Heartbeat, Vol. 2: More Voices of 1st Nations Women

Heartbeat, Vol. 2: More Voices of 1st Nations Women

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Smithsonian Folkways

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  1. Coming out Song
  2. Lahuyay
  3. Feather Dance Song
  4. Women's Honor Song
  5. Gathering Song
  6. Children's Dance
  7. Ellangluteng
  8. War Song
  9. Wabakii Bezhig
  10. Ah Hum Mum Ma
  11. Humma Ha Ba Ba
  12. Kajusita (My Ship Comes In)
  13. Igo
  14. Echoes
  15. War Mothers' Song
  16. Encouragement Song
  17. Girl's Song for Her Grandmother
  18. Girl Hunting for Her Boyfriend
  19. Lullaby
  20. Honoring Song for Young Man Afraid of His Horse
  21. Singers' Honor Song
  22. Potter's Bull
  23. Beautiful Mountain
  24. Welcome Home
  25. Trail of Life
  26. Tuhvanga Bui Wahnay
  27. Hey Wuhui
  28. Wovoka
  29. Tears for Kientepoos
  30. The Musician Who Became a Bear: A Tribute to Pepper

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sharon Burch   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals,Track Performer
Joy Harjo   Alto Saxophone
John Dymond   Bass
Don Reed   Fiddle
Don Whitton   Cello
John Williams   Synthesizer
Elena Charles   Track Performer
Will Clipman   Percussion
Sissy Goodhouse   Vocals,Track Performer
Richard Carbajal   Guitar
Terry Tufts   Background Vocals
Judy Trejo   Drums,Vocals,Track Performer
Mary Youngblood   Flute,Track Performer
Susan M. Williams   Percussion,Drums
Mary Ann Meanus   Hand Drums
Laura Wallace   Drums,Vocals,Track Performer
Randall Prescott   Keyboards
Tudjaat   Track Performer
Shkeme   Vocals
Mary Ann Anquoe   Track Performer
Bernice Torrez   Track Performer
Nellie Two Bulls   Vocals,Track Performer
Tzo'kam   Track Performer
Wabanoag Singers   Track Performer
Jani Lauzon   Vocals,Hand Drums
Sandra Wuttunee   Drums,Vocals
Madeline Allakariallak   Vocals

Technical Credits

Joy Harjo   Poetry
John Tyler   Engineer
John Williams   Engineer
Howard Bass   Producer
Robert Doyle   Engineer
Randall Prescott   Engineer

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Heartbeat, Vol. 2: More Voices of 1st Nations Women 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This collection is authentic; do not venture here if you just want to hear some pretty new-age stuff. If you love traditional Native American culture and the music that goes with it, you will love this. Yes, there are some tracks that you may have heard, like Sharon Burch (aaaaah!) But if you have never heard Jani Lauzon or Tudjaat you have not quite lived! Not to demean the other artists - these are just my favorites!