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Healing Society: A Prescription for Global Enlightenment

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The prophets have always taught that we are all One.

Why has this most simple and important truth gone unheeded?

The world is in political, religious, economic, and ecological crises of our own making. We need a mass spiritual awakening, in which billions truly realize that we are One. This would transform our world: children wouldn't ...

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The prophets have always taught that we are all One.

Why has this most simple and important truth gone unheeded?

The world is in political, religious, economic, and ecological crises of our own making. We need a mass spiritual awakening, in which billions truly realize that we are One. This would transform our world: children wouldn't starve, women wouldn't be brutalized, and young men wouldn't die in battle.

But could such an awakening ever take place? Could we actively promote it?

Yes. There is a way.

Eastern traditions say that the energy called "Ki" is the common bond directly connecting body, mind, and spirit. For hundreds of years, martial artists have taught students to use the flow of Ki to strengthen the physical body.

Now, in Healing Society, Dr. Seung Heun Lee shows how we can use this energy to strengthen our spiritual bodies, to actually experience a direct connection to the ultimate oneness, feeling it with every fiber of our being, knowing it to be the deepest truth. He teaches that this noble enlightenment is meant for everyone, and that by getting into contact wit it, we may illuminate the world and liberate our children's future.

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Editorial Reviews

Inner Realm
Dr. Lee’s groundbreaking philosophy seeks…to provide every individual with an accessible framework toward achieving spiritual freedom and global enlightenment.
Pagen Moon
This is one of the best books on spiritual enlightenment that I’ve read in a long time.
From The Critics
The great prophets and holy men in all of the major religious traditions have conveyed the insight that all men and women are "One". The eastern traditions note that this phenomena is reflected by the energy called "Ki" and is the common bond directly connecting body, mind and spirit. In Healing Society: A Prescription For Global Enlightenment, Seung Heun Lee reveals how we can draw upon this energy to strengthen our spiritual bodies, actually experience a direct connection to ultimate oneness down to the center of our very being. Seung Heun Lee clearly explains how this "noble enlightenment" is meant for everyone, and that by getting into contact with this sense of oneness men and women can illuminate the world and secure their children's future in a transformed world. Healing Society is a very highly recommended addition to Eastern tradition, spirituality, metaphysics, and self-help reading lists and reference collections.
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781571741899
  • Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
  • Publication date: 11/28/2000
  • Pages: 128
  • Product dimensions: 5.53 (w) x 8.53 (h) x 0.45 (d)

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Chapter One

Enlightenment as True Self

    Your heart is the Heaven. It is the space itself. It is time. Inside your heart lies the cosmos. You are the eternal Heaven. You are an insignificant space dust. You can exist as the smallest life-form while simultaneously encompassing the whole Heaven without beginning or end, limitless space, and eternal time. You are all these and more.

    When you go to a Buddhist temple in the Orient, you will see a series of pictures of a farmer leading a cow. In the first frame, there is only a calf running around in the fields, stepping on the crops and wreaking general havoc. The second frame has the now-grown calf with a nose ring and getting a spanking from the farmer for misbehaving. The third frame has the farmer leading the cow slowly down a path, guiding it left and right. The fourth frame has the farmer riding the cow, directing it with the playing of a flute. In the fifth frame, the cow is gone, and only the farmer is left.

    The cow represents your greed, needs, and appetites. The farmer represents your True Self—who you truly are beneath all these shells of personality, emotions, fear, and everything else that has been weighing you down. At first, we mistake that the cow is our True Self. That is, we only consist of the sum of our needs, appetites, and greed. Basically, we are what we want, without any deeper considerations. At this level, we are like animals. We eat when we want, we sleep when we want, we urinate and excrete wherever we feel like it, and have sex when the desire comes over us. Justbecausewe surround ourselves with modern conveniences and some social affectations doesn't mean that we are spiritually any better than a dog or a cow. At this level, we are happy when our needs are fulfilled, and we are unhappy when they are not. At this level, we have no doubts, no questions about life itself. At this level, you have completely lost touch with your True Self. You are just like that calf running amok among the crops, creating paths of destruction without care or knowledge.

