Hello Again

Hello Again

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by Karen Truesdell Riehl

Shannon isn't looking for love. Love finds her in the form of Nate Stanley, a graduate student teaching assistant in her archaeology class at a San Diego university. But Nate begins to draw back, telling her, “No, this is wrong. It’s not fair to you.” Troubled over their on-again, off-again romance, Shannon discovers the truth the night Nate

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Shannon isn't looking for love. Love finds her in the form of Nate Stanley, a graduate student teaching assistant in her archaeology class at a San Diego university. But Nate begins to draw back, telling her, “No, this is wrong. It’s not fair to you.” Troubled over their on-again, off-again romance, Shannon discovers the truth the night Nate introduces her to his friends. A beautiful young woman enters the room, walking straight into his arms. "This is my friend, Tally," Nate tells his friends. But Tally corrects him. "I'm more than that. I'm your fiancé."
Tally suffers from addiction, mental illness and deep jealousy. When her father, Nate's mentor, was dying, Nate promised him he'd marry Tally and always take care of her. He now tells Shannon he loves her, promising to break his engagement to Tally. But fate and misplaced loyalty get in the way. Tally is hospitalized after Nate tells her about Shannon. He tells Shannon he can't abandon her now. Hearing this, Shannon can't find the words to tell Nate she's pregnant with their child. They drift apart.
Twenty years pass. Shannon raises their son, Daniel, as a single mom, telling him his father died after he was born. But Nate comes back into their lives as a visiting professor at a university in Seattle, where Daniel is about to graduate. Will their love be rekindled? Shannon gave up the love of her life for the love of her son, which she now loses when he discovers the truth about his dad. Nate sacrificed his love for Shannon to keep a promise to a dying man. It takes a heart-wrenching tragedy to bring the family together.

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"The gentle way in which Karen Truesdell Riehl mixes love and tragedy in Hello Again will make your heart ache in a new way"
Bil Howard

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Karen Truesdell Riehl's writing achievements are remarkable, given the award-winning author's lifelong battle with dyslexia. She was unable to read until the age of ten. Her published works now include a memoir, Love and Madness: My Private Years with George C. Scott, telling of her 30-year hidden liaison with the international film star, five novels, eight plays and a radio comedy series, The Quibbles, available from ArtAge Publications at http://www.seniortheatre.com/product/the-quibbles-radio-shows/. Her children's play, Alice in Cyberland, was an award winner in the National Southwest Writers Contest. Karen's nonfiction novel, Helga, was selected best nonfiction book (military and politics) by the 2015 San Diego Book Awards. When the author met Helga in 1977, she was an elementary school librarian, a 1948 German immigrant. Asked about her experience during the war, Helga quietly revealed she had been a "Jugend," a member of Hitler's child army,Ten-year-old Helga is forced to join the Hitler youth weekly meetings. Lies and treats are used to build her allegiance to the Fuhrer. As the war draws nearer to Berlin, Helga is sent away to a Youth Training Camp. Her slow disillusionment and harrowing escape home, is a coming-of-age story of a young girl's survival of Nazi mind control. Her romance novel, Hello Again, was a finalist in the 2015 San Diego Book Awards. Shannon Taggert falls in love with Nate, a graduate student teaching assistant. But there's another woman in Nate's life, Tally, the daughter of Walter, his mentor and benefactor. Before meeting Shannon, as Walter lay dying, Nate promised to marry his daughter. The Ghosts of Fort Ord was inspired by living for a month near the abandoned military base. After having lived for several years in Terre Haute, Karen was inspired to write a story about scandals in a fictional small town in Indiana, Freedom's Sins. Saturday Night Dance Club, was inspired by a true story of four couples, from the 1900's to 1930's, touched by the Great War, organized crime, the Depression and the threat of another war, finding sanctuary in their weekly dance club. Drawing from her own experience, Karen wrote Bad Girl: A Play. The Safe Haven Home for Unwed Mothers provides shelter from a judgmental society, but reveals its hypocrisy as well. The young women from all levels of society, rich and poor, share only their shame.

