Hearts at Stake

Hearts at Stake

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by Alyxandra Harvey

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Watch out, Buffy! A reluctant vampire princess takes on all comers in an action-packed, romantic, and snarky addition to this red-hot genreSee more details below


Watch out, Buffy! A reluctant vampire princess takes on all comers in an action-packed, romantic, and snarky addition to this red-hot genre

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Publishers Weekly
Harvey's debut, launching the Drake Chronicles, is a refreshing take on the familiar teenage vampire drama. Solange Drake, the first girl to be born of vampire parents in 900-odd years, has led a mostly normal life. But as Solange's 16th birthday nears, so does the fulfillment of her genetic destiny: biological transformation into a vampire. And not just any vampire, but a long-prophesized queen. Though Solange is more interested in being a normal teenager with her best friend, Lucy (the girls alternately provide the story's narration), the ruling vampire queen and a human council of vampire hunters feel otherwise. A series of attacks on the Drake family breaks long-established peace treaties and exposes a hidden web of love, hate, and politics. Harvey builds an engaging world of vampire cultures balanced with a smart mix of darkness and humor (“Everyone basically thought of me as a vampire broodmare, meant to give birth to lots of little royal vampire babies,” Solange observes). Though the Romeo-esque enemy love interest for Solange is predictable, an emphasis on family and friendship sets this story apart. Ages 12–up. (Jan.)
Kirkus Reviews
Solange Drake, a dreamy potter, has more on her plate than the average almost-16-year-old: Intoxicating pheromones waft from her skin, attracting numerous unwanted suitors, and she's dreading a potentially fatal transformation from human to vampire. Her gutsy, weapons-trained best friend Lucy is supportive, but she's increasingly preoccupied with Nicholas, one of Solange's five impossibly handsome brothers. Solange's family is vampire royalty, exiled from court because of Queen Natasha's paranoia about a prophecy that might be about Solange overthrowing Natasha's rule. Solange wants only to be left in peace, but inevitably, dark forces converge against the Drakes: First, the Helios-Ra-paramilitary vampire hunters whose brash young leader, Kieran, is attracted to Solange-attack, then Queen Natasha's brutal personal guards kidnap Solange. A pitched battle in Natasha's lavish court culminates in a twist that turns the prophecy on its head, making a normal teenage vampire life possible for Solange. This fluffy series opener is fundamentally silly and derivative of everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Twilight to Harry Potter, but its fast-moving plot and refusal to take itself too seriously offer partial redemption. (Paranormal romance/adventure. YA)

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Drake Chronicles
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