Health Of The Human Spirit / Edition 2

Health Of The Human Spirit / Edition 2

by Brian Luke Seaward

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ISBN-10: 1449648452

ISBN-13: 9781449648459

Pub. Date: 02/15/2012

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Health of the Human Spirit, Second Edition: Spiritual Dimensions for Personal Health is a thoughtful examination of the ageless topic of human spirituality. It addresses the need to acknowledge spiritual wellness as a vital dimension of the general health and well-being of the individual and examines the dynamic balance between mind-body-spirit health and the


Health of the Human Spirit, Second Edition: Spiritual Dimensions for Personal Health is a thoughtful examination of the ageless topic of human spirituality. It addresses the need to acknowledge spiritual wellness as a vital dimension of the general health and well-being of the individual and examines the dynamic balance between mind-body-spirit health and the roadblocks and distractions on the spiritual path.

Dr. Seaward includes many behavioral suggestions to enhance the health of the human spirit. He presents the material in an approachable, user-friendly manner by engaging the reader and carefully distinguishing the differences between spirituality and religion.

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Table of Contents

Foreword xiii

Introduction xv

Acknowledgments xxi

About the Author xxiii

Chapter 1 The Call to Spirit 1

The World in Crisis 2

A Spiritual Hunger? 5

A Turning Point in Consciousness 6

Spiritual Materialism 8

An Unhealthy Spirit? 9

I Don't Believe It! 9

The Winds of Change Are the Winds of Grace 10

Stress and Spirituality: Partners in the Dance of Life 12

Of Spirit and Character 12

Profiles of Human Spirituality 13

Keeping an Open Mind 16

Summary 16

Terms and Concepts 17

Soul-Searching Exercises 17

Exercise 1.1 Got The Spirit? Let's Hear It! 17

Exercise 1.2 Are You a Cultural Creative? 18

Exercise 1.3 Of Character and Spirit 19

Exercise 1.4 A Matter of Conscience 20

Endnotes 21

Additional References 22

Chapter 2 The Wellness Paradigm Revisited 25

A Closer Look at the Wellness Paradigm 26

Wellness in the Limelight and the Life Cycle 29

Human Spirituality: The Neglected Component of Well-Being (If you cannot measure it, it is not real.) 30

The Legacy of Descartes: Division and Separation 32

New Common Ground Between Science and Religion 32

A Closing Story 34

Summary 34

Terms and Concepts 35

Exercise 2.1 The Mandala of Personal Wellness 35

Endnotes 37

Additional References 37

Chapter 3 Theories of Human Spirituality: Perspectives from the Sages and Wisdom Keepers 39

