Heir of Stone (Cloudmages Series #3)

Heir of Stone (Cloudmages Series #3)

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by S. L. Farrell

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In this final installment of the Cloudmages trilogy, set a generation after Mage of Clouds, the oldest of Meriel's children, Sevei and her twin brother Kayne, have reached adulthood. But their world is about to be turned upside-down when all of their widely scattered family are simultaneously attacked.


In this final installment of the Cloudmages trilogy, set a generation after Mage of Clouds, the oldest of Meriel's children, Sevei and her twin brother Kayne, have reached adulthood. But their world is about to be turned upside-down when all of their widely scattered family are simultaneously attacked.

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The grandchildren of Jenna Aoire, who first learned to wield the power of the star stones in 2002's Holder of Lightning, face multiple challenges in the pseudonymous Farrell's dense, literate third volume in his Cloudmages saga (after 2004's Mage of Clouds), set in the Tuatha, a land much like medieval Ireland. Sevei is learning to become a cloudmage while her twin brother, Kayne, is off on a military campaign against the invading Arruk, who have captured their youngest brother, Ennis. Meanwhile, Doyle Mac Ard, Jenna's half-brother, renews his campaign of treachery against his kin. The author does such a good job of depicting Doyle, who illustrates the psychological costs of the classic Celtic feud mentality, that he almost takes over the novel. But there are plenty of other memorable characters, and readers will be grateful for the extensive appendixes, which include a cast list, a glossary and a brief history. While the pace can be leisurely at times, Farrell continues to shine as one of the strongest voices in the Celtic fantasy subgenre. Agent, Merrilee Heifetz at Writers House. (Jan. 4) FYI: Farrell is the pseudonym of Stephen Leigh. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

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Cloudmages Series , #3
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4.20(w) x 6.76(h) x 1.43(d)
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18 - 17 Years

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S. L. Farrell boasts (but generally resists sending out) a resume that includes the obligatory long list of occupations, including a stint as half of a juggling act where a few scars and a grudging appreciation for gravity were acquired. Other interests include music, fine art, history, and the fascinating details of cultures both present and past. S. L. is the author of The Cloudmages trilogy: Holder of Lightning, Mage of Clouds, and Heir of Stone; and The Nessantico Cycle: A Magic of Twilight, A Magic of Nightfall, and A Magic of Dawn. S. L. Farrell currently lives in Ohio and teaches Creative Writing at a local university. He can be found at farrellworlds.com.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Heir of Stone by S.L. Farrell is by far the best piece written in the Cloudmages series. It combines magic, mystery, politics, and brute strength together in a way that creates a complete masterpiece. Jenna MacEagan, the First Holder of Lámh Shábhála and Banrion (Queen) of Inish Thuaidh, has grown old and weary after holding the Great Stone for 40 years. The time has come for her to pass the stone onto the next suitable cloudmage and she chooses her granddaughter Sevei to be the next holder. On her way to meet her daughter, Jenna, along with Sevei, are attacked by Jenna's half brother Doyle who wants to hold the stone himself and the other Rithe (kings) also want Jenna's daughter, Meriel the Banrion Ard (High Queen) to die. While Meriel¿s husband and son, Owaine and Kayne, are on a military campaign against the threat of the Arruk, her whole family is being killed one by one. With the nobility completely against the family of the First Holder, is there any chance for them to survive? With luck Sevei becomes the Holder of Lámh Shábhála and has to go against the royalty to avenge the death of her family while Ennis, Meriel¿s youngest son who escapes from the hands of his evil Uncle Doyle and the despicable Rithe, is on the side of the Arruk. With Sevei and Kayne fighting against the Arruk with the power of the cloch na thintrí and Ennis fighting against his own kind with the Arruk with the power of his mother¿s cloch, Treoraí¿s Heart, a true rival in power to Lámh Shábhála, is it possible for the remaining 3 members of the Aoire bloodline to come out alive?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
Lamh Shabhala is the master cloch (a magical stone) that gives its wearer tremendous power. Jenna MacEgan is the First Holder and the queen of the Irish Thuaildh hated and feared by the royals who resent the power she wields over them even though they possess clochs albeit weaker ones than Jenna. The aristocracy also detests her daughter Meriel the healer because she heals many commoners instead of her own kind.--- Jenna¿s brother Doyle believes he should be First Holder and King; he enters into a conspiracy that successfully kills Jenna and Meriel and other family members except Sevei, Kayne and Ennis. Sevei wears Lamh Shabhala while her uncle is crowned king. The commoners revolt because they know he killed their beloved Meriel. While Civil War threatens the kingdom, the Arruk, sentient monsters with powers equal to the cloch wearers are ready to attack the humans. If the humans fail to band together under the command of Kayne who wields the power of a strong Cloch and has fought the Arruk, they will suffer death and an end to their empire. Sevei joins the battle but it is hard for her since Ennis fights on the side of the Arruk.--- HEIR OF STONE is an action packed swords and sorcery novel and the best of the marvelous cloud mages series. The battles scenes are every bit as exciting and imaginable as those found in THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Kayne is the character that is most dynamic as he changes from a warrior to a great leader of armies. The political intrigues and plots are a different kind of warfare where everyone loses. S.L. Farrell has written a series that rivals the works of Terry Brooks.--- Harriet Klausner