Having Your Baby through Egg Donation

Having Your Baby through Egg Donation

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by Ellen Sarasohn Glazer, Evelina Weidman Sterling

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For many infertile women who want to become pregnant, the only option is to use the eggs of a fertile donor. Glazer, a clinical social worker and infertility coach, and Sterling, a public health consultant, have teamed up to produce an exhaustive guide for anyone considering egg donation. This is not a clinical how-to book; the authors instead focus on "the psycho-social ramifications of having and parenting a baby using the ova of a donor." After briefly surveying the history of egg donation and the medical process involved, Glazer and Sterling discuss in depth finding and selecting a donor and egg donor programs; case studies provide a personal view of how couples and individuals make the decision. Ethical, legal, economic, and religious considerations, including the roles of lawyers and mental health counselors, are addressed in detail. Also well covered are tips on how to share this information with the family and talk with children born through egg donation. A list of resources and references rounds out the text. This excellent resource is highly recommended for most consumer health collections.-Jodith Janes, Cleveland Clinic Fdn. Lib. Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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Olivia Montuschi
This is an important event. At last we have all in one place a book that addresses the emotions, ethics, psychology and practical tasks faced by any woman (and her partner) contemplating building a family with the help of egg donation and then raising those children.

Ellen and Evelina write from long experience of supporting families using donated gametes. They clearly listen to what people say and the book is full of lively case studies illustrating the varied situations and feelings of individuals and families. Although they recognise and respect difference, they also give clear guidance, for instance about the importance of openness with children, when they believe the issue is a key one.

Although there are parts of this book that are not relevant for the UK reader, all the ethical and emotional issues are familiar and addressed in depth. Indeed there are some assumptions and practices that challenge current thinking in the UK and provide a fresh perspective. I will be very happy to recommend this book to our members.
—Founder Member Donor Conception Network UK
Mother of two donor-conceived young people
Luigi Mastroianni Jr. M.D.
Evelina Sterling and Ellen Glazer have provided a comprehensive, to-the-point treatment of egg donation, one of the most recently developed technologies in reproductive medicine. The issues covered in this nicely arranged volume range from the technical to the philosophical, providing a matter-of-fact assessment of the procedures involved in the use of donor eggs and the interactions associated with them. Every aspect of egg donation is covered with clarity and precision with illustrative vignettes highlighting true to life situations associated with donor egg use. This volume will find a welcome place in the lives of infertile couples as they are asked to consider donor egg procedures as a treatment option. Such issues as who should consider egg donation, what factors affect the decision making process, evaluation of programs offering the service, the role of lawyers and counselors, and ethical and religious concerns are considered in detail and each is placed in balanced perspective. Clinics which offer this service will find Having Your Baby through Egg Donation a useful adjuvant in day to day patient management. It is factual and humane and a must read for the myriad of professionals who have focused their efforts on application and refinement of ovum donation procedures.
—The William Goodell Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
Tracey Sainsbury
This is a must read book for anyone considering or currently undergoing fertility treatment with egg donation. Glazer and Sterling have put the information together in an easy to read format; lacking pictures and colour but with many different case studies which bring the book to life.

The book is written as if for complete beginners to the world of infertility, the layout functional and it proved to be a very easy & informative read. It explores many issues both emotional and ethical from every perspective, leaving me thinking and wanting to find out more.

The book went further than many by not only looking at the history behind egg donation, current attitudes which surprisingly vary so much around the world, but also looking far in to the future to issues in later life for both the children born as a result of egg donation and their parents.

The book ends with an excellent list of resources and suggested further reading. If the authors think other books are worth reading after going through their book, which will become a bible to many women, then I'm off to the library to reserve the entire list!
—Regional Organiser, Infertility Network UK
London, UK
Carole LieberWilkins M.A.
Beginning with helping an individual or couple to make the decision to use donor eggs, the authors take the reader on a journey through every aspect of this choice. It includes who to share the information with, how much it will cost, how to proceed with the legal contracts, how to talk with kids and the importance of resolving infertility before moving on.

This book portrays families created through ovum donation in the positive light it deserves, reminding readers that our families are joyous, honest and grateful and very much like all families, but with a difference.

I will definitely be recommending this book to all my clients who are considering pursuing ovum donation as a path to parenthood.
—Marriage and Family Therapist
Los Angeles
Patricia Mahlstedt Ed.D
Having Your Baby through Egg Donation is an indispensable resource for all parties involved in reproductive medicine: married couples, single individuals, gay and lesbian couples; donors and gestational carriers; medical personnel; and friends and family who need to understand and provide support to all considering and/or choosing egg donation as a means of creating their families.

Its examination of the multiple and complex issues that are a part of both anonymous and known egg donation is thorough and includes the psychological, medical, legal, and ethical concerns of this process. Even an interesting history of egg donation is included as well as the various ways it is practiced in other parts of the world.

A very important theme in this book is the need for all of us "to think outside the box" as we examine egg donation and to remember that "reproductive medicine is a changing field." The personal stories within its pages help the readers to understand the tangible losses that precede the use of egg donation. Congratulations to Ellen Glazer and Evelina Sterling on their accomplishment.
—Psychologist, Private Practice
Houston, Texas
Elaine Gordon Ph.D.
Glazer and Sterling wisely tackle the ever present quagmires of third party reproduction with far-reaching insight and integrity. This book offers a fresh and innovative perspective where both donors and recipients are honored and respected. A must read for anyone considering egg donation.
—Psychologist, Private Practice
Carol Frost LICSW
This valuable book draws out the range of issues to be faced by anyone involved with egg donation. Even when raising ethical controversies and medical challenges, the authors offer an optimistic and reassuring view.
—co-author of Helping the Stork
Infertility Counselor in Woburn, MA.
Andrea Mechanick Braverman Ph.D.
Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation is the first book that offers a thorough exploration and discussion of the major issues relevant to individuals and couples considering egg donation. In very basic language and terminology, Glazer and Sterling guide the reader through the maze of feelings and considerations. Using a tremendous amount of empathy and support, the authors offer the first real support in print for potential egg donor recipients. This book is a "must have" for those beginning the journey of egg donation.
—Director of Psychological Services
Pennsylvania Reproductive Associates of the Women's Institute

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Having Your Baby through Egg Donation 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book treats the problem of Egg Donation and its ramifications with examples of families facing this proceedure. Some case studies read like short stories. Reader from Boca Raton,Fl
Guest More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend Having your Baby through Egg Donation to anyone who is going through the pain of infertility. The book is incredibly helpful and informative. I am planning on passing it on to my friends who are suffering from infertility with the hopes that this compassionate book will offer them guidance and inspire them to continue their journey to have a child.