    Then the farmer places a ring through your nose, a painful process but a necessary one to teach you where you need to go. He tugs you here and there with a rope, teaching you the things that you can do and places that you can go and taps you with a stick to gently keep you awake. As you go through this stage, you slowly realize that there are easier ways to get to where you want to be. More importantly, you are discovering how to get there.

    Once you pass this stage, the farmer (your True Self) can direct you by his voice alone, without having to pull on the rope. You have developed a mechanism to control your greed and appetites. You feel the old urges, but you know how to control them without needing someone else's help.

    Soon, the farmer can direct you without even a word. He just plays his flute as he rides along, and you know where to go automatically. It is at this stage that you can see the farmer clearly and the farmer sees you. There is harmony to the relationship. Your ego-self recognizes your True Self.

    In the last stage, there is no cow. Only the farmer is left. Only your True Self stands alone, because you have learned to shed your layers of greed and appetites. At this point, there is no need for a cow (your ego). Your own feet can carry you to wherever you wish.

    Which of the two do you have more of in you? The cow or the farmer? In many of us, the cow is the stronger one and is dragging the farmer around, wandering all over the field, lost, and without a specific destination. It is only when you let the farmer take hand and direct the cow that you will find yourself on the right path, because your True Self knows where it wants to go.

    Why do you feel anxious and fearful? Why do you feel a tearing of your emotions? It is because you are letting the cow lead the farmer.

    Your True Self is the light, the beacon by which you should guide your life. You have to let it shine. Otherwise, you are living in darkness, wandering helplessly among the fears and anxieties that surround us. In the darkness, even the fleeting light of the firefly looks bright. And you spend all your energies chasing after these lights, not even realizing that a far greater light lies inside you. Don't throw away your life chasing after an insect that will blink out and die soon after you catch it. Don't spend all your time chasing after a momentary high. The single biggest source of health and happiness lies within your True Self. If you search within your True Self, you will find absolute health and everlasting happiness. If you search within your petty needs and greed, you will wander the darkness forever. Without lighting up your True Self, you won't find out what health and happiness truly mean.

    Our history is one of struggle and conflict rising out of the need for power and strength. It is a history of hate and animosity. This happened because we didn't let the farmer in us take over and lead us on to the path. If you don't allow your True Self to shine through, you will always live in the midst of fear and darkness, in effect, allowing yourself to run around in the fields when the path was right there in front of you. And in darkness, you fall into the trap of self-serving emotions, egotism, and complexes. Within this trap, it is impossible to develop understanding and sense of cooperation.

    Hate has been building up for decades, centuries, and millennia, and we do not know when this will explode. It has almost been our birthright to inherit the hates and prejudices that our ancestors held. This is the Original Sin. In the Bible, there are Cain and Abel. Who did Cain kill? His brother, Abel. They say all human beings descended from Cain. They say we have the blood of a murderer coursing through our veins. But we also have the blood of the saints running through our veins. We have the blood of the countless enlightened ones, whether they are known or not, intermixing with Cain's blood and giving us life.

    If someone thinks of himself as possessing only the blood of Cain, does this person have hope or not? Of course not. If you think you are the bad seed, what kind of motivation do you have to put yourself on the right path? Only when you start believing that you have the blood of Jesus, the Buddha, Moses, and all the other prophets and saints in you can you start believing in the possibility of your own goodness. And at the moment of belief, you will feel the blood of pure goodness course through you like some live electrical wire, slowly gaining in strength. Only with belief in your goodness can you start being good, begin finding your True Self.

    So, it's a choice you have to make. Whose blood will you let run through your veins? Cain's or Jesus'? Cain's or the Buddha's? Cain's or the prophets'? Ultimately, this is your blood, your choice. Make the right choice. Make the choice that will lead you to your True Self.

