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Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique

Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique

5.0 2
by John Freedom

Emotional Freedom Technique is a new and innovative alternative therapy that is rapidly becoming the next big trend in personal growth and alternative health. It is a safe and non-invasive healing method for treating mind/body issues, based on tapping acupuncture points while you focus on a particular problems.

Featured on Oprah and Dr. Oz


Emotional Freedom Technique is a new and innovative alternative therapy that is rapidly becoming the next big trend in personal growth and alternative health. It is a safe and non-invasive healing method for treating mind/body issues, based on tapping acupuncture points while you focus on a particular problems.

Featured on Oprah and Dr. Oz and on numerous other programmes on TV and online, noted EFT expert and educator John Freedom teaches the basics of EFT to make change easy. Includes chapters on tapping to achieve goals and outcomes, tapping for career success, tapping for intimacy and relationships, tapping for peak performance, and tapping into better health.

EFT has been shown to be effective in treating fears and phobias, performance anxiety, guilt, shame, self-sabotage, and other emotional conditions. It is also being used to enhance and improve academic and athletic performance, psychic and intuitive abilities, confidence and self-esteem, and overall health and well-being.

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Teach Yourself: General Reference Series
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Meet the Author

John Freedom is a leading practitioner and teacher of Emotional Freedom Technique, who has worked with clients and conferences in the US, Europe, and around the world.

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Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a very comprehensive, thorough and innovative book on on all aspects of EFT and many aspects of energy therapy (ET) as well. It will appeal to both beginners and experts in EFT and ET alike. I found it very well-organized and easy to read. Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique is filled with useful charts, diagrams, flow-charts, summaries and handouts. It has an extensive set of references, indexes and table of contents.  John Freedom is obviously a very experienced clinician in general and EFT and EP master in particular. He and the many colleagues he has recruited, share many excellent clinical examples of how to use EFT with a wide range of emotional and relationship problems. Even an experienced clinician in the EFT/ET field, like myself, was able to learn some new, powerful tools and tactics from this instructive, authoritative, and uplifting book.  Heal Yourself with EFT is an integrative mind-body-spirit book that incorporates, at times, material from behavior therapy, psychodynamic therapy, body therapies, A Course in Miracles, gestalt therapy, yoga, client-centered therapy, neuroscience, marital/systems therapy, positive psychology, the human potential movement and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) among others. EFT, is often known as the tapping therapy or “tapping solution”  because it utilizes tapping on selective acupressure points of energy meridians of the body.  Any reader of Heal Yourself with EFT who consistently applies and follows the processes and protocols that John Freedom carefully describes will almost surely find themselves experiencing much less fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, confusion, hurt, pain, overall emotional distress and relationship problems in their life. Moreover, they will gradually and sometimes dramatically experience more love, peace, happiness, joy, well-being, forgiveness, gratitude, harmony and flourishing in their life and relationships. Many people will see improvements in their health and some people substantial changes in their spiritual growth as well.  Some of the topics covered so well in Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) include: the healing power of touch; energy healing; how and where to tap; breaking through blocks and walls; triggers, aspects, layers and roots; going deeper; fine tuning your results; dealing with trauma, PTSD,  health (including pain and allergies), relationships, career, self-esteem issues, peak performance and energetic self-care. In addition, there are appendices on research, theory, worksheets, probing questions, associations and practitioners of EFT and ET. In Heal Yourself with EFT,  John Freedom also covers the blockbuster technique, the EFT basic recipe, the movie technique, mindfulness, intention, borrowing benefits, the parts set-up, dealing with reversals, the tearless trauma and tell the story technique, plus the personal peace procedure. The book is so comprehensive and powerful it is like taking a Level 1, 2 and 3 course in EFT by an expert in the field with gentle learning every step of the way. Of course to master all these techniques will take practice and persistence.  In summary Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique is the overall best book written to date on EFT.  John Freedom makes a compelling case that EFT for many people will rapidly facilitate healing of a wide variety of problems and may well be the healing intervention of choice for most of them.  This excellent and uplifting book might just transform the quality of your life. It might also transform the quality of life of many people you introduce this book to or practice using EFT on.  As EFT and the other Energy Therapies continue to be practiced more widely, as Freedom points out, they have the potential to bring about an increase in the overall peace, happiness, joy, love, well-being and even blessings to the world. Reviewed by Philip H. Friedman, Ph.D.; Licensed psychologist, DCEP Director: Foundation for Well-Being; Adjunct Professor: Sofia Univ. (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology) and Author: “The Forgiveness Solution: The Whole-Body Rx for Finding True Happiness, Abundant Love, and Inner Peace” and “Creating Well-Being”.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Heal yourself with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), by John Freedom, is an outstanding resource for anyone interested in Energy Therapies. As an EFT Trainer and practitioner I have read many EFT books and this is one of the very best. John's wide experience as a clinician, teachers and researcher has prepared him to write this incredibly useful book. It could be used as a textbook for EFT Training as well as for self-study. It is now one of the books I require that my EFT Practitioners-in-Training read (and use). It is definitely “user friendly” as it is includes chapter previews, key points, activities and summaries. John has generously included case reports from experienced practitioners as well as his own experiences that illustrate the power of EFT. He goes beyond the simple “tapping on the acupuncture points” to include basic energy medicine exercises, energetic self-care and tapping innovations. I highly recommend this outstanding book to anyone who wants to learn more about EFT and benefit from the wisdom and experience of John Freedom and other highly experienced practitioners. Lorna Minewiser, PhD, Certified Energy Health Practitioner, is a Life Coach specializing in Energy Psychology. She is a retired counselor and college instructor. She also teaches Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) classes and mentors EFT Practitioners.