Head of State

Head of State

by Richard Hoyt

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Combining elements from Alexander Solzhenitsyn and John Le Carre, Hoyt has fashioned a swiftly moving thriller that immerses the reader in the Russia of the 1980s. Isaak Ginsburg, an unknown Russian poet, is sent to a Siberian labor camp. After his release he pretends to be a model citizen and rises to become the state's most celebrated poet. Enlisting the aid of dissident Estonians, the beautiful wife of a Russian diplomat, residents of a cancer clinic, and a coolly unconventional CIA agent, Ginsburg plots to steal Lenin's head from his Red Square tomb and use it as a bargaining chip to gain open emigration from Soviet bloc countries. This offbeat thriller should enhance the already considerable reputation Hoyt has garnered with such books as Cool Runnings . Dennis Dillon, Univ. of Texas at Austin Libs.

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