    We talk a lot about the soul. Every human being has a soul. Your soul is in your heart, pure and active. A ruthless mugger who has robbed hundreds of people can still feel a momentary pang as he walks by a crippled old beggar rustling through a garbage can. A multiple murderer can still have feelings for the suffering of a child with cancer. Even the worst of us still have that gem of purity and love.

    When a sudden desire to help somebody pops into your head without calculation or expectation, it's your soul talking. All of us have had this experience. Your soul is always talking to you. But there are people who listen to that voice and then there are those who think, "Hey, I've got my own problems!" and drown out the beautiful sound with their own little human noises. Even now, when you really want to hear your soul speaking, you can. And when you hear it, you grab on to it and never let it go silent. Make that sound grow larger in volume until it drowns out all the petty cacophony in your life with a loud, beautiful symphony.

    To listen to your soul is to lighten up your True Self. The root of your soul lies in your True Self. And where does the root of your True Self lie? In the Cosmic Oneness of which we are all a part. When you let your True Self shine through, you naturally realize that you and I are one. Only through this realization can we really come together as a society, as a people, and as a humanity. Only then can we become One. By realizing that we are already One.

    Try coming to this understanding through politics and ideologies. Not in a thousand years will you come to a lasting understanding or peace. Imagine you and your friend want to make up after a huge fight. If you weigh the pros and cons of this makeup, if you judge whether you won or lost, if you have even a modicum of thought in your mind that you are making up because you might want something from your friend later and don't want to antagonize him, will that lead to a true makeup? Of course not. When you want to make peace or make up your differences, you can't do it through the process of cold calculations. If you are weighing the advantages of making peace against the disadvantages, that means that you are not even remotely ready to make peace. If you want to make peace, make peace. Don't make peace with prerequisites or conditions. There is no such thing as conditional peace. Or conditional forgiveness. The important thing is to share your heart. If you really think the other person is worthy enough to make peace with, then show the proper respect and don't start calculating the pros and cons. Start forgiving and making peace. Start listening to your heart and soul.

    Only when we light up our True Selves can we create a truly harmonious society. Close your eyes and look at your inner self. Gaze and observe. Perhaps you have so far been more aware of your outer surroundings than your inner state. If you truly want to change, you have to stop caring about other people's eyes and judgments. If you don't, you will end up living only according to what others think of you. If you really want to change, you have to listen to your soul.

    Right now, it may be difficult for you to listen because you are on another frequency. The soul may be screaming, but you can't hear because you are on the wrong channel. The sound of your soul is muffled because of all the garbage and dirt on top. Then, how do we clean off the dirt and the garbage? By cleaning and clearing frequently and as hard as we can. Day and night. Day and night. Because if you let the dirt stay on too long, it will solidify and become part of you. It will become your flesh. And when you want to get rid of it then, it will hurt, it will bleed, and it will make you scream. But this is what you have to do. You have to look at yourself and pour the boiling water of your soul upon yourself to clean out all the dirt that has piled up. What will be left over, like a diamond in the rough, will be your True Self. If you really want to change for the better, you may have to be strong enough to cut off your own flesh to get rid of the dirt on top. As Jesus taught, "If your right hand offends you, cut it off and throw it away."

    In the Korean tradition, in order to learn from a Wise Teacher, you have to spend three years chopping wood, three years cleaning the house, and three years cooking before the Teacher would even deign to speak to you about anything of import. There is a good reason for this seeming waste of time. It is to help you learn to kill your pride, your sense of judgment, and your sense of worth. Only when you have emptied yourself of all the dirt that you have accumulated from the outside world can you start filling back up with your True Self. You will hurt. You will bleed. You will scream in pain. But you have to clean yourself until you get to that layer that's truly you.

    This is not an easy task, to unearth the purity of your soul from underneath all the dirt that you have mistakenly thought was the real you. If you don't have the will, you will give up. This is not a road that someone who is attached to his or her physical self can travel. This is not a fruit that someone who cannot let go of his petty needs can pluck. This is the road to absolute freedom. This is the road to your True Self. You have to give it your utmost love and devotion. You can only arrive at this destination when you truly appreciate its worth. Your True Self is worth more than ten—no, one hundred—stars put together. You have to be willing to give up the Milky Way itself to find your True Self. That's how precious it is. Yet, we would trade the preciousness of our true selves for the excess comfort of an extra TV or a bigger house. What a lousy bargain! Truly a deal with the devil.

