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Healing Promises

Healing Promises

4.4 12
by Amy N. Wallace

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Facing a new threat.
When FBI Agent Clint Rollins takes a bullet during a standoff, it might just save his life. But not even the ugly things he’s seen during his years working in the Crimes Against Children Unit could prepare him for the overwhelming powerlessness of hospital tests revealing an unexpected diagnosis. If only Sara weren’t


Facing a new threat.
When FBI Agent Clint Rollins takes a bullet during a standoff, it might just save his life. But not even the ugly things he’s seen during his years working in the Crimes Against Children Unit could prepare him for the overwhelming powerlessness of hospital tests revealing an unexpected diagnosis. If only Sara weren’t retreating into doctor mode…he needs his wife now more than ever.

Frozen in fear.
Sara Rollins is an oncologist with a mission–beating cancer when she can, easing her patients’ suffering at the very least. Now the life of her tall Texan husband is at stake. She never let the odds steal her hope before, but in this case, the question of God’s healing promises is personal. Can she hold on to the truth she claimed to believe?

Faith under fire.
As Clint continues to track down a serial kidnapper despite his illness, former investigations haunt his nightmares, pushing him beyond solving the case into risking his life and career. Clint struggles to believe God is still the God of miracles. Especially when he needs not one, but two. Everything in his life is reduced to one all-important question: Can God be trusted?

From the Trade Paperback edition.

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Defenders of Hope
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Most days, Clint Rollins loved his work.

Most days. But not today.

He leaned back in his swivel chair and listened to the hum of voices, computer keys, and his partner’s detailed explanation of a new case. Only a week back to work, and he already needed a quiet weekend to rest.

“You listening, or still suffering from vacation withdrawal? Maybe it’s just too early on a Friday morning.” Steven Kessler’s ribbing jerked Clint back to the reality of working in the FBI’s Crimes Against Children Unit. Another child missing. No easy cases.

“I’m listening.” Clint rubbed the back of his neck.

Too bad criminals didn’t care if cops were up to snuff or not. His head still ached from a nasty cold that’d been dogging him for weeks. According to his physician wife, he needed a vacation to recover from his unprecedented two-week vacation. But no one in DC stayed home with just a cold. So he was back on the job in mid-January, doing his second favorite thing–putting criminals in jail.

Though he’d still rather be hanging out with Sara and the munchkins.

“One of Baltimore’s finest is heading our way–point cop for the kidnapping case.” Steven handed over a new file. “Called-in tips from an Amber Alert say the suspect was spotted with the child at a hotel on the outskirts of Blacksburg less than an hour ago. Suspect’s license plate matches the one given in the alert. Local cops are keeping watch to be sure no one leaves, and there’s a Learjet ready and waiting. We’ll head out as soon as this Sergeant Moore arrives.”

At Steven’s no-frills tone, Clint flipped through computer printouts and watched his quiet weekend disappear. “Why aren’t the Baltimore or Virginia field offices handling this one?”

“Because we’re the best.” Steven grabbed paperwork and motioned for him to follow.

“Cute.” Clint checked his Glock and unfolded his long frame from the chair. “More details. Real ones.”

“We are the best. But you’re right–the reasons go deeper. The boy’s mother is the girlfriend of Baltimore’s police chief, who happens to be an old pal of Unit Chief Maxwell.”

“Interesting pattern of string pulling. What else do we know?”

“Wes Standish went missing from the playground after school yesterday. Babysitter called Dickson’s girlfriend to say she’d lost him, and a missing-persons report was filed right away. So lots of cops went to work round the clock and the chief breathed down Quantico folks’ necks to get their data inputted and analyzed.”

Clint flipped through the file again as they walked. “They know who snatched Wes?”

“Mom says the ex-husband–a community-college professor in Christiansburg named Ed Standish.”

“So mom and the chief want us involved so they can get a federal conviction when we catch the guy.”

Steven shrugged. “Likely. But according to eyewitness accounts, dad’s not the kidnapper. A few people saw Wes leave with a tall, young-looking blond man. Dad’s dark, balding, and average height.” Steven stopped and held out a second file, this one much thicker. “What makes this case top priority for us is ViCAP flagged three cold cases with a similar MO and victim profile.”

