Hellfest, Vol. 3

Hellfest, Vol. 3


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Goldencore Records


Disc 1

  1. Resurrection
  2. Daddy's Falling Angel
  3. Knights of Doom
  4. Yellow Blood
  5. I Will Never Let You Down
  6. Psychic Suicide
  7. Radio Girl
  8. The Enemy
  9. Slavocracy
  10. Festival Mass Soulform
  11. Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)
  12. Defeatist
  13. In the Nothingness Black
  14. Redemption
  15. Der König
  16. Deathbringer from the Sky
  17. In the Arms of Perdition
  18. Soul of a New Breed

Disc 2

  1. Embedded
  2. The Serpentine Offering
  3. Cry of the Blackbirds
  4. Ghosts of the Undead
  5. Und du Verblasst
  6. Heroin
  7. The Profits of Doom
  8. A Question of Terror
  9. Now or Never
  10. A Condemned Club
  11. K-Bombs
  12. Gleamer
  13. Mine for the Taking
  14. Code of Honor
  15. Empires Burning
  16. Forever War
  17. Infernal Wrath

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Pete Steele   Composer
Gregor MacKintosh   Composer
Boudewijn Bonebakker   Composer
Max Duhamel   Composer
Christopher Jarrin   Composer
Hatebreed   Composer
Ed Warby   Composer
Alex Creamer   Composer
Shadows Fall   Composer
Rob Arnold   Composer
Leif Jensen   Composer
Jamey Jasta   Composer
Frank Harthoorn   Composer
Johan Lindstrand   Composer
Simen Hestnaes   Composer
Matt DeVries   Composer
Marios Iliopoulos   Composer
Eyal Levi   Composer
Stephane Barbe   Composer
Mircea Gabriel Eftemie   Composer
Leon Del Muerte   Composer
Hendrik Bache   Composer
Mikael Lagerblad   Composer
Sacha Dunable   Composer
Brian Rasmussen   Composer
Rune Stigart   Composer
Michael Kameron   Composer
Markus Toivonen   Composer
Ravi Bhadriraju   Composer
Henric Carlsson   Composer
Maria Brink   Composer
Blake Bunzel   Composer
Jesse Landry   Composer
Richard Sjunnesson   Composer
Roger Sjunnesson   Composer
Benny Richter   Composer

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