    Close your eyes and look silently at yourself again. Think back. What have I done today? Whom have I met? Have I committed any deceit? Have I hidden my True Self again? Have I represented myself falsely? Have I been truly honest with myself and with others? When you can answer yes to this last question, you are on your way to cleaning out all the dirt you have so far accumulated. The road to your True Self lies not through logic and calculations, but through choice and discipline—the conscious choice to take that road, and the discipline to stay on it in the face of obstacles. So, sweep off the dirt and the grime that's pretending to be you. Let your True Self shine through.

    Repeat the following:

    My body is mine, not me.

    My mind is mine, not me.

    Do not be a slave to either your body or your mind. The true master of you is your True Self. Most of us are trapped behind this mistaken belief that our bodies are us, that our faces, races, ethnic groups, height, girth, aches, and pains are actually us. No. An emphatic no! Your body is yours, not you. You are here to utilize the body you happened to be born with in this lifetime for whatever purposes that your True Self has in store for you.

    Your body is a precious and useful property, nothing more. When you are done with your current life, you throw it away and move on. Your physical body is not the reason for which you are born, no matter how beautiful or strong. If you live through your life thinking that your body is what you are, you are a slave to the needs and appetites of your body, and will seek to satisfy those until you die. Instead of mastering your body, you will have spent your entire life being mastered by your body.

    The same goes for your mind. This is even more insidious. Even those of us who are aware that our bodies are not truly us, often mistakenly believe that our minds are what we truly are. Wrong! Your personality, your knowledge, your wisdom, your emotional makeup, your thoughts, your method of deduction and induction, all these are not who you truly are. You are not a quick-tempered Latino male with a penchant for computer programming who enjoys football games on weekends and good detective stories. You are not a patient, virtuous woman who has good judgment and shrewd mind when it comes to "too good to be true" offers. These characteristics are not you. You are not here on this Earth in human form to be some kind of a cosmic newspaper personal ad. Do not reduce yourself to what your body and mind consist of. You are far greater than that. You are eternal. You are infinite. Your True Self is the cosmos itself. Don't ever fall into the trap of thinking that you are your physical and mental self. You have a higher spiritual existence—your True Self. Your current physical and mental manifestations are here only to serve the purpose of your spiritual master, your True Self, as part of a healing and completing process of cosmic harmony and balance. Do not sell yourself short.

    When you let your True Self guide you, you are letting Jesus or Buddha himself guide your life. You are letting God be your personal guide, because all of us have the divine inside us.

    When you feel your True Self, you will first feel an appreciation for everything around you. You will appreciate that you are able to open your eyes every morning. You will appreciate the intake of every breath. You will be thankful for movements in your arms and legs. And when you are thankful, you become diligent. You do not waste time, and you work hard because you are so thankful for everything that you have. Then you become harmonious. You get along with everyone. You think of others first. You do the hardest work first, you are always thankful, you are always forgiving. And if everyone is thankful, diligent, and harmonious, then we have a genuine Heaven on Earth. This is what we call "Hong-Ik Ingan, E-wha Saegae," in the Korean tradition. Directly translated, "Wide-Benefits Human, Everything-Harmonious World." This kind of world will not be the offspring of some political or religious theory. This world will spring out of a mass spiritual revolution that allows people to get in touch with their true selves.

    Enlightenment means listening to your True Self.

