Hed Kandi: Serve Chilled 2007

Hed Kandi: Serve Chilled 2007


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Hed Kandi

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Disc 1

  1. The Cure & The Cause  - Tracey K
  2. One Love  - Sara Tavares
  3. Down But Up  -  Ganga
  4. Northwest  -  Aim
  5. Intoxicated  -  Groovecatcher
  6. Still Here  -  Aural Float
  7. Give Me Loving  -  Goloka
  8. Rain Down Love
  9. Little Man  -  Cagedbaby
  10. African Girl  -  Nayo
  11. Watersong  -  Fous de la Mer
  12. Hide Me  -  Grandadbob
  13. Fragment Two... the First Picture  - Kenneth Bager
  14. Tricks  -  Cicada
  15. [CD-Rom Track]

Disc 2

  1. Seven Cities  -  Solar Stone
  2. Finally  -  Kings of Tomorrow
  3. Koop Island Blues  -  Koop
  4. Party Animal  -  No Logo
  5. Love Is Flowing to Love  -  Mitchell & Dewbury
  6. Supernova  -  Yukijobo
  7. I Wanna Go  -  Jannae Jordan
  8. All That Men Think About  -  Track N Field
  9. Lonnie's Secret  -  Owusu & Hannibal
  10. Taking Me Over  -  Schmoov!
  11. Drive Me Crazy  -  Secret Stealth
  12. Modern Stalking  -  Lovebirds
  13. Magic Sky  -  London Heavy Disco Revue

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Siedah Garrett   Vocals
Sandy Rivera   Keyboards
R. Rodriguez   Vocals
Chris Todd   Guitar
Sol Ruiz de Galarreta   Vocals
Liz Hanks   Cello
John Thompson   Bass
Kasia Wojciechowska   Voices

Technical Credits

Siedah Garrett   Composer
Julee Cruise   Composer
Colin Emmanuel   Producer
John Beverly Jones   Track Selection
Ashley Beedle   Composer,Producer
Kim Sanders   Composer,Producer
James Wiltshire   Composer,Producer
Alex Azary   Composer,Producer
Neil Cowley   Composer
Russ Dewbury   Composer
Pascal F.E.O.S.   Composer,Producer
Gabriel le Mar   Composer,Producer
Miles Showell   Mastering
Sandy Rivera   Composer,Producer
A. Gilbert   Producer
Jean-Charles Vandermynsbrugge   Composer
Phil Webb   Composer,Producer
James Khari   Mastering
Paul Sandrone   Composer
R. Rodriguez   Producer
A. Payne   Producer
Liam Howe   Producer
Lenny Ibizarre   Producer,Remixing
Pete Gooding   Producer
Russell Small   Composer,Producer
Sebastian Doering   Composer,Producer
Greg Fleming   Engineer
Oscar Simonsson   Composer,Producer
Rich Mowatt   Composer,Producer
Kenneth Bager   Composer,Producer
Thomas Troelsen   Composer,Producer
Jay Sealee   Vocal Arrangements
Andy Bury   Composer,Producer
Sol Ruiz de Galarreta   Composer
Marko Bussian   Composer,Producer
Andre Bonsor   Composer,Producer
John Buckby   Composer,Producer
Darren Morris   Composer,Producer
Sara Tavares   Composer
Ane Brun   Composer
P. Kirwan   Producer
Tom Gandey   Composer,Producer
S.G Gordon   Producer
Manolo Remiddi   Engineer
Tim Collard   Inspiration
Secret Stealth   Composer
Nikolaj Grandjean   Composer
Phil Faversham   Track Selection
Kasia Wojciechowska   Composer,Producer

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