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Heavy Metal [Box Set]

Heavy Metal [Box Set]

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Heavy metal is the most resilient of rock genres, withstanding the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as well as fathomless fallow periods. At times, it ruled the charts, others it was in exile, but it thrived in its outsider status. Throughout it all, it was never in critical favor, yet never without a passionate cult audience that called it their own. Often,


Heavy metal is the most resilient of rock genres, withstanding the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as well as fathomless fallow periods. At times, it ruled the charts, others it was in exile, but it thrived in its outsider status. Throughout it all, it was never in critical favor, yet never without a passionate cult audience that called it their own. Often, these were adolescent males, particularly in the early days of its existence, but the thing about metal audiences is, they're faithful. Some outgrew the music, but a lot didn't and their fidelity extended to their patronage of artists, as they stuck through bands through thick and thin, giving the true metal gods long, long careers. In turn, metal wound up being one of the only rock genres with a long sense of history, one that respects and honors the past as it regenerates for the future. There's a lineage to heavy metal, a clear progression from band to band and phase to phase, one that is accepted by historians and fans, even if they wind up arguing semantics about who belongs and who doesn't. All this makes a set like Rhino's 2007 four-disc box Heavy Metal a bit easier to assemble, really: there is a story to be told, one that is commonly accepted, one that can't quite be f*cked up. And, more or less, the compilers of Heavy Metal don't f*ck it up, at least for a good portion it. Fault should not be laid at their feet for the absence of the twin titans of Black Sabbath with Ozzy and Led Zeppelin -- that's like complaining that the Beatles and the Rolling Stones aren't on a British Invasion box, knowing full well they'll never be licensed anyway, so why complain? Besides, there are other M.I.A.s missed as much as either Sabbath or Zep, such as Aerosmith and AC/DC, the bands that got dirtier than anybody in the '70s. Other '70s titans that straddle the metallic line aren't here -- Queen, Cheap Trick -- but the most crucial absence is Van Halen, who ushered in all the guitar pyrotechnics and shiny good times of mainstream metal of the '80s. And once we're in the '80s, there are some big guys missing as well, such as Mötley Crüe, the kings of the Sunset strip scene; Def Leppard, the guys who made metal slick and huge; Bon Jovi, who crossed it over; and Guns N' Roses, who made the mainstream grimy again. Sure, these guys are missing, but the great thing about metal is that there were plenty of kindred spirits and soundalikes, along with interesting detours, enough to present the aural history of the genre through its prime years. So, even with the big guys missing, their presence and the basic arc of the genre is here, presented in an absorbing fashion. It sidesteps the earliest pre-metal bands -- no Cream here, no Hendrix, it starts in cold with "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," which may be the first rock song to carry such a weary narcotic beat. From there, it runs through most of the heavy hitters of the '70s on the first disc, moving into the New Wave of British Heavy Metal on the second, spending a lot of time on the Sunset Strip and dabbling in the underground on the third disc, before wrapping things up with the heyday of hair metal on the fourth. It's easy to quibble about certain song selections -- "Whiplash" may not be the first Metallica song that comes to mind, nor is "Shake Me" the first by Cinderella, and there's no "Smoke on the Water" here (in fact, this whole box is surprisingly light on classic riffs) -- but this does have a good flow and tells the story as well as a cross-licensed box set missing the biggest metal stars can. The problem is when the compilers decided to stop telling the story. This stops cold in 1991, ending with Sepultura's "Dead Embryonic Cells," which arrived just a few months before Nirvana's Nevermind, the album that allegedly killed off metal in one fell swoop. By stopping here, Heavy Metal reinforces that dullest of rock clichés, one that's also not true because metal continued to mutate when it wasn't at the top of the charts and, in many ways, it thrived over the next 15 years. Discounting the lumpen rap-metal of Limp Bizkit, there were many excellent bands tagged as metal -- anything from the alt-rock of Rage Against the Machine, Helmet, and Alice in Chains, to the legions of black metal, to the stoner rock of Queens of the Stone Age, the Zappa-fied madness of System of a Down, to the blistering intensity of Mastodon. Without these bands -- or bands like them -- Heavy Metal not only feels incomplete, it feels like nostalgia, suggesting that metal isn't alive, it's something for the history books, when the other four discs reveal how it always shifted and changed, never staying in one place for too long. This is the rare box that should have been longer, but even without that fifth disc, Heavy Metal remains a strong accomplishment: it tells the story of heavy metal, perhaps with its tongue just a little too firmly in cheek, yet it nevertheless offers a useful primer of the music's glory days.

