Henri Matisse: The Early Years in Nice, 1916-1930

Henri Matisse: The Early Years in Nice, 1916-1930

by Jack Cowart, Dominique Fourcade

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This book is a joy. The catalog of the very successful National Gallery exhibition of what had traditionally been considered a low in Matisse's work, it is full of good things: Cowart's thoroughly documented and well-illustrated chronology; Fourcade's essay on Matisse's struggles to reinvent his work as a mature artist; 175 pages of beautiful, thematically grouped color plates; and the meticulous catalog of the show. In spite of the critics, European and American collectors in the Twenties were eagerly buying these glowing still-lifes, interiors, and odalisques. The photographs accompanying Margrit Hahnloser-Ingold's essay on these collectors offer a rare look at installations and personalities. In these days of high book prices, this is a good buy. Margot Karp, Pratt Inst. Lib., Brooklyn, N.Y.

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