Healing with the Fairies: Messages, Manifestations, and Love from the World of the Fairies

Healing with the Fairies: Messages, Manifestations, and Love from the World of the Fairies

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by Doreen Virtue

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When a group of powerful fairies contacted Doreen Virtue, her life became an enchanting story of healings, manifestation, and true love. Healing with the Fairies is Doreen's very personal story of how the fairies helped her deal with a divorce and prepare herself for a spiritually based relationship. In this truly inspired book, you'll read how the fairies introduced… See more details below


When a group of powerful fairies contacted Doreen Virtue, her life became an enchanting story of healings, manifestation, and true love. Healing with the Fairies is Doreen's very personal story of how the fairies helped her deal with a divorce and prepare herself for a spiritually based relationship. In this truly inspired book, you'll read how the fairies introduced Doreen to her lifelong soulmate, a man who she later discovered was the boy-next-door she'd had a childhood crush on. You'll also learn, along with Doreen, about the fairies' incredible powers of manifestation. Doreen shares what the dolphins, mermaids, dragonflies, and other members of the elemental kingdom taught her. You'll see that the fairies have the ability to help you create and attract miracles, and this book can teach you how to work with them to empower and heal your entire life!

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Chapter One


to Nature

"Go for long walks outdoors." I'dheard this sentence in mymind for days now, especiallyas I climbed on my treadmill torun four miles from the comfort ofmy bedroom. I'd watch the red LEDlights counting down my 45-minuteworkout, and all I could hear was,"Go do this outside!"

    Little did I know that some veryspecial angels—those assigned tonature—were trying to get my attention.Their persistent chant finallypaid off, and one sunny Wednesdayafternoon, I bypassed the treadmill infavor of the sidewalk.

    I walked along Selva Avenue inDana Point, California, the seasidetown located midway between Los Angeles and San Diegowhere I lived. Selva Avenue has long and hilly sidewalksleading to Salt Creek Beach. As the traffic on Golden LanternBoulevard whizzed by, I wondered why I was called to walkoutdoors. This seems stressful, compared to working out in thequiet setting of my own bedroom, I mused.

    So, the next day when the fairies urged me to go for anoutdoor walk, took along my Sony Walkman, hoping thatturning up the volume on my cassette tape of A Course inMiracles would drown out the traffic noise.

Co-writing with Spirit

    It was the spring of 1997. I had just finished writing TheLightworker's Way, a book that I wrote in complete isolation. I'dtaken the phone off the hook for three and a half months andhad told all my friends andassociates that I would see themwhen the book was done. During the process of writing, theangels were very specific in their instructions. They told meto stay in a state of centered meditation, keep fresh stargazerand tuber roses nearby, use soft lighting, and listen to classicalmusic. They also urged me to keep my mind off worldlyaffairs, and focus on the truth of peace and love.

    While the isolation was difficult, I saw immediate resultsfrom following the angels' advice. My office felt like anashram, a sacred cave where the energy was high and pure.The Lightworker's Way seemed to reflect that high-frequencyenergy and intention, and to this day, it remains one of myfavorite authored books.

    I was now in the midst of writing a new book called AngelTherapy. The whole project felt oddly "directed," as if theangels knew exactly what the book would be and do. Eventhe planned publication of Angel Therapy seemed surreal. Inthe past, my publisher had always requested that I submit adetailed book proposal. Yet in this case, I had simply e-mailedthem three sentences, mentioning that I'd like to write a bookcalled Angel Therapy, with a brief description. My publisherimmediately said, "Yes!" and sent a book contract withoutquestions about its format, length, or other details.

    The writing of the book was odd, too. I seemed to enterinto a trance whenever I'd sit down to write. Completelyunaware of what words were coming through my fingersonto the keyboard, I was practically afraid to read the textafterward. Part of me feared that it would be unintelligibleand I'd have to start writing all over again. I was also awarethat the process of trance-channeled writing triggered my"control issues." Surrendering and trusting completelywasn't natural for me—perhaps a product of my headstrongTaurean nature, or maybe a result of being a first-bornchild.

    Nevertheless, I was quite aware of the spirit world'sinstructions. I never doubted their validity; I only hesitatedin following them. Ever since a carjacking incident on July15, 1995, in which I'd ignored my angels' warning and narrowlyescaped theft, and perhaps, death, I'd done my best toheed heaven's advice. Yet, despite my brush with near-disaster(which I'll explain more fully later on), my egowould still occasionally kick in and argue with my angels.