Editorial Reviews

New York Times - Ben Ratliff
This is a speed tour through the major metal bands from 1968 to 1991, one song each, from Iron Butterfly to Sepultura.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alice Cooper   Vocals
Peter Criss   Drums
Bruce Dickinson   Vocals
Don Dokken   Guitar,Vocals
Lita Ford   Vocals,Interviewee
Ace Frehley   Guitar
Ian Gillan   Vocals
Sammy Hagar   Vocals
Yngwie Malmsteen   Guitar,Vocals
Michael Monroe   Vocals
Ronnie Montrose   Guitar
Ted Nugent   Guitar,Vocals
Michael Schenker   Guitar
Gene Simmons   Bass,Vocals
Paul Stanley   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Poland   Guitar
Peter Wells   Vocals,Slide Guitar
Ritchie Blackmore   Guitar
Dave Brock   Guitar,Harmonica,Keyboards,Vocals
David Byron   Vocals
Paul Di'Anno   Vocals
Roger Glover   Bass
Ken Hensley   Guitar,Percussion,Keyboards
Jon Lord   Keyboards
Herman Rarebell   Drums
Adrian Smith   Guitar
Leigh Stephens   Guitar
George Lynch   Guitar
Michael Bruce   Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
David Wayne   Vocals
John Sykes   Guitar,Vocals
Aynsley Dunbar   Drums
Eric Adams   Vocals
Joey Alves   Guitar,Vocals
Vinny Appice   Drums
Tom Araya   Bass,Vocals
Jimmy Bain   Bass,Keyboards
Peter Baltes   Bass
Frankie Banali   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Gary Barden   Vocals
Joey Belladonna   Vocals
Frank Bello   Bass
Charlie Benante   Drums
Eric Bloom   Guitar,Vocals
Bobby Blotzer   Percussion,Drums
Rachel Bolan   Bass
Albert Bouchard   Harmonica,Drums,Vocals
Joe Bouchard   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Mick Box   Guitar
Eric Brittingham   Bass,Vocals
Francis Buchholz   Bass
Clive Burr   Drums
Ron Bushy   Drums
Geezer Butler   Bass
Glen Buxton   Guitar
William Calhoun   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Vivian Campbell   Guitar
Denny Carmassi   Drums
Carlos Cavazo   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Church   Bass
"Fast" Eddie Clarke   Guitar
Bradford Cobb   Bass Guitar
Michael Cocks   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Fred Coury   Drums
David Coverdale   Vocals
Robbin Crosby   Guitar,Vocals
Juan Croucier   Bass,Vocals
Cliff Davies   Drums,Vocals
Steve Dawson   Bass
Warren DeMartini   Guitar,Vocals
Michael Denner   Guitar
Audie Desbrow   Drums
Del Dettmar   Keyboards
Jon Deverill   Vocals
King Diamond   Vocals
Brian Dick   Drums
Ronnie James Dio   Keyboards,Vocals
Udo Dirkschneider   Vocals
Lee Dorman   Bass
K.K. Downing   Guitar
Gary Driscoll   Drums
Kevin DuBrow   Vocals
Denise Dufort   Drums
Dennis Dunaway   Bass,Background Vocals
David Ellefson   Bass,Vocals
Bob Ezrin   Piano
David Ezrin   Keyboards
Oz Fox   Guitar,Vocals
Herman Frank   Guitar
Jay Jay French   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Gallagher   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Gill   Drums
Chris Glen   Bass
Corey Glover   Vocals
Rob Grange   Bass
Myron Grombacher   Drums
Craig Gruber   Bass
Rob Halford   Vocals
Kirk Hammett   Guitar
Jeff Hanneman   Guitar
Kai Hansen   Guitar,Background Vocals
Sean Harris   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Harris   Bass
Leonard Haze   Percussion,Drums
James Hetfield   Guitar,Vocals
Kevin Heybourne   Guitar,Vocals
Munetaka Higuchi   Drums
Ian Hill   Bass
Dave Hogg   Percussion,Drums
Simon House   Violin,Keyboards
