Sharkey     31
The Neo-Nazi Lifestyle   Tom Metzger   Katia Dunn     43
Recruiting Hate in Prison   Mike Lando   Sarah Childress     46
Survivors and Witnesses Speak Out
A Woman's Dark Skin Provokes Hateful Reactions After September 11, 2001   Chitra Divakaruni     51
Killed Because He Looked Arab   Joginder Kaur     54
Finding a Swastika in My Binder   Elizabeth Chase     59
The Murder of My Transgendered Child   Sylvia Guerrero   Patrick Letellier     62
Taking Action Against Hate
From Hate to Hope   Keishuna Young     66
Fictionalized Accounts Can Be Reminders of the Reality of Hate Crimes   Daniel A. Olivas     69
A Hate-Crime Widow Forms an Organization to Stop Hate and Violence   Ginger Kolbaba     72
Hatred Brings Us Together   Richael Maile     78
Turning Away from Hate   Elizabeth Moore     80
Hate Crimes and Genocide
Witnessing My Father's Death in Turkey   Katherine Magarian     89
My Family Was Massacred by Serbs   Hasan Nuhanovic   Joe Rubin     92
Witnessing Genocide in Rwanda   Uwera     101
Organizations to Contact     108
For Further Research     114
Index     118

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