The Health Care Manager's Human Resources Handbook / Edition 2

The Health Care Manager's Human Resources Handbook / Edition 2

by Charles R. McConnell

ISBN-10: 1449657397

ISBN-13: 9781449657390

Pub. Date: 08/01/2012

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

This unique book about human resource (HR) management is written for health care department managers who must relate to and work with their HR departments and manage their personnel. An expert with 18 years of experience in human resources management, author Charles R. McConnell describes what the function of the HR department can do for you, and shows how to get the…  See more details below


This unique book about human resource (HR) management is written for health care department managers who must relate to and work with their HR departments and manage their personnel. An expert with 18 years of experience in human resources management, author Charles R. McConnell describes what the function of the HR department can do for you, and shows how to get the most value out of an organization's HR department. For each topic addressed, the book provides: background; the HR department's responsibilities; where and how HR interfaces with the line management; the HR responsibilities of the manager; and how the manager can get the best from the HR function.

The Second Edition brings the book up to date by addressing the following changes in the field:
• Pressure on HR to operate with fewer staff;
• Tendency toward decentralization for certain HR activities;
• Impact of organizational flattening and mergers and acquisitions.
• Newer laws and changes to existing laws that impact recruiting and Interviewing, as well as documentation, termination, legal action, and unions

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Table of Contents

New to This Edition ix

Preface xi

About the Author xv

Part I Human Resources and the Organizational Environment 1

Chapter 1 From Employment Office To Human Resources 3

An Evolving Function 3

What's in a (New) Name? 8

Avoiding the "Name Game" 10

For Review and Discussion 12

Notes 13

Chapter 2 How Human Resources Fits into the Healthcare Organization 15

Human Resources in the Organization: The Macro View 16

Line and Staff 16

Human Resources Models 19

Alternative Human Resources Models 21

The Human Resources Internal Organization 24

Human Resources and Top Management 24

HR's Relationships with Other Departments 26

Healthcare HR and the Changing Scene 28

Human Resources Reengineered 30

Outsourcing 34

Effects on Corporate Culture 37

For Review and Discussion 39

Notes 40

Chapter 3 The Legal Framework of Present-Day Human Resources 41

A Regulated Environment 41

For the Organization: Greater Responsibility, Increased Cost 62

A Cumulative Effect 63

For Review and Discussion 67

Notes 68

Part II The Healthcare Manager Meets Human Resources 69

Chapter 4 Human Resources and the Healthcare Manager 71

Human Resources Functions 71

The Managers Involvement with Human Resources 85

Human Resources and the Organization 88

For Review and Discussion 95

Notes 95

Chapter 5 The Manager-Employee Relationship 97

Every Manager Is a Manager of Human Resources 98

The People-Focused Manager 101

Essential Individual Relationships 107

The Cost of Ignored Employees 109

For Review and Discussion 113

Part III Obtaining Employees 115

Chapter 6 The Manager and the Recruiting Process 117

Legal Concerns in Recruiting 117

In Partnership with Human Resources 118

Reference Checking and the Department Manager 122

The Manager's Role in Finding Candidates 125

Promotion from Within 128

Recruiting During Periods of Shortage 130

The Salary Bumping Game 132

Every Employee a Recruiter 133

For Review and Discussion 135

Chapter 7 How to Conduct a Legal-but Effective-Selection Interview 137

Awash in a Sea of Legalities 138

Before the Candidate Arrives 138

Conducting the Actual Interview 141

Interview Questioning: Ask or Do Not Ask? 145

Probing for Intangibles 154

When Forbidden Information Is Volunteered 156

The Interviewer's Behavior 157

Résumé Fraud: Lies and Embellishments 158

An Acquired Skill 161

For Review and Discussion 163

Part IV Employee Relations and the Manager 165

Chapter 8 Directions in Employee Relations 167

The Evolution of Employee Relations 167

The Emergence of Scientific Management 170

Parallel Management Systems Develop 171

Long-Term Trends in Organizational Management 176

Where We Are, Where We Are Heading 177

For Review and Discussion 179

Notes 179

Chapter 9 The Healthcare Manager and Employee Problems 181

The Inevitability of People Problems 182

Primary Purpose: Correction 184

Separate Issues of Performance and Behavior 185

Employee Absenteeism 202

Employee Assistance Programs 204

When Termination Is Necessary 205

Partnership with Human Resources 206

Prevention When Possible 207

For Effective Corrective Action 208

Document, Document 209

For Review and Discussion 211

Notes 212

Chapter 10 Performance Appraisal: The Never-Ending Task 213

Performance Appraisal: What, Why, and How 214

Obstacles to Performance Appraisal 217

Personality-Based Evaluation: The Old Way Is the Wrong Way 219

What, Then, Is the Correct Approach? 223

The Appraisal Interview 237

Self-Appraisal 238

Team Appraisals 240

The Appraisal Form 241

Legal Implications of Performance Appraisal 246

The Role of Human Resources 248

An Essential Process 249

For Review and Discussion 251

Chapter 11 Addressing Problems Before Taking Corrective Action 253

Prevention When Possible 254

Employee Privacy and Confidentiality 255

Personal Relationships 260

Sexual Harassment 261

Violence 263

Employee Participation and Involvement 266

Counseling 267

For Review and Discussion 272

Notes 272

Chapter 12 Employee Documentation: Shoulds and Should Nots for the Manager 273

Paper Remains Important 274

Legal Implications of Employment Documentation 274

Record Retention 276

Human Resources and the Personnel File 278

The Department Managers Responsibilities 280

Department Managers Employee Files 283

Do the Paperwork 285

For Review and Discussion 287

Chapter 13 Terminating Employees: Minimizing the Legal Risks 289

Individual Terminations 290

Reductions in Force 293

Related Dimensions of Termination 304

The Survivors of a Reduction in Force 307

For Review and Discussion 311

Notes 312

Chapter 14 See You in Court: Involvement in Legal Action 313

Anyone Can File, Anyone Can Sue 314

The Legal Environment 315

Preventing Complaints 316

When a Complaint Arrives 317

The Process 319

Living with an Active Case 325

For Review and Discussion 329

Part V Other Human Resources Concerns 331

Chapter 15 Avoiding-or Dealing with-a Union 333

Unions: Health Care and Elsewhere 334

The Legal Framework and Health Care's Unique Treatment 339

The Department Managers Role 342

Decertification 353

For Review and Discussion 356

Notes 358

Chapter 16 The Manager's Role in Employee Training 359

The Key Role of Training and Development 360

The Manager's Role in Employee Training 361

Effective Mentoring 367

Developing Potential Managers 369

How Human Resources Can Help 370

For Review and Discussion 374

Chapter 17 Iceberg Tips: Compensation, Benefits, and Other Concerns 375

"Hidden" Activities 376

Compensation 376

Benefits 380

The Employment Process 387

Performance Appraisal 389

Legal Actions 389

External Agency Investigations 390

For Review and Discussion 395

Chapter 18 Keeping Human Resources on Its Toes 397

The Effective Human Resources Department 397

Be Proactive with Your Human Resources Department 398

Future Directions for Human Resources 405

For Top Management's Consideration 406

HR Exists to Work for You-See That It Happens 407

For Review and Discussion 409

List of Exhibits 411

Index 413

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