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Health & Wellness / Edition 11

Health & Wellness / Edition 11

by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty

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ISBN-10: 1449636470

ISBN-13: 9781449636470

Pub. Date: 11/16/2012

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

binding type PB


binding type PB

Product Details

Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication date:
Edition description:
Older Edition

Table of Contents

1Achieving Wellness1
1Achieving Personal Health3
2Mind-Body Communications Maintain Wellness21
3Managing Stress: Restoring Mind-Body Harmony41
4Maintaining Emotional Wellness57
2Eating and Exercising Toward a Healthy Lifestyle77
5Choosing a Nutritious Diet79
6Managing a Healthy Weight111
7Physical Activity for Health and Well-Being131
3Building Healthy Relationships147
8Developing Healthy Intimate and Sexual Relationships149
9Understanding Pregnancy and Parenthood173
10Choosing a Fertility Control Method193
11Protecting Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS215
4Understanding and Preventing Disease231
12Reducing Infections and Building Immunity: Knowledge Encourages Prevention233
13Cancer: Understanding Risks and Means of Prevention265
14Cardiovascular Diseases: Understanding Risks and Measures of Prevention287
15How Genes Affect Health309
5Explaining Drug Use and Abuse325
16Using Drugs Responsibly327
17Eliminating Tobacco Use351
18Using Alcohol Responsibly367
6Making Healthy Choices383
19Making Decisions About Health Care385
20Exploring Alternative Medicines399
21Preventing Unintentional Injuries and Accidents: What You Can Do413
7Overcoming Obstacles431
22Understanding Aging and Dying433
23Violence in Our Society451
24Working Toward a Healthy Environment467
Appendix AStress Management Techniques488
Appendix BCalendar of Events and Health Organizations499
Study Guide and Self-Assessment Workbook517

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