Clint grabbed the files as adrenaline shot through him. “A serial?”

“Could be.”

Clint scanned through the info from the FBI’s violent criminal database. “So we have January kidnappings from parks, boys ages five to six, brown hair, blue eyes. No ransom and no bodies. But this one looks more like a domestic–disgruntled dad, lost custody.”

“Whether it’s the dad or not, we need to bring Wes Standish home and nab this suspect.”

Clint froze midstep, staring at pictures in the file. “Any of these boys could be James’s twin.”

Steven’s jaw clamped tight. “Coulda done without that.”

“Sorry. I should’ve kept quiet.”

They continued on in silence. Steven’s six-year-old son had been injured in a school shooting in October. Steven’s girlfriend Gracie had been kidnapped in November. And last summer, they’d been too late to save a little boy named Ryan and a teenaged girl named Olivia–failures that still haunted Steven.

They both needed more recovery time, but work wouldn’t wait. And Wes Standish needed to come home.

Steven answered his phone as soon as it buzzed. “Stay where you parked and we’ll meet you there. I’ll drive to the airstrip.”

Pulling up short in front of the outside door, Steven narrowed his eyes at Clint. “Let’s make sure we bring Wes home before he ends up looking like Ryan. I don’t want any more rescued kids never leaving the hospital.”

And that was that. For both of them.


The condescending cop seated facing him grated on Clint’s nerves. Even the high-end business plane couldn’t make this trip pleasant.

He usually managed to keep away from the local and federal ego dances. But this officer was a piece of work, smirking at the Learjet’s fancy mini-conference-room interior and acting like his department had every right to claim the glory when Wes made it home.

“Even before you feds got on board with our hunch about Standish, we knew we’d be bringing home a prize today.” The over-forty officer crossed his beefy arms and flashed them a blinding smile.

Steven crossed his arms in return. “Enlighten us to your reasoning.”

Clint rested his throbbing head on the Learjet’s leather seat, rubbing his temples as Steven and the cop locked wits. He tried to pray, but the cabin’s August-in-Texas temperature dampened his concentration.

“You up for this, Rollins?” Moore’s curt question bristled. “You don’t look so hot.”

Steven stuffed a chuckle.

Everything in Clint wanted to rattle off how they’d recently taken down an international kidnapper and solved a three-person cold-case murder. Not to mention that all the events involved people he loved like family. But he refrained. “I can handle it.”

Moore cleared his throat. “After we found out about the cold cases, Chief Dickson ticked off a list of Standish’s favorite gambling places. Said his girlfriend always kicked her estranged husband out after the holidays and he’d be gone for weeks each time. It’s why he lost his job at the University of Maryland last year. They separated after that and he moved back home to Christiansburg, got a job at a community college. She finalized the divorce this January in honor of their history. That’s obviously what set him off.”

Steven shrugged. “All circumstantial. And there’s other–”

“Look, the guy’s a world-class loser–a sleazeball with a Ph.D. Him rotting in jail would be the best thing for his son. But since you can’t connect the dots, here’s one for your superior profiling. Standish has been teaching early-childhood-education courses at a community college near where his brother lives in Blacksburg. We’re heading to Blacksburg. All the missing kids fitting the same MO for Wes’s case match Wes to a T, and they all disappeared in January when Standish was on his benders. And as the chief mentioned to the agent at NCAVC, Standish used to sit in a dark room, watch the kid sleep every night. Guy’s a pervert. Case closed.”


Even if the folks at the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime agreed that Standish fit a violent pedophile’s profile–and Clint wasn’t convinced of that–Moore’s speech sounded more like gunning for a promotion than good investigative skills. Good thing they had federal jurisdiction and this Baltimore officer didn’t. Thank the Lord all cops they worked with weren’t like Moore.

The Baltimore cops were clearly trigger happy when it came to Standish’s guilt. Just thinking about the other possibilities increased Clint’s headache a million points on the Richter scale. He closed that mental file and watched the plane come in for a landing.

Steven’s arm punch got Clint’s attention. It smarted more than he wanted to admit. “What?”

“Got your vest picture in place?”

“Always.” He slapped the Kevlar vest under layers of winter wear. “The family Christmas photo is right here.”

