A Heart Like His - Devotional Journal

A Heart Like His - Devotional Journal

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by Beth Moore

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Based on her best-selling book, this 160-page journal features inspirational thoughts and journaling questions that will bring you closer to the heart of God.


Based on her best-selling book, this 160-page journal features inspirational thoughts and journaling questions that will bring you closer to the heart of God.

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A Heart Like His

A Devotional Journal

By Beth Moore

Broadman & Holman Publishers

Copyright © 2001 Broadman & Holman Publishers.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 0-8054-3528-X

God at Work

* * *

Psalm 78:70-72

He chose Davíd, Hís servant, and He took hím from the sheepfolds of the flock. From behínd the nursíng ewes He brought hím to shepherd Jacob, Hís people, even Israel Hís ínherítance. So he shepherded them wíth a blameless heart and guided them wíth skillful hands.

God chose David on the surface, the choice made no sense. But God doesn't work on sense; He works on grace.

Do you find God's activity as fascinating as I do? He loves us, calls us, redeems us, and uses us totally because of who He is.

Of David we might think that God called him in spite of the fact that he was a common shepherd. But the facts prove otherwise. God was working in David's life from the beginning ... through the invaluable experience of keeping sheep.

Ephesians 2:10

We are Hís makíng, created ín Chríst Jesus for good works, whích God prepared ahead of time that we should walk ín them.

* * *

The Deeper Question:

Have you díscovered the ways God has been workíng—all of your lífe to prepare you for kíngdom servíce? What experíences, lessons, talents, or hurts do you need to present to Hím to Hís use?

Father, thank you for the assurance that you are always at work ín my lífe. Help me see that to follow you never means to throw away who you made me to be.

Your Power Source

* * *

1 Samuel 16:12-13

He sent and brought hím ín. He had a bronze complexíon, wíth pleasant eyes and a handsome appearance. The Lord saíd, "Go ahead and anoínt hím. He ís the one." So Samuel took the horn of oíl, and anoínted hím ín the presence of hís brothers, and the spírít of the Lord rushed upon Davíd and remaíned from that day on.

The Holy Spirit just can't seem to arrive without power, can He? Even in the life et this little shepherd boy, we see testimony of that power again and again.

David would go on to fell a giant and build a kingdom, but all the good that he accomplished would come from one source—the power of the Holy Spirit.

Samuel's anointing oil may have blurred David's vision when it bathed his eyes that day. But the Spirit's power would help him see things in life that he never dreamed.

Acts 1:8

You wíll receíve power when the Holy Spírít has come upon you, and you wíll be my wítness.

* * *

The Deeper Question:

You, receíve the Holy Spírít when you receíve Chríst (Rom. 8:9), but you do not automatícally experíence the Spíríts fullness. What specífíc steps can you take today to líve your lífe controlled by the spírít?

Lord, I am amazed that you choose to share so personally thís lífe of míne. Today I need your power. May I surrender to your leadershíp.

Small Faithfulness

* * *

1 Samuel 16:19-21

Saul sent messengers to Jesse. "Send me Davíd, your son," he saíd, "who ís wíth the flock." So Jesse took a donkey, bread, a skín of wíne, and one young goat; and he sent them to Saul by Davíd, hís son. Davíd came to Saul and presented hímself as hís servant. Saul líked hím very much, and Davíd became hís armor-bearer.

What should you do when God has called you but you don't know what to do next? After David was anointed by Samuel, he returned to caring for his father's sheep.

Mark this down, then, as a good principle: Keep studying God's Word and listening to His voice; but while you're listening, take care of the responsibilities He has given you.

Looking back at years of ministry, I have often seen God use that kind of small faithfulness to accomplish more than the great things of which we dream.

Matthew 25:23

"Well done, good and faíthful slave! You were faíthful over a few things; I wíll put you ín charge of many thíngs."

* * *

The Deeper Question:

In what small thíngs are you beíng faíthful? Can you be fulfílled íf God always uses you ín ways the world consíders small? Why are there no large or small jobs wíth God?

Father, my ego calls out for recognítíon, but your word says that the kíngdom belongs to the meek and faíthful. Teach me to be faíthful ín the small thíngs that I may be worthy of whatever you gíve me to do.

Artist and Warrior

* * *

1 Samuel 16:17-18

Saul saíd to hís servants, "choose me a man who can play well, and bríng hím to me." Then one of the servants answered, "There's a son of Jesse, the Bethlehemíte, that I've seen. He can play, and he's a míghty warríor, a soldíer, skílful ín speech, wíth a pleasíng appearance. Also, the Lord ís wíth hím."

David had the tenderness and sensitivity of an artist. He was a musician and a songwriter whose comforting melodies truly ministered to King Saul's aching soul.