Scott Ian   Guitar
Doug Ingle   Organ,Vocals
Tony Iommi   Guitar
Jens Johansson   Keyboards
Anders Johansson   Drums
Kelly Johnson   Guitar,Vocals
Stefan Kaufmann   Drums
Tom Keifer   Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Mark Kendall   Guitar
Phil Kennemore   Bass,Vocals
Lee Kerslake   Percussion,Drums
Colin Kimberley   Bass
Kerry King   Guitar
Simon King   Percussion,Drums
Michael Kiske   Vocals
Jeff Klaven   Drums
Mark Kohler   Bass,Vocals
Jeff LaBar   Guitar,Vocals
Allen Lanier   Guitar,Keyboards
Michael Lardie   Keyboards
Blackie Lawless   Bass,Vocals
Geddy Lee   Bass,Vocals
Geordie Leach   Bass
Alex Lifeson   Guitar
Dave Lombardo   Drums
Kim McAuliffe   Guitar,Vocals
Andy McCoy   Guitar
Klaus Meine   Vocals
Mark Mendoza   Bass,Vocals
Dave Meniketti   Guitar,Vocals
Bret Michaels   Vocals
Johnny Lee Middleton   Bass
Phil Mogg   Vocals
Alan Moore   Drums
Neil Murray   Bass
Dave Mustaine   Guitar,Vocals
Jason Newsted   Bass
Minoru Niihara   Vocals
Eddie Ojeda   Guitar,Vocals
Criss Oliva   Guitar
Jon Oliva   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Graham Oliver   Guitar
Ian Paice   Drums
Andy Parker   Drums
Ted Parsons   Drums
Vinnie Paul   Drums
Stephen Pearcy   Vocals
A.J. Pero   Drums,Vocals
Dickie Peterson   Bass,Vocals
Jeff Pilson   Bass,Vocals
Cozy Powell   Drums
Paul Raymond   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Vernon Reid   Guitar,Vocals
Tony Richards   Drums
Kevin Riddles   Bass,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Scott Rockenfield   Drums
Rocky Laws   Bass,Vocals
Donald Roeser   Guitar,Vocals
Jack Russell   Vocals
John Rutsey   Drums
Rudy Sarzo   Bass,Vocals
Ingo Schwichtenberg   Drums
Duncan Scott   Drums
Hank Shermann   Guitar
Jerry Shirley   Drums
Muzz Skillings   Bass,Vocals
Alex Skolnick   Guitar
Derek Smalls   Bass,Vocals
Neal Smith   Drums,Background Vocals
Dee Snider   Vocals
Jeff Scott Soto   Vocals
Micky Lee Soule   Keyboards
Dan Spitz   Guitar
Derek St. Holmes   Guitar,Vocals
David St. Hubbins   Guitar,Vocals
Greg Steele   Guitar,Vocals
Marc Storace   Vocals
Dennis Stratton   Guitar,Vocals
Michael Sweet   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Sweet   Drums
Akira Takasaki   Guitar
Brian Tatler   Guitar
Gary Thain   Bass
Glenn Tipton   Guitar,Vocals
Nigel Tufnel   Guitar,Vocals
Nik Turner   Flute,Oboe,Saxophone
Lars Ulrich   Drums
John Van Tongeren   Keyboards
Fernando Von Arb   Guitar
Steve Wacholz   Drums
Billy Ward   Drums
Pete Way   Bass
Michael Weikath   Guitar,Background Vocals
Robb Weir   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Whaley   Drums
Enid Williams   Bass,Vocals
Sam Yaffa   Bass
Masayoshi Yamashita   Bass
Kirk Arrington   Percussion,Drums
Chuck Billy   Vocals
Biff Byford   Vocals
Greg Christian   Bass
Louie Clemente   Drums
Scott Columbus   Percussion,Drums
Bobby Dall   Bass
C.C. DeVille   Guitar
Joey DeMaio   Bass
Duke Erickson   Bass
Marcel Jacob   Bass
Eric Peterson   Guitar
Rikki Rockett   Drums
Kurdt Vanderhoof   Guitar
Craig Wells   Guitar
Rob Affuso   Drums
Sebastian Bach   Vocals
Cliff Burton   Bass
Matthias Jobs   Guitar
Mike Kirkland   Bass
Dave "The Snake" Sabo   Guitar
Gar Samuelson   Drums
Phil Anselmo   Vocals
Diamond Darrell   Guitar
Chris DeGarmo   Guitar
Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth   Vocals
Bobby Gustafson   Guitar
Eddie Jackson   Bass
Rat Skates   Drums
