Helter Skelter Presents Hardcore 2007

Helter Skelter Presents Hardcore 2007


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Helter Skelter


Disc 1

  1. Destinatino Calabria
  2. A Bit Patchy
  3. The Creeps
  4. The Noise 2007
  5. Time 2 Dance
  6. Compnded (Edge*1)
  7. Last Train
  8. Shine on You
  9. Everybody's Free 2007
  10. How Am I
  11. The Bouncer
  12. Turn Me On
  13. So Free
  14. Show Me
  15. Body Slam
  16. Out of Space
  17. Breaking Free 2007
  18. Only the Night
  19. Love Will Not Die
  20. Oh Yeah
  21. Electric
  22. It's Not Over
  23. Electro Music

Disc 2

  1. Intro
  2. Nelson Says Watch Out
  3. Activ-8
  4. Take Control
  5. Satisfaction
  6. Blade
  7. Put Your Hands Up for Detroit
  8. Ru Ready
  9. D4B
  10. The Rotten Egg
  11. IV Hours
  12. Rock That Sh1t
  13. DJ's Unite 2
  14. In Effect
  15. SMD #3
  16. Way in My Brain
  17. It's Amazing
  18. All I Need
  19. Release Me
  20. Dance with Me
  21. It Pumps You

Disc 3

  1. The Way (Put Your Hand in My Hand)
  2. Summer Turns to Fall
  3. You Got the Power
  4. Dancing DJ
  5. Simply Electric
  6. Love the Way
  7. Reach Out
  8. Love You More
  9. Gotta Have House
  10. Make It Better
  11. Higher Love
  12. Warrior
  13. Touch Me
  14. I'll Find You
  15. Pump Up the Jam
  16. If I Were You
  17. Bullet in the Gun
  18. Keep Me More
  19. Here I Am
  20. Right About Now
  21. Another You
  22. Take Me Away
  23. Hands in the Air

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lisa Abbott   Vocals
Donna Grassie   Vocals
Karen Danzig   Vocals
Alison Wade   Vocals
Debbie J.   Vocals
Andy Littlewood   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Robert Francis   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Remixing
David Forbes   Composer
Paul Hughes   Composer
Jerry Lordan   Composer
Lee Robinson   Composer,Producer
Grant Smith   Composer
D. John Willis   Producer
Tim Cox   Composer,Contributor
Slipmatt   Composer,Producer
Justin Time   Composer,Producer
Lisa Abbott   Composer
Chris Peat   Composer,Producer
Nigel Swanston   Composer,Contributor
Paul Clarke   Composer,Producer
Kicks Like a Mule   Producer
Donna Grassie   Composer,Producer
Jon Doe   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Mark Archer   Composer,Producer
Mallorca Lee   Composer
Dennis Bierbrodt   Composer
Alex Gaudino   Producer,Remixing
Alistair Taylor   Composer
D. Light   Producer
D. Wilson   Producer
Paul Rooney   Composer
Mike Slammer   Producer
Kalmani   Composer
A. John   Producer
Sean Duncan   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Guido Kramer   Composer
Ben Cook   Programming,Executive Producer
Benny Benassi   Arranger,Producer
Dipesh Parmar   Executive Producer
Sarah Jane Scott   Producer
Paul Crawley   Composer,Producer
Markk Anthony Butler   Producer
Colin Meon   Composer
Daniel Light   Composer,Producer
DJ Kurt   Composer
Malaya   Composer
Alf Bamford   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Darren Mew   Composer
Karen Danzig   Composer
Nikki Mak   Composer
Mike Euphony   Producer
Fedde Le Grand   Composer
Brad Allen   Arranger,Producer
Alistair Storm   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Remixing
John Walker   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Mark Coupe   Composer,Producer
Andy Littlewood   Composer,Producer
Alex Ridge   Composer,Producer
Camille Jones   Composer,Producer
Paul Hobbs   Composer
Alfredo Larry Pignagnoli   Executive Producer
Michael Woods   Composer

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