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Hello Again 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Eyes him up and down before stripping herself.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Adam? Next book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great will read again just because lovely
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Its an ok story, somewhat long but had some warm & heartfelt moments.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well written story. Really good but sad.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite Hello Again by Karen Truesdell Riehl is a powerful love story. When Shannon looked at her twenty-three year old son Daniel she knew she’d done something right in her life. It amazed her how much Daniel was like his father Nate, Although Daniel had never met his father he had many of the same mannerisms. As Shannon looked back on her life fondly remembering how she met Nate. They literally ran into each other on the University’s campus. There was an instant attraction between the two but as Shannon was to discover Nate was engaged to Tally. Tally was obviously unstable, some might even call her mad; she knew how to manipulate Nate by playing on his sympathy and when that didn’t work she threatened to kill Shannon. Throughout the years Nate thought often of Shannon and his child. He longed for them both but stayed with Tally. Hello Again grabbed my emotions from the beginning and kept them in a strangle hold until the end. The characters had depth and flaws, giving them three dimensional personalities. Karen Truesdell Riehl’s characters not only stirred my emotions she made me down right angry with some of them. The plot is unique, and from someone who reads for a living that is saying something. All in all this is a great love story and I highly recommend it.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Michael McManus for Readers' Favorite Nate and Shannon meet in San Diego during the last weeks of college in the late 1980s. His behavior is suspect, but he drives her crazy. She falls madly in love with him, only to discover the reason for his inconsistent treatment of her. He is engaged to Tally, a hysterical, alcoholic and drug addict whose father practically raised Nate. Before Nate leaves Shannon on his way back to the East Coast, he pledges to her that he will break it off with Tally and will meet Shannon in Seattle, her home. Unfortunately, disconnecting himself from Tally is not as easy as Nate hoped it would be. She manipulates him into staying with her for an extended period of time, after which their entanglements and his previous commitments force him to stay with her forever. When Nate and Shannon’s love child is born, Shannon is faced with having some kind of long-distance relationship with Nate or to cut him off completely. Her decision not to share the child with Nate haunts her for the rest of her life. I love the way Hello Again by Karen Truesdell Riehl is written. The author gets into her characters' thoughts and paints a true picture of their happiness, frustration, joy, and sorrow. By the end of the book you know the characters so well, you feel you have been part of their lives. The plot of Hello Again will keep you guessing to the end, and will shock you with its sudden twists and turns. This was a quick read, but it is a story I will not soon forget. Well done.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite When Shannon finally admitted that she was in love with the graduate teaching assistant of her favorite professor’s archaeology class, Nate, it was forever. There were plenty of heartbreaking years attached to their love, as well as a son. Hello Again by Karen Truesdell Riehl is the story of a true deep love, which was simply never given a moment to breathe. Having made a promise to his dying benefactor, Walter, to take care of his mentally ill, alcohol and drug addicted daughter, Nate had every intention of honoring his commitment to the woman he loved, but also to the man who had given him and his mother so much. As Nate tries to break his engagement with Tally, Walter’s daughter, she threatens to kill herself and nearly succeeds. As he continues to take care of her, Shannon gives birth to their son Daniel and commits to raising him alone, telling him that his father is dead. Fate brings Nate and Shannon back to each other more than twenty years later, but there is still a great deal of pain to be endured as the truth is revealed. Will their deep love ever be able to overcome all of the pain and allow them to be happy together? Mixing love with tragedy is not new, but the gentle way which Karen Truesdell Riehl does it in Hello Again will make your heart ache in a new way which is almost a little bit too real. The deep emotions that Karen leads you through in this novel will grasp hold of you and hold you with a deathlike grip. Real, profound and tragic, Hello Again is one of the most quietly intense love stories ever written.