    While writing Angel Therapy, the angels acted likeOlympic coaches, advising and motivating me toward optimumperformance. They clearly wanted Angel Therapy writtenand released. So, I thought the urgings to go for outdoorwalks were just part of the process. It turned out, though, thatI was being prepared for work they foresaw me doing in thefuture: the book you are currently holding in your hands.

Connecting with Nature

    I walked briskly along Selva Avenue, listening to thepleasant male voice narrating A Course in Miracles throughmy headphones. Oblivious to anything but his words and myfootsteps, I might have missed an extraordinary sight, but theintense color of some purple bougainvillea flowers in frontof me stopped me in my tracks. I turned off the cassette togive the flowers my full attention. Never before had I seena hue this vibrant. The bluish-purple was so dazzling that Icouldn't get enough of it.

    I put my face as close as possible to the flowers, hopingto quench my eyes' thirst for the luscious color. Still, itwasn't enough; I felt as if I wanted to consume and mergewith the glowing hues. I walked to the next bougainvillea treealong the sidewalk, and the next, and the next. Nearly anhour passed, while I stood transfixed amid the blossoms thatlooked like purple moths sitting atop green leaves.

    As I tore myself away from my new friends, I wasamazed that I hadn't even noticed the traffic noise. My connectionwith nature had been so profound that time andsound ceased to exist. And that's when I simultaneouslybegan my connection with the nature angels—the fairiesand elementals—although I wouldn't realize it for quitesome time.

    The next day, some inner sense compelled me to leavemy cassette player at home. I knew that the angels were askingme to open my ears so I could hear them fully. My innervoice guided me to pack a blank notebook and a reliable pen,along with my house key and water bottle. I retrieved agreen-and-pink hip pack from my closet that I'd been givenas a guest on the Leeza show years earlier, and put my notebookin it (covered with a small plastic sandwich bag towaterproof it lest an errant ocean wave erase the messagesI knew that I'd pen).

    The writing on Angel Therapy had gone especially well theprevious evening. Usually I'd only been able to withstandchanneling for 15 to 30 minutes without getting a headache,but last night I'd been able to channel for nearly two hours.Had my encounter with the bougainvillea helped?

     When I'd asked the angels why I got headaches duringmy channeling sessions—after all, I had never been prone tothem before—they'd told me that my steady diet of chocolatewas interfering with my energetic vibrational frequencies.

    In other words, my "antennae" couldn't connect with thehigh frequencies of the angelic realm, because chocolate wasmaking me dense and slow. I had been aware that chocolatewas a poor substitute for human love, and that we oftencraved it when we really wanted romantic love, but now theangels were explaining to me that chocolate cravings werereally a desire for God's love—a yearning to connect with ourCreator.

    When we eat chocolate, we fill in the neuron receptorsthat are designed for Divine love with the synthetic chemicalscalled "phenelethylamine," or P.E.A., for short—a fittingname, since "pea" is a small substitute for the grand love thatcan only be filled when our hearts are in love with ourCreator and all of Creation.

    Yet, I was the quintessential chocoholic, and I mentallyargued with the angels. After all, my third book, TheChocoholic's Dream Diet, was all about chocoholism! I cravedand ate chocolate daily, even though I'd switched to "healthier"versions of the "drug," such as chocolate soy milk, chocolaterice "ice cream," and chocolate "health bars."

    If you want me to give up chocolate, you're going to have toremove my cravings! I practically yelled at my angels. I'dlearned that our angels appreciate us being honest andauthentic with them, and aren't offended when we expressgenuine emotions. So, during those moments of exasperationwhen I'd wondered how I could possibly follow Divine guidance—thatis, giving up chocolate—my angels were accustomedto my indignant tone. Angels focus only on the lovethey see within us, and not on our fears, which triggeranger and distrust.

    My request that the angels heal my chocolate cravingswas half rhetorical and half said in earnest. Could the angelsreally remove a lifelong addiction to a fattening stimulant?I had my answer the next day. As if the angels had workedon me throughout the night, by morning I was free of allchocolate cravings. I haven't wanted, and haven't eaten, chocolatesince that day!

    This was no minor feat for the former "Queen of Chocolate,"my self-imposed title. Many of my audience members,students, and readers, knowing of my story, have reportedsimilar results after asking their angels for assistance withchocolate and other types of addictions.

    Almost immediately, I could channel passages of AngelTherapy for longer periods of time, free of headaches or otherphysical discomfort. As I thought about this during mywalk, I heard the angels say, "All food affects you, long after itis digested." I stopped and wrote this phrase in the little notebookin my hip pack. So, the angels are going to instruct me duringmy walks in nature! I thought. No wonder they don't wantme distracted by listening to an audiotape! I am here to listen andtake notes.

