Hed Kandi: Disco Kandi - The Mix

Hed Kandi: Disco Kandi - The Mix


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Hed Kandi

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Disc 1

  1. Destination Calabria
  2. Lollipop
  3. The Creeps
  4. I Walk Alone
  5. Take Me Higher
  6. Night in the Big Room
  7. Feel Together
  8. Something Different to Say
  9. Young and Lonely
  10. It's Not Right
  11. Without You
  12. Every Word
  13. Someday
  14. Be Without You
  15. [CD-Rom Track]

Disc 2

  1. Dare Me (Stupidisco)
  2. Turn Me On
  3. Rain Down Love
  4. Guilty
  5. Won't Do It Again (Sunrise)
  6. Can't Get Enough
  7. Lift Up! (Your Soul & Your Spirit) [Deepswing's Original Powerhouse Mix
  8. My Melody
  9. Love Is on My Mind
  10. Shine
  11. Some Day
  12. Spellbound
  13. My Sun Will Get You
  14. Altered State of Mind

Disc 3

  1. The Cure & The Cause
  2. Something Better
  3. Give In
  4. Nobody
  5. Miami Sun
  6. One Love, One World
  7. Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
  8. Give It Back
  9. Let the Beat Hit 'Em
  10. Funky Love
  11. Why U Wanna Do Me Wrong
  12. It Doesn't Matter
  13. Love What You Feel
  14. Lost in Ibiza

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Siedah Garrett   Vocals
Niki Haris   Vocals
Dennis Ferrer   Keyboards
Mauro Ferrucci   Musician
Nadia   Vocals
Carl Ryden   Bass Guitar
Antigone Foster   Vocals
Shena Winchester   Vocals
Laura Vane   Vocals
Tracey Kelliher   Vocals
Katherine Ellis   Vocals
Awa Manneh   Vocals
Klarita Cicorelli   Vocals
Giuliani DiPalma   Guitar
Cormac Fulton   Keyboards
Jane Hennessey   Vocals
Darren Sell   Keyboards
Ayak Thiik   Vocals
Martin Maynen   Keyboards
Craig Smart   Vocals

Technical Credits

Raul Orellana   Producer
Jocelyn Brown   Composer
Ann Jones   Producer
Barry Gibb   Composer
Albhy Galuten   Composer
Mary J. Blige   Composer
Niki Haris   Composer
Danny Kirsch   Composer,Vocal Producer
Sam Lorber   Composer
R. Malone   Engineer
Matt Schwartz   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Marc Pomeroy   Composer
Grant Nelson   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Tommy Kent   Vocal Producer
James Wiltshire   Producer
Erik Wikman   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Mike Milk   Composer,Producer
Sandy Rivera   Composer
Warren Clarke   Arranger
Ned Bigham   Vocal Programming
Dennis Ferrer   drum programming
Pete Walshe   Composer,Producer
Rohan Heath   Composer
A. Foster   Composer
Alex Gaudino   Producer,Remixing
Andy Manston   Producer
Johnta Austin   Composer
Julian Napolitano   Producer
Linda Jackson   Composer
Seamus Haji   Producer,Remixing
Junior Jack   Producer
T&F   Producer
Martin Solveig   Composer
Gaelle Adisson   Composer,Producer
Jason Perry   Composer
Wesley Clark   Producer
Russell Small   Producer
Dennis Christopher   Producer
Ben Cook   Programming,Executive Producer
Justin Shave   Producer
Steven Sugar   Composer,Producer
Groove   Producer
Dipesh Parmar   Executive Producer
Eric Stamile   Producer
Ric Salmon   Composer
Arndt Meyer-Wegner   Producer,Remixing
Carl Ryden   Producer
Chris Morris   Producer
Benjamin Pederson   Producer
Jay Sebag   Composer
Mischa Daniels   Composer,Producer
Nicola Fasano   Remixing
DJ F.R.A.N.K.   Producer
Chris Allen   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Jay C.   Producer
Kid Massive   Composer
Choukry Chamsa   Composer
Nicolas Molio   Composer
Jaime Stinus   Composer,Producer
Vergas   Composer
Ben Macklin   Producer,Vocal Producer
Dave Spoon   Producer
Simon Paul   Composer
Vincent Morrisey   Producer
Justin Michael   Composer,Producer
Don Powell   Producer,Engineer
Dougsax   Producer
Quazimodo   Producer
Oliver Lang   Composer
Gauzz   Arranger,Producer
Awa Manneh   Composer
Paul Emanuel   Producer,Remixing
Nari   Remixing
Dedman   Producer
Arduini & Pagany   Producer
Luigi Caroti   Producer
Tony ChaCha   Producer
Deepgroovers   Producer
Cormac Fulton   Producer,Remixing
Luca Gianfrancesco   Composer,Producer
Hosue Bros   Remixing
Moskino DJ   Producer
Tony Nicholls   Producer
Frederik Nybørg   Arranger,Producer
Lee Royle   Producer,Engineer,Remixing
Adam "Funkagenda" Walder   Producer,Remixing
Jake Lee Lloyd   Producer,Remixing
Oliver Lan   Producer
Mister P   Producer
Dario Guida   Composer
Lou Mullen   Composer
Stephen Levine   Programming
Benjamin Pedersen   Composer

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