Health Insurance Sourcebook: Basic Information about Managed Care Organizations, Traditional Fee-for-Service Insurance and More / Edition 1

Health Insurance Sourcebook: Basic Information about Managed Care Organizations, Traditional Fee-for-Service Insurance and More / Edition 1

by Wendy Wilcox

ISBN-10: 0780802225

ISBN-13: 9780780802223

Pub. Date: 01/01/1997

Publisher: Omnigraphics, Incorporated

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Omnigraphics, Incorporated
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Health Reference Series
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6.21(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.55(d)

Table of Contents

Ch. 1Checkup on Health Insurance Choices3
Ch. 2Two-Worker Families: Choice of Health Insurance19
Ch. 3No Insurance, Public Insurance and Private Insurance: Do These Options Contribute to Differences in General Health?23
Ch. 4Private Health Insurance: Persons Denied Coverage Due to Poor Health31
Ch. 5Does Employment-Related Health Insurance Inhibit Job Mobility?35
Ch. 6Effect of Employment-Related Health Insurance on Job Mobility, 1987: Does "Job Lock" Exist?39
Ch. 7Viatical Settlements: A Guide for People with Terminal Illnesses43
Ch. 8Health Insurance Coverage of People with Disabilities in the U.S.51
Ch. 9Reviewing Your Disability55
Ch. 10Disability Based on Drug Addiction or Alcoholism59
Ch. 11Social Security: Federal Disability Programs Face Major Issues63
Ch. 12Supplemental Security Income: Disability Program Vulnerable to Applicant Fraud When Middlemen Are Used75
Ch. 13What Legislators Need to Know about Managed Care91
Ch. 14Managed Care and Rural America131
Ch. 15Managed Care: Jekyll or Hyde?137
Ch. 16Your Medicare Handbook 1996145
Ch. 17Retirees: Medicaid and Other Public Health Insurance Coverage183
Ch. 18Medicare: Federal Efforts to Enhance Patient Quality of Care185
Ch. 19Medicaid: Spending Pressures Spur States toward Program Restructuring189
Ch. 20Medicare Managed Care: Growing Enrollment Adds Urgency to Fixing HMO Payment Problem195
Ch. 21Medicare Beneficiaries: Use and Cost of Prescribed Medicines207
Ch. 22Fraud and Abuse: Medicare Continues to be Vulnerable to Exploitation by Unscrupulous Providers213
Ch. 23Fraud and Abuse: Providers Target Medicare Patients in Nursing Facilities225
Ch. 24Special Fraud Alert: Routine Waiver of Copayments or Deductibles Under Medicare Part B235
Ch. 25Medicare Excessive Payments for Medical Supplies Continue Despite Improvements241
Ch. 26Questionable Practices Affecting the Hospice Benefit253
Ch. 27Medicare: Millions Can Be Saved by Screening Claims for Overused Services259
Ch. 28Medicare Spending: Modern Management Strategies Needed to Curb Billions in Unnecessary Payments265
Ch. 29Medicare Providers' Legal Expenses281
Ch. 30U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Reports Promising First Year for "Operation Restore Trust" Initiative287
Ch. 31Defense Health Care: Issues and Challenges Confronting Military Medicine299
Ch. 32Defense Health Care: Department of Defense's Managed Care Program Continues to Face Challenges333
Ch. 33Defense Health Care: Problems with Medical Care Overseas Are Being Addressed341
Ch. 34Veterans Administration Health Care: Challenges and Options for the Future355
Ch. 35Veterans' Health Care: Use of Veterans Administration Services by Medicare-Eligible Veterans373
Ch. 36Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses: Interim Report383
Ch. 37Operation Desert Storm: Health Concerns of Selected Indiana Persian Gulf War Veterans395
Ch. 38Retirees: Employment-Related Health Insurance Coverage407
Ch. 39Older Retirees: Supplements to Medicare Health Insurance Coverage411
Ch. 40Health Insurance for the Elderly: Owning Duplicate Policies Is Costly and Unnecessary415
Ch. 41Health Insurance for Children: Private Insurance Coverage Continues to Deteriorate427
Ch. 42Health Care: School-Based Health Centers Can Expand Access for Children445
Ch. 43America's Newcomers: Health Care Issues for New Americans471
Ch. 44Illegal Aliens: National Net Cost Estimates Vary Widely493

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