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Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell

by Arthur Altman

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Altman's riveting debut is an insider's look at the sordid horrors of crime and corruption in the South Bronx. Al LoConti is a dedicated young prosecuting attorney who, at the expense of his marriage, rises in rank from the lowly Narcotics Bureau to the most prestigious division of the judicial system--his heart's desire, Homicide. There he is called to the scene of one grisly murder after another, for which Altman furnishes gruesomely detailed descriptions: butchered bodies, slit throats, severed limbs. (LoConti's most routine case is a ``Bronx divorce,'' in which the offended hubby ends the marriage by shooting his wife in the head.) LoConti suspects that many of the more senseless slayings have been committed by a single person; boy-genius Ronald Depew becomes the focus of his investigation. Depew's favorite victims are old ladies, but when desperate he will throw a dog from an apartment building. Although the story lacks psychological complexity--the minds of the characters are not adequately explored--Altman offers action, a colorful cast and a macabre wit. (Aug.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Over a span of 18 years Assistant District Attorney Al LoConti and various members of the New York Police Department South Bronx Division work on three puzzling cases. The murders of a sociopathic killer, the case of the legs without a body, and the shooting death of a beautiful young woman are the focus used in this informative first novel to illustrate contemporary corruption, violence, crime, an inadequate justice system, and the sordidness of day-to-day law enforcement. As Altman leads LoConti through the minefields of New York City politics and judicial venality, his polished storytelling and understated, superb character portrayals lend authenticity to an already fascinating tale.-- Jo Ann Vi carel, Cleveland Heights-University Heights P.L., Ohio

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St. Martin's Press
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1st ed

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