Steven grinned. “Got mine, too.” Steven might be the CACU’s head case coordinator, but he still tended to follow Clint’s lead, just as he’d done since Quantico. In most things anyway.

A Blacksburg cop was waiting for them at the Virginia Tech Executive airport. Moore took the front seat. “Got an update for us?”

“My sergeant just radioed as y’all were landing. Shots were fired. Suspect tried to leave but opened fire when our guys approached.”

“He’s gone?”

“Nope. Still out there shooting. Won’t let anyone get close to the car.”

Clint met Steven’s hard look. “Let’s do this fast and careful so we can get home before midnight.”

Minutes later, they eased into a run-down hotel’s parking lot and stopped behind two squad cars. Unsnapping holsters, all four exited the car and crouched behind the nearest vehicle.

Clint flashed his credentials, and the local sergeant nodded. “Manager called in the tip and said our suspect checked into room 102 early this morning. When he tried to leave, we moved in. He just dumped the kid in the car and took off into the woods. We’ve been dodging bullets ever since.”

Shots punctuated the air.

Two of the local cops returned fire.

Moore’s neck veins bulged. “The boy still alive?”

“No way to tell. He wasn’t moving, and we haven’t been able to get to him. Backup’s slower’n Christmas.”
Moore’s eyes locked onto the tan Impala’s open trunk and grew as wide as his face got red. “You shot up the car?”

“No.” The officer stayed in firing position, gun trained on the woods, too busy to care that he’d just been insulted by a big city cop. “Those were from his last round before y’all arrived.”

Clint studied the car. Tangled trunk metal and busted taillights said their kidnapper wasn’t a sharpshooter. He moved to the front of the patrol car. “I’m going to check on the boy.” He caught Steven’s gaze. “Pray. And cover me.”

With his heart beating out of his chest, Clint crawled along the black asphalt faster than he’d ever done at Quantico. Reaching the Impala, he paused to listen. Nothing. His back to the tan metal, he reached for a door handle.

Opening the door a crack, he felt inside.

When his hand touched a heavy down jacket, he swerved to face the car. The boy lay unmoving, hands bound with duct tape, a black hood over his head. Clint stripped it off, felt clammy flesh, a flickering pulse.

This boy needed medical help. Now.

Clint’s hands shook as he pulled the boy out of the car and onto his lap, then gathered him into his arms.

Shots rang though the metal behind him. But he had to keep moving. He was ten feet from safety.

Clint held tight to the boy and lunged toward Steven.

Searing pain ripped through his left arm.

Then everything went asphalt black.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Meet the Author

Amy Wallace is the author of Ransomed Dreams and Healing Promises, a homeschool mom, and self-confessed chocoholic. She is a graduate of the Gwinnett County Citizens Police Academy and a contributing author of several books including God Answers Moms’ Prayers and Chicken Soup for the Soul Healthy Living Series: Diabetes. She lives with her husband and three children in Georgia.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

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Healing Promises 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This would be considered a Christian book which is good -- no foul language nor graphic sex -- anyone struggling with their faith / cancer / deadly diseases / etc. could benefit and enjoy this book. A little intense for some readers in as much as reading is often meant to basically entertain -- this one would be a little emotional for that catagory. Its well written and has mystery / drama combined well. Spiritually speaking I do not agree with some of the things that "God Said" because it doesn't follow the bible. If you would be offended by that sort of thing don't read this. I do believe Amy is a talented writer overall.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SharonALavy More than 1 year ago
A book about multifaceted relationships as real as life itself. Love of parents, love of a spouse. A doctor's love for her patients. A brother's love for his sister. Parents love for their children.

If you've ever been in that hard place, where you wonder why God has allowed something unbearable to happen in your life, you will relate to the characters in Amy Wallace's book. And you will stay on the roller coaster ride with them to the end.

