Helmet of Fate

Helmet of Fate

by Steve Niles, Scott Hampton, Shawn McManus, Gail Simone

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Since 1940, wizard Nabu's helmet has conveyed the powers and persona of "Dr. Fate" upon its wearer. In the recent "Infinite Crisis" crossover, dying Nabu entrusts Detective Chimp (from the Shadowpact series) to choose a new owner. The detective entreats Captain Marvel to hurl the helmet into space and let fate itself decide. And so the helmet bounces through the cosmos and through these five stories, each created by a different team. It's no surprise that Bill Willingham (Fables) and Gail Simone (Birds of Prey; Wonder Woma n) contribute standout stories, but nearly all are compelling. The helmet first returns to Detective Chimp, who slings it away again after it renders him paralyzingly clairvoyant. Next, the helmet is snatched by the spirit of Sargon the Sorcerer (a Golden Age character), wanting to protect his slacker grandson from malevolent usurpers of Sargon's magic. When the grandson releases the helmet, it visits Gothette Lori Zechlin, a.k.a. Black Alice (Birds of Prey). But Alice's attempt to master the helmet backfires, so she too throws it off. Later stops on the helmet's course involve Ibis the Invincible (another Golden Age hero), whose persona has passed to an Egyptian-American teen, and guardian angel Zauriel (Justice League of America). For teen and adult collections.
—Martha Cornog

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DC Comics
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14 - 18 Years

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