    That day as I sat on the foggy beach with pen in hand, theangels explained the effects of food on our spiritual psyche,information I've written about in my books DivinePrescriptions and Eating in the Light.

    I still had little awareness that a branch of the angelickingdom known as "the elementals" was counseling me.These beings are the doctors, nurses, and counselors assignedto help and heal all Earthly beings (including humans).Fairies are one type of elemental, and you'll meet other membersof the elemental kingdom throughout this book. To me,anyone who helps us is an "angel," and elementals definitelyhelp us. In my own case, though, I had no idea to what extentthe fairies and other elementals were assisting me, and howmuch they were a part of my life.

Nature's Angels

    I kept up my daily walks, taking notes and doing trance-channeledwriting for Angel Therapy. For the second half ofthe book, the angels dictated material about the "natureangels," and they taught me—as well as my readers whowere unfamiliar with them—about interacting with thefairies. I learned that animals' guardian angels are fairies, andthat they also work closely with flowering plants.

    As I read the angels' words, I glanced at my Himalayancat, Romeo, and noticed glowing lights around him. Igasped with delight and surprise, and quickly looked at thestargazer lily bouquet in my office. It had never beforeoccurred to me to look for fairies! But there they were—littleTinkerbells flitting from flower to flower like beautifulfireflies. I half saw them in my mind's eye, and half with myphysical sight, similar to how I see angels, deceased people,and auras. My spiritual and physical sight meld together togive me one unified vision of the spirit world, which I seewith my physical eyes open.

    The angels—or was it the fairies, I now wondered—channeledmore information for the "Nature Angels" chapterof Angel Therapy. They said that we humans should becautious when walking on or mowing grass, and should offermental warnings to the fairies so that they can scurry out ofthe way of feet and lawnmowers. They also warned againstusing pesticides, as poisons are as noxious to fairies as theyare to insects.

    They explained that fairies have a type of physical body,so environmental pollutants and human carelessness affectthem. All spiritual beings—whether human, animal, fairy,deceased person, or angel—have a body composed of energyand "light matter." This light matter has a form that gives itshape and mass. The consciousness, or thought pattern, of thebeing determines the density of a person's energy. Humanshave the densest, most concrete, opaque bodies, because ourthoughts are largely materially focused. We think heavythoughts, and our bodies reflect this consciousness.

    The angels said that because we humans do things thehard way, such as silently enduring a job we can't standinstead of using the power of thought, prayer, and manifestation,we have dense bodies that are masses of hardenedthoughts about materiality.

    The elemental kingdom, in contrast, regularly uses manifestationto attract or create their needs. This gives themlighter hearts and schedules, and thus, their bodies arelighter than ours. Nonetheless, the fairies' mind-sets aredenser than angels, who are completely focused upon Spirit.To the angels, Jesus' words, "Seek ye first the kingdom ofGod, and all this shall be added unto you," are the guidingwords that will lift us from density, suffering, and hardship.

    The angels then told me something that immediatelyrang true, yet which still surprised me: "Your human bodies areelementals. They have a life force and intelligence all their own,coming from the elemental kingdom." The angels explained thatour body has a natural intelligence, which regulates its systems,yet it also can have the impetuous personality of a two-year-oldchild.

    This child within the body—the being that demands andcraves both the healthful and the unhealthful—is the elementalwithin all of us. The body is a separate individual being, withits own mind, life force, and life plan. We don't own the body,and it isn't an extension of us. It is essentially a roommatewith whom we have a synergistic and mutually dependentrelationship. We depend upon the body to house and transport"us," the soul; and the body depends on us to feed, shelter,and exercise it. The body's origin is of the spirit world,yet it is a dense being of the earth. Bodies are, therefore, partof the Earth kingdom of angels—the elemental realm, in otherwords. The body is our inner fairy, leprechaun, unicorn, mermaid,or one of the other members of the elemental kingdom.

    So, our bodies are elementals! I marveled at the realization.They are denser bodies than the wispy, etheric bodies of thefairies, but our bodies are definitely in the same family. Nowonder the fairies are brilliant healers of human bodies—theyare merely working on their relatives when they workon our bodies. Just being out in nature, and holding the intentionto connect with the fairies, can have a physical healingeffect.

Excerpted from HEALING with the Fairies by Doreen Virtue. Copyright © 2001 by Doreen Virtue. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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