A book with take-home value. This is the first book of Amy Wallace's I have read but it won't be my last.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Healing Promises, the second book in Amy Wallace's Defender's of Hope series reunites all of our favorite characters from book one, Ransomed Dreams. Though all the characters are present, Healing Promises focuses on FBI Agent Clint Rollins and his oncologist wife, Sara, who struggles when Clint is diagnosed with cancer. The book charges out of the gate with scenes featuring Clint, Michael, and Steven hard at work in the Crimes Against Children Unit at the FBI. As in Ransomed Dreams, the suspense plot in Healing Promise revolves around finding missing children, but this time we have a serial killer on the loose. One who loves to share his thinking and deeds with the readers in a very realistic way. Healing Promises is a solid read that delves deeply into the characters personal lives and their struggle with trusting God to care for them. Wallace brings us a powerful message that we all can relate to as we battle on a daily basis with the many challenging blows we face. In Healing Promises, Wallace has followed many of the writing techniques employed by good writers. The most notable, is to make your characters suffer and when you think they've had enough, make them suffer more. Wallace takes the characters in this book to their breaking point and then ups the ante, much as God seems to do in our lives. Wallace has done a thorough job of researching cancer treatments and provides the readers with just the right amount of information to make them understand the tremendous struggle involved in surviving this disease, but not too much to overpower the story. Though this is a suspense novel, as it has the missing children theme woven through out and has very realistic scenes that delve into the killer¿s motivations, I found it to be equally or more so a contemporary novel featuring faith, love, loss, and relationship struggles. The suspense plot moves the story forward, but it's the characters that make this book well worth the read. So if you're looking for a rush to the finish action packed suspense book this isn't the story for you, but if you want to combine suspense and savor a little romance and a lot of personal life struggles along the way, pick up Healing Promises. You won't be disappointed.
MichelleSutton More than 1 year ago
Amy Wallace can write a gripping tale of romantic suspense like none other. And Healing Promises was so riveting I finished it quickly despite my busy schedule. The characters were all very well developed and felt so real. I loved how romantic many of the scenes were, especially with Clint and Sara. Yet, they had their marital challenges, too. There were never pat answers to the trials they went through but true emotion and spiritual struggles abounded. I loved the honesty and the detail regarding Clint's struggle with his health. The research was very well done. I also loved how the author got me hooked in advance on the characters of Michael and Hanna. It's a no brainer that I am going to want to read the next installment in this series. I loved these secondary characters and the issues they struggled with. Very well done. This story had so many touching scenes and emotionally gripping conflicts that I can't pick one to discuss without spoiling the story. So I'll refrain. I have to say, however, that the POV of the killer was pretty creepy but very realistic. The psychology of the man was right on target and the hunt for the man who killed children was well paced enough to keep you on your seat and holding your breath. Sometimes when I read a book I find myself wanting to skip over some points of view to get to others but this story was well balanced in that respect. I'm just so impressed with this story. I loved it even more than the first book. It can only keep getting better. Highly recommended. This book is a winner!
Guest More than 1 year ago
When FBI agent Clint Rollins was shot while rescuing a young boy, the doctors discover a more serious problem. Clint has cancer. His wife, Dr. Sara Rollins, is an oncologist she knows the odds of survival and the side effects of the treatments. The illness challenges their faith in God and in each other. There is a serial killer stalking children. Clint holds the clue to the killer¿s identity deep in his memory however the chemo has clouded his thinking. ¿The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Lord.¿ Healing Promises by Amy Wallace is a story filled with wisdom, trials, and triumphs. We need to trust in the Lord and depend on Him even during our darkest moments. Sara¿s knowledge overwhelmed her and almost stole her hope. Clint wanted to withdrawal within himself during the treatments instead of reaching out to others for support. Healing Promises teaches depending on God and praising Him, for He is Lord. I watched a friend go through a very similar battle. Healing Promises helps me to understand what she was feeling. It was as though I was reading her story. Healing Promises is installment two in the Defenders of Hope series. This book stands well alone. The characters come to life on the pages. I really cared about them. I cried with them and smiled with them. It is refreshing to read a love story that has Christian morals. Healing Promises does not rely on steamy scenes to keep the reader turning pages. The characters are celibate until married. They turn to God in prayer for their strength and for each other. Healing Promises is a well-written romantic suspense.
Guest More than 1 year ago
