Hellfest Compilation, Vol. 1

Hellfest Compilation, Vol. 1


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Zyx Records


Disc 1

  1. Come Clarity
  2. Living Dead Beat
  3. Rock Is Dead
  4. Saku
  5. Bleeding Me
  6. Giles
  7. The Illusionist  -  Scar Symmetry
  8. The Darkest Nights
  9. Warpath
  10. Crippled & Broken
  11. There Is Something You Will Never Erase
  12. Del II
  13. So Frim So True So Real
  14. I Know Them
  15. Bleed for Me
  16. Rewind It All (Death of Glory)
  17. Deathbox
  18. Unmarked Graves

Disc 2

  1. Blood & Thunder
  2. Ember to Inferno
  3. Convicted in Life
  4. Death in Fire
  5. The Fallen Shall Rise in a River of Blood
  6. The Weapon They Fear
  7. Liquid Burns
  8. Ghosts of Time
  9. One Last Breath
  10. In Effigy
  11. Stand as One and Fight for Glory
  12. Under This Flag
  13. Nerve
  14. Kiss Me Now, Kill Me Later
  15. Miasma
  16. Where the Wave Broke  -  Burst
  17. Abandon Your Hope  -  Raunchy
  18. Break out the Hammers

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Byron Davis   Composer
Marilyn Manson   Composer
Madonna Wayne Gacy   Composer
Twiggy Ramirez   Composer
Igor Cavalera   Composer
Andreas Kisser   Composer
Palle Dolvig   Composer
Max Duhamel   Composer
Max Lilja   Composer
John Maggard   Composer
Anders Fridén   Composer
Alexi Laiho   Composer
Derrick Green   Composer
Paul Romanko   Composer
Malin Koefoed   Composer
Brian Fair   Composer
Hatesphere   Composer
Dir en Grey   Composer
Tim Lambesis   Composer
Paul McGrath   Composer
Shagrath   Composer
Erkekjetter Silenoz   Composer
Jonathan Donais   Composer
Matthew Bachand   Composer
Jason Netherton   Composer
Brian Eschbach   Composer
Mikael Ehlert   Composer
Maik Weichert   Composer
Dallas Coyle   Composer
Doc Coyle   Composer
Matt Heafy   Composer
Stephane Barbe   Composer
Mircea Gabriel Eftemie   Composer
Jason Bittner   Composer
Phil Sgrosso   Composer
Sebastian Rieche   Composer
Nick Wachsmuth   Composer
Sebastian Grund   Composer
Trevor Phipps   Composer
Ken Susi   Composer
Mike Justian   Composer
Adam Jarvis   Composer
Corey Pierce   Composer
Jon Howard   Composer
Kyle McKnight   Composer
Markus Ruf   Composer

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