Heavenly: The Ethereal Trance Collection

Heavenly: The Ethereal Trance Collection


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Water Music Records


Disc 1

  1. Time
  2. I'm Dreaming
  3. Only If I
  4. Make My Day
  5. Sincere for You
  6. How Do You Feel
  7. Out There (5th Dimension)
  8. Sunblind
  9. Pictures
  10. Troy (The Phoenix from the Flame)
  11. 643 (Love's on Fire)

Disc 2

  1. Voice of an Angel
  2. Show Me (U Luv Me)
  3. Dreamboy
  4. Mind of the Wonderful
  5. Perfect
  6. Did I Dream (Song of the Siren)
  7. This Is Goodbye
  8. Long Way Home
  9. Silence
  10. The Bridge
  11. My Personal Moon

Disc 3

  1. How Long
  2. Don't Think It (Feel It)
  3. Two Become One
  4. Venice Freaks
  5. Marrakech
  6. Sarah Said
  7. This Night's Forever
  8. Always on My Mind
  9. Near Me
  10. Free Spirit
  11. All I Wanna Do

Disc 4

  1. Not with You
  2. The Promise You Made
  3. No One on Earth
  4. Secrets Broke My Heart Radio
  5. Don't You Know
  6. I'm Alone
  7. I've Been Thinking About You
  8. Sunshine on a Rainy Day
  9. Time After Time
  10. The 1
  11. Living the Dream

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sarah McLachlan   Vocals
Pete Lorimer   Piano
Kirsty Hawkshaw   Vocals
Jan Johnston   Vocals
Gina G.   Vocals
Maria Nayler   Vocals
Anne Loe   Vocals
Marcella Woods   Vocals
Suzanne Palmer   Vocals
Zoe Johnston   Vocals
Roberta Carter Harrison   Vocals
Justine Suissa   Vocals
DeAnna Cool   Vocals
Tiff Lacey   Vocals
Jessy DeSmet   Vocals
Tracy Carmen   Vocals
Elles de Graaf   Vocals
Sheryl Dean   Vocals
Sofia Lovgren   Vocals

Technical Credits

Stephen Albert   Composer,Producer
Delerium   Producer
Sarah McLachlan   Composer
George Chandler   Composer
Rhys Fulber   Composer
Jimmy Helms   Composer
Richard Hewson   Composer
Danny Kirsch   Composer
Bill Leeb   Composer
Pete Lorimer   Producer
Robert Nickson   Composer,Producer
Sinéad O'Connor   Composer,Producer
Phil Wilde   Producer
Ramon Zenker   Producer,Remixing
Larry Beckett   Composer
Kenneth Harrison   Composer
David Masters   Composer,Producer
Darwin Foye   Art Direction,Visuals
Scott Harris   Composer
Klas Bergwall   Composer
Felix J. Gauder   Producer
Rob Searle   Producer,Remixing
André Tanneberger   Producer
Matt Darey   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Jurgen Driessen   Producer,Remixing
Josh Gabriel   Producer,Remixing
Woody Van Eyden   Producer
A. Lee   Composer,Producer
Ferry Corsten   Producer,Remixing
Above & Beyond   Producer
Ralph Kyau   Composer,Producer
Brad Pressman   Executive Producer
Tatana Sterba   Composer,Producer
Oliver Klein   Producer,Remixing
Suzanne Palmer   Composer
Steve Helstrip   Producer,Remixing
Simon Kemper   Producer
Regi Penxten   Composer,Producer
Søren Weile   Producer,Remixing
Mirco DeGovia   Producer,Remixing
Guido Gronwald   Producer
Rough Mullar   Producer,Remixing
Justine Suissa   Composer
Filip Vandueren   Composer,Producer
DeAnna Cool   Composer
James Cool   Composer
Ronski Speed   Composer,Producer,Remixing
AJ Duncan   Producer
Michael Splint   Producer
Scott Simons   Composer,Producer
Stephen Singer   Composer,Producer
Katie Marne   Composer
Lucy Carr   Composer
Kenny Hayes   Producer,Remixing
Simon Paul   Composer
Dany Wild   Producer,Remixing
Axel Jäger   Producer
Dave "The Wave" Dresden   Producer,Remixing
Michael Woods   Producer,Remixing

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