FBI Agent Clint Rollins gets hit with a bullet and ends up finding he has cancer. Emotions are hard for both Clint, his wife, friends, family and others as he tries to cope with not being able to work on a case while battling cancer. Clint's wife is an Oncologist who treats people with cancer but has never had to deal with what patients feel before this. Then there is Clint's partner, Steven who is engaged to Gracie. This book continues from 'Ransomed Dreams' to the wedding of Steven and Gracie. Another FBI Agent, Michael and Steven's sister, Hanna begin a relationship. You read about children being abducted and killed and the search and frustration with trying to prevent others from being hurt. You want to puck your guts out as it makes you sick what this guy does. Be sure you have plenty of kleenexs available while reading this book. Also it will grasp you from the first sentence. I read the first half of the book in one night. I could not put it down. A lot of the emotions in the book I experienced while battling an ankle fusion and surgery and scares of cancer, so it hit home to me. I have asked many of the same questions raised in this book myself and this book along with 'Ransomed Dreams' caused me to return to the hope I was about to walk away from.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In Healing Promises Amy Wallace has delivered another heart-tugging story. In this, Book Two in the Defenders of Hope series, the lives of FBI Agent Clint Rollins and his wife, Sara, a doctor, are turned upside down when they learn of his life threatening illness. Fighting the physical and mental weakness he hates, Clint still tries to help his partner track down a serial killer of young boys. The twists and turns of this story will have you turning the pages long after you should be getting on to other things¿ Amy Wallace has crafted yet another terrific tale!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of those books that I couldn¿t put down. From the first page, 'Healing Promises' takes off running. Wallace has populated her book with an intriguing cast of characters. There are no cookie-cutter, two dimensional people here. Wallace dares to look at the reality of each situation with honesty and hope. She¿s not afraid to say it like it is, even when getting into the head of the ¿bad guy.¿ But this isn¿t just a crime novel. While the agents of the Crimes Against Children Unit continue their desperate search for a serial kidnapper, Agent Clint Rollins and his wife, Sara, are facing the biggest trial of their lives Clint¿s battle with cancer. The juxtaposition of these two plotlines provides a wonderful combination of heart-stopping action and heart-rending emotion. I highly recommend this novel, and look forward to more great reads from this talented author!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Book 2 in the Defenders of Hope Series centers around Clint and Sara Rollins. Clint takes a bullet while trying to rescue a child and as a result comes face to face with something unexpected that changes the lives of everyone one around them. Cancer is something Sara Rollins is very familiar with. As an oncologist she always encourages her patients not to lose hope. But now the ugly monster has landed on her doorstep. Will she be able to follow her own advice? Clint has always been a strong leader, both physically and spiritually. How will he handle what God has set before him? Is his faith really strong enough to carry them through this difficult trial? This is an emotionally charged story yet filled with hope and encouragement. The suspense of tracking down a seriel killer kept me on the edge of my seat. I COULD NOT put it down! One thing I REALLY enjoyed about the book is that it picked up where RANDSOMED DREAMS left off. Though Clint and Sara are the main focus, there is a lot of interaction with the other characters that you've gotten to know. You can read Healing Promises as a stand alone and not feel left out, but I think reading Randsomed Dreams first will really enrich the story. I highly recommend this book. You can feel that Amy puts her heart and soul into her writing. It comes through on every page. I am anxiously awaiting the third installment due out April of 2009! Great work Amy!
harstan More than 1 year ago
FBI agent Clint Rollins proudly works in the Crimes Against Children Unit risking his life whenever a child is in danger. His latest case to save a youngster led to his being shot. However, he believes he has a guardian angel because the hospital tests reveal he has cancer that was caught in time with the help of chemotherapy.------- However, Clint¿s spouse Sara has mixed feelings about her husband¿s cancer. On the one hand she is very grateful that it was found early, but on the other she feels guilty that she as oncologist should have diagnosed it she questions her abilities and in a circular logical way feels more guilt about her feelings. Meanwhile in spite of the side effects of chemo treatment, Clint needs to uncover the identity of a child serial killer before some other innocent dies.--------- Both Clint and Sara question whether God deserted them as they face a trial of faith, as much as the flesh in the second Defenders of Hope series (see RANSOMED DREAMS). The exciting FBI investigation returns characters from the first book in support roles. However, HEALING PROMISES belongs to the lead couple as each has something to prove more to themselves than the other or to God while doubting yet praying for Clint to recover. Amy Wallace provides a fabulous inspirational thriller starring realistic protagonists.----------- Harriet Klausner