Healthy Food For Thought: Good Enough To Eat

Healthy Food For Thought: Good Enough To Eat


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Cd Baby


Disc 1

  1. We Love Raw Veggies and Greens
  2. Crunchy Food
  3. Junk Food Man
  4. Peter Piper
  5. Vitamin Si
  6. It's Good To Be a Healthy Me
  7. I Like It That Way
  8. Super Snappy Paps
  9. Big Strong Muscles
  10. Louie and Lucietta
  11. Wonderful Life
  12. The Soda Machine
  13. It's What We Need
  14. Eat My Breakfast
  15. Hannah Was Such a Banana
  16. Go Green and Be Happy
  17. Muscle Motivation
  18. Count On Me
  19. My Wheelie Basket
  20. Snap of a Carrot
  21. Bananas!
  22. Unique Monique
  23. Five Peas In the Pod
  24. Cliché Buffet
  25. If I Really Am What I Eat
  26. The Tomato That Refused To Turn Red
  27. At Your Library
  28. I Sailed On a Potato Chip Ship
  29. Green Food

Disc 2

  1. Mama Said, Be Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise
  2. Please Be Kind
  3. Garden Green
  4. A Healthy, Happy Life
  5. Give In To This Life
  6. Sky Doodles
  7. Season Contest
  8. Freshly Squeezed
  9. Imagine a Garden
  10. Three Squares Make a Rounded Diet
  11. Beans Are Better
  12. Jules In the Kitchen
  13. Wendell Was a Bug
  14. I Will Give a Seed To the Ground
  15. Mother Earth's Song
  16. Power Play
  17. My Mom Said
  18. A Pair Of Sneakers
  19. Lily's Song
  20. Fossil Fuels
  21. Wonderful Treats
  22. Cowboy Ride
  23. If I Want To Be Healthy
  24. Future
  25. Fruit Friendly and Veggie Vibes
  26. Vitamins
  27. What Are You Doing For Dinner?
  28. Dirty Dishes
  29. Down At Big Greens
  30. Feed Your Parents Well
  31. Bodyrock

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Julian Lennon   Composer
Sara Hickman   Composer
Moby   Composer
John Simon   Composer
Bill Harley   Composer
Marcy Marxer   Composer
Nitanju Bolade Casel   Composer
John Forster   Composer
Keith Grimwood   Composer
Ezra Idlet   Composer
G. Jackson   Composer
Michael Mark   Composer
Steve Potter   Composer
Jessica Harper   Composer
B.J. Robinson   Composer
Justin Roberts   Composer
Robert Burke Warren   Composer
Jann Klose   Composer
Beatle Bob   Composer
Cathy Morris   Composer
Jay Mankita   Composer
Steve Pullara   Composer
Barney Saltzberg   Composer
Freddy Will   Composer
Louise Robinson   Composer
Nate Silas Richardson   Composer
Anne Leighton   Composer
Taylor Bright   Composer
Dawn Rose D'aloia   Composer
Clare Wooding   Composer
Arlynn Mackie   Composer
Anne Baber   Composer
Amy Otey   Composer
Amie Hamlin   Composer
James Jones-Rounds   Composer
Grover Silcox   Composer
Jerry Del Priore   Composer
Jonathon Sprout   Composer
Gloria Domina   Composer
Kevin Mackie   Composer
Mickey Litt   Composer
Miles James Dean   Composer
Jennifer Wilkinson   Composer
Vance Lehmkuhl   Composer
Kenneth William Cowle   Composer
Travis Knapp   Composer
Tony Repici   Composer
Tim Gleeson   Composer
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Singers   Composer
Robert C. Miles   Composer
Yocontalie Jackson   Composer
Kathleen Stiles   Composer
Paula Lizzi   Composer

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