Carl Gustav Jung: Divine Consciousness 42

Rachel Naomi Remen: To Be of Service 44

Abraham Maslow: To Be Self-Actualized 46

M. Scott Peck: The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth 48

Black Elk: Mother Earth Spirituality 52

Hildegard von Bingen: The Mystical Path 55

Joan Borysenko: The Feminine Path 57

Ken Carey: Divine Messages 59

The Dalai Lama: Compassion and Happiness 60

Joseph Campbell: The Hero's Journey 61

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Conscious Evolution 64

Deepak Chopra: Seven Spiritual Steps on the Divine Path 65

Larry Dossey: The Nonlocal Mind 68

Albert Einstein: Light and Energy 70

Matthew Fox: Creation Spirituality 72

Lao Tzu: Tao The Balance of Life 74

Viktor Frankl: The Search for Life's Meaning 77

Jean Houston: Our Human Potential 80

Jesus of Nazareth: Unconditional Love 81

Paramahansa Yogananda: To Be Self-Realized 85

Ken Wilber: The Spectrum of Consciousness 86

Summary 89

Terms and Concepts 89

Exercise 3.1 High on a Mountaintop 90

Exercise 3.2 The Road Less Traveled: Stages of Spiritual Growth 92

Exercise 3.3 The Hero's Journey 93

References and Resources 95

Additional References 97

Chapter 4 The Nature of Human Spirituality 99

Definitions of Human Spirituality 100

Spirit: The Breath of Life 101

One Source, Many Names 103

Definitions of Religion 103

The Perennial Philosophy 104

Metaphor: The Language of Spirit 106

The Path and the Journey 106

Spirits on a Human Path 108

Of Spirit and Soul 109

What Is Stress? 110

What Is the Soul? 111

The Three Pillars of Human Spirituality 113

Desire + Commitment = Discipline 117

Summary 118

Terms and Concepts 118

Exercise 4.1 The Three Pillars of Human Spirituality 119

Exercise 4.2 Personal and Interpersonal Relationships 120

Exercise 4.3 Your Personal Value System 121

Exercise 4.4 Your Meaningful Purpose in Life 122

Exercise 4.5 Mandala of the Human Spirit 123

Endnotes 124

Additional References 125

Chapter 5 Mountains, Molehills, and Muscles of the Soul 127

The Metaphorical Mountain 128

Molehills: Roadblocks on the Spiritual Path 129

Distractions on the Spiritual Path 131

Muscles of the Soul 132

Spiritual Potential and Spiritual Health 136

Rainbows and the Yellow Brick Road 138

Seasons of the Soul 139

Summary 149

Terms and Concepts 149

Exercise 5.1 Roadblocks on the Spiritual Path 150

Exercise 5.2 Distractions on the Spiritual Path 151

Exercise 5.3 Muscles of the Soul 152

Exercise 5.4a Seasons of the Soul 153

Exercise 5.4b Your Seasons of the Soul 154

Endnotes 156

Additional References 156

Chapter 6 Mind-Body-Spirit Healing 157

The Ghost in the Machine 160

A New Era of Medicine 162

The Human Energy Field: The Interface Between Body and Soul 165

Stress and Disease 166

Cellular Consciousness 167

Complementary Medicine/Energy Medicine 168

So Why Doesn't Everybody Get Healed? 170

Summary 173

Terms and Concepts 173

Exercise 6.1 Anatomy Energy Map 173

Exercise 6.2 When Your Biography Becomes Your Biology 175

Exercise 6.3 Energy System "Vitamins" 176

Exercise 6.4 Unresolved Anger or Fear? 177

Endnotes 179

Additional References 181

Chapter 7 Embrace the Mystery 183

Be a Good Mystic! 185

No Short List of Mysteries Here! 186

The Mystery of DNA 189

The Kundalini Effect 190

Science's Blind Spot 192

Prayer, Distant Healing, and the Nonlocal Mind 192

Summary 193

Terms and Concepts 194

Exercise 7.1 On Being a Good Mystic 194

Exercise 7.2 More Than Just Intuition! 196

Exercise 7.3 One: A Holy Moment 197

Endnotes 198

Additional References 199

Chapter 8 The Art of Meditation 201

Cleansing the Mind 203

Of Ego and Soul 204

Domesticating the Ego 205

A Free Spirit Must Be Disciplined 205

Types of Meditation 206

Steps in Meditation 209

Summary 211

Terms and Concepts 212

Exercise 8.1 Meditation Checklist 212

Meditation Exercises 213

Exercise 8.2 Breathing Clouds Meditation 213

Exercise 8.3 Open Heart Meditation 214

Exercise 8.4 Crystal Cave Meditation 216

Exercise 8.5 Seven Veils Meditation (Lifting the Veils of Illusion to Be One with the Source) 217

Exercise 8.6 Body Colors and Healing Light Meditation 221

Exercise 8.7 The Rainbow Meditation 222

Exercise 8.8 Energy Ball Meditation 224

Exercise 8.9 DNA Meditation 226

Endnotes 227

Additional References 228

Chapter 9 Health of the Human Spirit 229

Medicine for the Soul 231

Keeping the Human Spirit Healthy 232

Summary 243

Terms and Concepts 244

Exercise 9.1 Health of the Human Spirit 244

Exercise 9.2 The Doors of Perception 246

Exercise 9.3 Sweet Forgiveness 248

Exercise 9.4 Creative Altruism: The Power of Unconditional Love 249

Exercise 9.5 The Divine Paradox 251

Endnotes 252

Additional References 252

Chapter 10 The End Is Just the Beginning 253

Index 259

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