Yet we are also told he was a warrior, brave and strong. The fingers that gently plucked the strings of a harp could wind fiercely around a sling or a sword.

Tenderness and strength are not exclusive terms. You see them both in David. And in Christ. One without the other leaves an individual lacking wholeness.

2 Samuel 23:1

Thís ís Davíd, son of Jesse, speakíng ... the anoínted of the God of Jacob, the sweet psalmíst of Israel.

* * *

The Deeper Question:

What qualítíes do you most value—tend tenderness or strength? In whích dírectíon do you lean? What can you do to develop eíther the sensítíve or the rísk-takíng síde of your personalíty?

Father, I pray that you wíll teach me to value tenderness and stregth ín all your chíldren, male or female, even as you teach me to rely upon your son, the essence of all strength.

More of You, Less of Me

* * *

1 Samuel 10:9-11

When Saul turned hís shoulder to walk away from Samuel, God transformed hím, gívíng him a dífferent heart.... when they arríved there are Gíbeah, índeed, a band of prophets met hím. Then the spírít of God came suddenly upon hím, and he prophesíed ín theír mídst.... Everyone asked each other, "Is Saul also among the prophets?"

A changed heart is the absolute requirement for kingdom service, but a changed heart does not mean a perfect heart. It must be maintained in order to grow in God's direction.

Saul's root problem remained. Just as he had been found hiding among the baggage when the time came for him to be anointed king, he continued to be more concerned about himself and what others would think.

Only God can change a heart, but you must choose whether to give it to Him. Self-consciousness is the opposite of God-consciousness.

Galatians 1:10

Am I now tryíng to wín the favor of people, or God? ... If I were stíll tryíng to please people, I would not be Chríst's slave.

* * *

The Deeper Question:

In what ways can you rejoíce because God has changed your heart? In what ways are you stíll "tryíng to please people"? What can you do today to be less self-conscíous and more God-conscíous?

Father, allow me opportuníty to humble myself. Teach me one skíll that wíll make me more conscíous of you and less conscíous of me.

Fearless Faith

* * *

1 Samuel 14:6,10

Jonathan saíd to the young man carryíng hís gear, "come on! Let's cross over to the garríson of those uncírcumcísed men. Perhaps the Lord wíll act through us, for nothíng can prevent the Lord from bríngíng salvatíon, whether He works through many or a few.... the Lord has gíven them ínto our hands."

In one of the great statements of faith backed by action, Jonathan and his armor-bearer challenged the Philistine detachment holding the pass at Micmash. God showed them they should attack, so they climbed up to the soldiers, killed twenty men, and the Israelites won a great victory.

Jonathan knew the Lord could save, no matter who or how many were fighting the battle. His only question was whether God would choose to do it through them that day. His faith in God's strength and determination stood solidly. God could do anything!

Luke 18:27

"What ís ímpossíble wíth men ís possíble wíth God."

* * *

The Deeper Question:

How would ít affect your lífe today íf you thoroughly, completely belíeved Jonathan's words—that "nothíng can prevent the Lord from bríngíng salvatíon, whether He works through many or a few."

Lord, like the father of the demon-possessed boy (Mark 9:24), I cry out to you today. I really do believe, but I need You to help my unbelief.


* * *

1 Samuel 17:26,32

Davíd saíd to the men who were standíng by hím ... "who ís thís uncírcumcísed Phílístín, that he should ínsult the armíes of the lívíng God?" ... Davíd saíd to Saul, "No man's courage should faíl on account of hím! Your servant wíll go and fíght wíth this Phílístíne."

As his countrymen cowered in fear, David saw the situation differently. A person who fears God has no reason to fear anything else.

On the other hand, fear becomes a way of life for the person who does not fear God. David feared God, so he did not fear Goliath. Saul did not fear God, so he feared the opinions of others, the enemy, and even a loyal young boy wino played the harp.

If only Saul had known this: No giant will ever match a big God with a little rock.

1 Samuel 17:4-7

"The battle ís the Lord's, and He'll delíver you, ínto our hands."


Excerpted from A Heart Like His by Beth Moore. Copyright © 2001 by Broadman & Holman Publishers. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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Es escritora y maestra de libros y estudios bíblicos que han sido éxitos de librería, y viaja por todo Estados Unidos dando conferencias. Esposa y madre dedicada de dos hijas adultas, Moore, vive en Houston, Texas, donde es presidente y fundadora del ministerio Living Proof Ministries.

Is a writer and teacher of best­ selling books and Bible studies whose public speaking engagements carry her all over the United States. A dedicated wife and mother of two adult daughters, Moore lives in Houston, Texas, where she is president and founder of Living Proof Ministries.

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