Heart of a Family (Book one of the Brides of the West Series)

Heart of a Family (Book one of the Brides of the West Series)

4.3 6
by Rita Hestand

Bonnie McDaniel had spent the last four years trying to keep her brothers and sister alive. She'd managed somehow to feed, cloth and keep a shelter over their heads.
But now, she was lost. There was no money left. She owed a mortgage she couldn't pay. There' wouldn't be enough money for food, and she had to figure out what to do? Her only answer was to find a


Bonnie McDaniel had spent the last four years trying to keep her brothers and sister alive. She'd managed somehow to feed, cloth and keep a shelter over their heads.
But now, she was lost. There was no money left. She owed a mortgage she couldn't pay. There' wouldn't be enough money for food, and she had to figure out what to do? Her only answer was to find a husband that could help her. She needed someone that would stand beside her and help support her siblings. But who?

So she went to town to find a husband. She run into Dal Odom. She knew him, but she was almost sure he would not remember her. So she boldy stepped up and asked him to marry. He refused her without any consideration, telling her she was too young. But Bonnie didn't give up, she kept right on asking different citizens of the town, all to no avail.

But when Dal Odom learned that others were going to run her and her siblings off the land and take her water, he had other ideas. She had helped him once long ago, and now it was his turn to save her. He liked her, admired her for what she had accomplished, but heck, he never figured on falling for her.

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Rita Hestand
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Brides of the West Series , #1
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Heart of a Family (Book one of the Brides of the West Series) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book
Anonymous 8 months ago
This story has good bones, but it was so long winded and redundant that it could have been cut in half. 194 pages
Anonymous 9 months ago
An easy read. The story moves quickly through time. It's nice that the author's final paragraphs let the reader know the future for the characters. Very strong on "do unto others".
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great read - The book is a western love story. Bonnie McDaniel was told by the sheriff that her parents had been murdered in a stage coach robbery. For four long years after their deaths Bonnie held the family together and she herself was only a young teen at the time. Unfortunately she was at the end of time as she had run out of money and could not pay the mortgage or taxes. The nearby ranchers wanted to get her ranch - they didn't care about the shack the young family members lived in - they wanted the water that ran through the ranch because of a severe drought. Bonnie decided the only way to save the place was if she married. She went to nearby towns asking strangers to marry her. Is this a possible event in real life? It was in the 1800's and I have no idea but it did make for a good story. She was rebuked at each place she went and by each man she asked. This is a story of a young, courageous girl who would do anything to save her ranch in order to protect all her younger brothers and a sister.
Karenls1956 More than 1 year ago