Geoff Tate   Vocals
D.D. Verni   Bass
Michael Wilton   Guitar
Steve Abbey   Drums
Lorne Black   Bass
Igor Cavalera   Drums
Max Cavalera   Guitar,Vocals
Mikkey Dee   Drums
Taime Downe   Vocals
Ian Jones   Rhythm Guitar
Andreas Kisser   Guitar
Paulo   Bass
Jim Sirotto   Guitar
Nasty Suicide   Guitar
Brent Muscat   Guitar,Vocals
Rob "Wacko" Hunter   Drums,Vocals
Andy LaRocque   Guitar
David King   Vocals
Tommy Victor   Guitar,Vocals
Pete Blakk   Guitar
Timi Grabber   Bass
Donnie Mossov   Bass
Hal Patino   Bass
Kim Ruzz   Drums
Eric Stacy   Bass,Vocals
Dallas Royal   Drums
Angry Anderson   Vocals
Chris Holmes   Guitar
Randy Piper   Guitar
Dave Holland   Drums
Paul Quinn   Guitar
Lemmy Kilmister   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Donovan Leitch   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Dave Murray   Guitar
John Ryan Gallagher   Bass,Vocals
"Wild" Mick Brown   Drums,Vocals
Anthony "Abbadon" Bray   Drums
Conrad "Cronos" "Mister Cronos" Lant   Bass,Vocals
Vivien Savage   Keyboards
Phil Taylor   Drums
Markus Großkopf   Bass,Background Vocals
Eddie Trunk   Interviewee
Mario Maglieri   Interviewee
Timothy Glass   Bass
Brian Ross   Vocals
Erik Braunn   Guitar
Rudolf Schenker   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Michals   Drums
Steve English   Bass

Technical Credits

Edvard Grieg   Composer
Mason Williams   Liner Notes
Anthrax   Composer
Eddie Cochran   Composer
Alice Cooper   Composer,Author
Don Dokken   Composer,Author
Fastway   Composer
Ian Gillan   Composer
Sammy Hagar   Composer
Hawkwind   Producer
Ian Hunter   Composer
Yngwie Malmsteen   Composer,Producer
Ted Nugent   Composer
Overkill   Composer
Rush   Producer
Michael Schenker   Composer
Sepultura   Composer
Slayer   Producer
Paul Stanley   Composer
Venom   Producer
Ritchie Blackmore   Composer,Producer
Mick Farren   Composer
Roger Glover   Composer
Ken Hensley   Composer
Jon Lord   Composer
Herman Rarebell   Composer
Rose Tattoo   Composer
George Lynch   Composer
Martin Cruz Smith   Producer
John Sykes   Composer
Tom (Colonel) Allom   Producer
Tom Araya   Composer
Roy Baker   Producer
Frankie Banali   Composer
Gary Barden   Composer
Doug Bennett   Producer
Martin Birch   Producer
Rachel Bolan   Composer
Gerry Bron   Producer
Ric Browde   Producer
Hugh Brown   Art Direction
Scott Burns   Producer
Geezer Butler   Composer,Author
William Calhoun   Composer
Jerry Capehart   Composer
Carlos Cavazo   Composer
Tony Cavazo   Composer
"Fast" Eddie Clarke   Composer
David Coverdale   Composer
Robbin Crosby   Composer
Paul Curcio   Producer
Terry Date   Producer
Cliff Davies   Producer
Warren DeMartini   Composer
Jon Deverill   Composer
King Diamond   Producer
Brian Dick   Composer
Dieter Dierks   Producer
Ronnie James Dio   Composer,Producer
Mark Dodson   Producer
K.K. Downing   Composer
Kevin DuBrow   Composer
Bob Ezrin   Composer,Producer
Bruce Fairbairn   Producer
Oz Fox   Producer
Lew Futterman   Producer
Stephan Galfas   Producer
Mark Gallagher   Composer
Corey Glover   Composer
Christopher Guest   Composer,Producer
Rob Halford   Composer,Author
Jeff Hanneman   Composer
Sean Harris   Composer
James Hetfield   Composer
Kevin Heybourne   Composer
Beau Hill   Producer
Jim Hilton   Producer
Scott Ian   Author
Doug Ingle   Composer
Andy Johns   Producer
Tom Keifer   Composer
Mark Kendall   Composer,Producer
