Health Fact, Health Fiction: Getting Through the Media Maze

Health Fact, Health Fiction: Getting Through the Media Maze

by Robert L. Taylor

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As medical consumers, we confront ``health hype'' in the media on a daily basis. In this well-researched, witty, and sometimes sarcastic book, the author puts medical ``facts'' in perspective and teaches us how to critically examine the media blitz of health information. Taylor is not afraid to admit that physicians are not always right. He presents numerous examples of medical ``truths'' which, upon closer examination, are revealed to be medical myths. As the author reminds us in an appropriate quotation from Mark Twain, ``Be careful about reading health books; you may die of a misprint.'' As the subject matter of this book touches us all, it would be a definite asset for public library collections.-- Linda S. Karch, SUNY at Buffalo Lib.

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