Hats & the Cowboys Who Wear Them

Hats & the Cowboys Who Wear Them

by Texas Bix Bender, Meghan Merker

Never put on anybody else's hat—and don't take it kindly if they put on yours.
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Never put on anybody else's hat—and don't take it kindly if they put on yours.

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Cowboy's History of the Hat

Hats have always been worn for one of two reasons: either to impress somebody with who you are, or to help you in your work. The first hats seem to have been worn by tribal chiefs to let everybody know they were the boss. Then the spirit guide got into the act of letting everybody know they were in touch with the Big Boss in the Sky.

But, when men and women began to work with the land, they needed something to protect their heads from the elements. It didn't matter what the hat looked like or who it impressed—which was probably nobody. What mattered was how it worked. And people probably started to have competitions to create the best hats: the biggest, most artistic, best use of natural resources—the usual kind of contests. And maybe people became more impressed with the hat as a status symbol than as useful clothing.

Meet the Author

Texas Bix Bender is the author of eighteen books, including the best-selling Don't Squat With Yer Spurs On series. He has written for television and radio shows, including Hee Haw, the Nashville Network's Tumbleweed Theater, and Riders Radio Theater. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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