Abe "Voco" Kesh   Producer
Kerry King   Author
Michael Kiske   Composer
Eddie Kramer   Producer
Murray Krugman   Producer
Michael Lardie   Composer,Producer
Blackie Lawless   Composer,Producer
Geddy Lee   Composer
Alex Lifeson   Composer
David Lucas   Producer
Henrik Lund   Producer
Vic Maile   Producer
Kim McAuliffe   Composer
Andy McCoy   Composer
Klaus Meine   Composer
Johnny Lee Middleton   Composer
Phil Mogg   Composer
Dave Mustaine   Composer,Producer
Ron Nevison   Producer
Tommy Newton   Producer
Minoru Niihara   Composer
Alan Niven   Composer,Producer
Max Norman   Producer
Paul O'Neill   Producer
Criss Oliva   Composer
Jon Oliva   Composer
Keith Olsen   Producer
Ian Paice   Composer
Ted Parsons   Composer
Vinnie Paul   Author
Stephen Pearcy   Composer
Sandy Pearlman   Producer
Alex Perialas   Producer
Jeff Pilson   Composer
Spencer Proffer   Producer
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Vernon Reid   Composer
Rocky Laws   Composer
Donald Roeser   Composer
Ross the Boss   Composer
Rick Rubin   Producer
Hank Shermann   Composer
Muzz Skillings   Composer
Alex Skolnick   Composer
Dee Snider   Composer
Ed Stasium   Producer
Marc Storace   Composer
Mickey Sweeney   Producer
Michael Sweet   Composer,Producer
Robert Sweet   Composer,Producer
Akira Takasaki   Composer
Brian Tatler   Composer
Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor   Composer
Ted Templeman   Producer
David Tickle   Producer
Glenn Tipton   Composer,Author
Chris Tsangarides   Producer
Lars Ulrich   Composer
Mike Varney   Producer
Fernando Von Arb   Composer
Michael Wagener   Producer
Pete Way   Composer
Robb Weir   Composer
Tom Werman   Producer
Harry Shearer   Composer,Producer
Chuck Billy   Composer
Joey DeMaio   Composer
Kurdt Vanderhoof   Composer
Craig Wells   Composer
Dave "The Snake" Sabo   Composer
Max West   Producer
Michael McKean   Composer,Producer
Mick Wall   Liner Notes,Author
Rob Reiner   Composer
Chris DeGarmo   Composer
Geoff Tate   Author
Taime Downe   Composer
Ian Jones   Composer
Roberto Falcao   Producer
Mike Chapman   Producer
Rob "Wacko" Hunter   Composer
Tommy Victor   Composer
John Srebalus   Interviewer
Reg Fellows   Producer
Kenny Nemes   Liner Notes
Mike Stone   Producer
Mick Smiley   Composer
Lemmy Kilmister   Composer,Author
Tony Bray   Composer
Jeff Dunn   Composer
Conrad Lant   Composer
Martin Popoff   Liner Notes,Track Notes
Randy Burns   Producer
Marc Salata   Liner Notes
George McWilliams   Art Direction
Chris Welch   Liner Notes
Lonn Friend   Interviewer
Katherine Turman   Interviewer
Charles Norbeck   Discographical Annotation
Keith Nichol   Producer
Brian Ross   Composer
Eric Peterson   Composer
Rudolf Schenker   Composer
Wil Malone   Producer

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Heavy Metal [Box Set] 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Very good. However, Where is Ozzy? Where is AC/DC? Aerosmith? I know you must choose from thousands of songs. Get rid of the hair bands and you would have room for all of the missing anthems. This set contains none of the classic riffs that popularized metal. Ever hear of Van Halen? How can you compile a heavy album without them? Overall, I say a B+. Most of my personal favorite's made the gig. But, without Smoke on the Water, Iron Man, and at least Back in Black, this set overlooked the obvious. PS: Keep trying...........