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Table of Contents

Prayer of Peace vii
Preface: The True Purpose of Life xi
Introduction: Time to Greet the Dawn xvii
Enlightenment as True Self 3
Enlightenment as True Love 12
Yuln'yo 21
Enlightenment Revolution 28
A Personal Story--Walking in Snow 30
Individual Enlightenment--Brain Respiration
Why Do We Need Enlightenment? 35
Information Makes Us Who We Are 43
Three Layers of the Brain 50
Enlightenment as a Physiological Phenomenon 55
Ki Energy Sensitivity Training 59
Take a Trip into the Brain Stem through Vibration 61
Individual Enlightenment 64
A Personal Story--The Death of a Friend 66
Group Enlightenment--New Human Society
It Has Already Existed 71
It Is the Humans Who Have to Do the Work 74
What Is a New Human? 76
A True Democracy 79
A Personal Story--Waking the Power of Ki Within 82
Human Enlightenment--A Spiritual-Cultural Movement
All We Have to Do Is Play Well with Each Other 89
Change the Brain, Change the World 91
A Personal Story--Twenty-one Sleepless Days and Nights 95
Index 98
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  • Posted January 5, 2012

    Huge Awakenings!!!

    This book makes you realize that Enlightenment must become a Worldwide Pheonomenon. The collective consciousness has to be raised in order to heal our communities and ultimately ourselves. People must accept their responsibility and recover True Love within their hearts. It's not easy, but it's each individual's choice to heal themselves & the Earth (our home).

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  • Anonymous

    Posted January 18, 2001


    In his incredibly inspiring book, Healing Society, Seung Heun Lee manages to strike the perfect pitch and tone for his short, but powerful clarion call to the world for an 'Enlightenment Revolution,' a 'revolution of the human spirit.' The style of the work, almost a direct metaphor for its depiction of the enlightenment journey itself, is a beautiful weave of profound ancient wisdom, acute modern analysis and analogy, homey folk narrative, and direct personal experience, all bound together with alternating threads of urgent exhortation and playful humor. In this way, Master Lee speaks directly to all layers and levels of the global society he is desperate to reach. Master Lee's critical and urgent message of survival cuts through layers of doubt, skepticism, denial and cynicism. Its profound and disarming truth and simplicity effectively neutralize negative reflexive responses and rebuttals cloaked in empty rhetoric and sophisticated logic. He presents a unique and challenging description of personal and social enlightenment, and he provides an intriguing insight into his own fascinating journey and its relevance for the world. In a simple and direct manner, he convinces us that health and joy and fulfillment are accessible to us all, and that we can save the earth with a simple, but dedicated choice. Healing Society gives us a whole new point of view, new options for understanding who and what we really are and how we can be who we truly want to be as individuals and as a global society. It lays down a gauntlet for us to accept our responsibility for the salvation of our magnificent world. When we finish the book, we are left praying, along with Dr. Lee, for this critical new spiritual-cultural paradigm of love to replace the paradigm of competition and 'sweep across the face of the earth in a blaze of harmony and cooperation.' We remain searching our hearts for ways to light the fuse.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted January 10, 2001

    Short but deeply profound...

    After reading this book, it is easy to understand why Dr. Lee has over 3 million people around the world practicing Dahnhak and Brain Respiration, his version of mind and body training. He puts the often esoteric concept of spiritual englithenment in very simple terms and makes it accessible to everyone. He lifts away the mysticism from spirituality. Even more, he proposes that the only lasting solution to today's intractable problems such as wars and environmental destruction lies in enlightenment of the humanity, not just one or two individuals. And he proposes that this is more than possible within 10 years! All in all, this is a book worth reading, especially from someone who is brave enough to proclaim himself enlightened. You will find yourself smiling and nodding in agreement and new insights.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted November 16, 2000

    I believe we can HEAL OURSELVES AND SOCIETY!

    Each of these words seem to jump off the page. They seem to hold all the truth and energy of the universe in every syllable. I believe that through seeing inside to our True Selves we can change and heal the world. Dr. Seung Heun Lee holds incredible insight and beauty; I feel blessed to have read and experienced his words and mind, through this book. If you have hope and vision for the future please read this book, Dr. Lee presents real, feasible, and concrete methods to help us all create a harmonious world to live in.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
Sort by: Showing all of 4 Customer Reviews

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