Helen: Myth, Legend and the Culture of Misogyny

Helen: Myth, Legend and the Culture of Misogyny

by Robert E. Meagher

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Patricia Monaghan
"The face that launched a thousand ships" --why is it so difficult to detect the logical fallacy in that phrase? For Helen never launched a single ship, any more than she was a woman "of Troy," despite her common appellation. Menelaus and his brother Agamemnon really launched those ships, yet, unlike Helen, they have been neither reviled in epic and lyric for three millennia nor held up as cautionary examples to others of their sex. Meagher, an eminent classical scholar, seeks first to ascertain the original Helen, whom he finds to have been a supreme goddess of life and death. He then explores the way that an emerging ideology of dualism and hierarchy transformed Helen from a positive image of women's power into a negative one. Magnificently researched and compellingly written, this is an exemplary work of scholarship and humanism.

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