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Her Highland Rogue

Her Highland Rogue

4.5 17
by Leanne Burroughs

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In 1304, amidst Scotland's continuing war for independence, two wounded souls are forced on a journey neither wants, resulting in tragedy and disaster.

Battle-hardened, untrusting and son of a Scottish Chieftain, Duncan MacThomas wants only to see his country free from English rule. Honor-bound to ensure his clan's financial future, Duncan reluctantly travels to


In 1304, amidst Scotland's continuing war for independence, two wounded souls are forced on a journey neither wants, resulting in tragedy and disaster.

Battle-hardened, untrusting and son of a Scottish Chieftain, Duncan MacThomas wants only to see his country free from English rule. Honor-bound to ensure his clan's financial future, Duncan reluctantly travels to England to wed a woman he doesn't want.

Wealthy and pampered, Catherine Gillingham anticipates a marriage to a Duke's son and is dismayed when her king decrees she must wed a Scotsman, the sort of man all of London despises.

Can these two opposites find love amidst war and lower their barriers to find the peace they seek within their countries and themselves?

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Highland Press
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17 Years

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Duncan's impulse was to go after her, pull her into his arms and tell her he was sorry. Pride stopped him. She was leaving him.

He heard shouts. Going to the door, he opened it to assess the commotion.

Catherine rode out the gate. Bloody hell, his stubborn wife rode out unaccompanied. Racing like the Bansidhe howled at her back.

He'd driven her away with his heartless words. Why hadn't he just demanded she not leave?

He couldn't let her depart. Not like this--not ever.

Knowing he needed her more than life itself, Duncan raced outside to mount his steed. His response anticipated, a horse was already being saddled.

He raced after her, pushing his horse to full gallop. "Please, God, let her not injure herself," he cried aloud.

He finally saw her, pushed to overtake her, knowing the fool woman wouldn't stop. Drawing abreast, he shouted to her.

She barely spared him a glance, concentrated on riding.

She was going too fast.

Duncan feared the horse would stumble. She might lose her grip on the reins or saddle. Bracing his knees to maintain his balance, he reached over to grab her reins. She jerked them away. Not wanting to startle the horse, Duncan took only the space of a heartbeat to make a decision. Bending to loop his arm around her waist, he pulled hard, jerking her from her horse.

Catherine shrieked.

Trying to situate her on the horse with his left arm, he yanked on the reins with his right. She flailed, trying to escape him.

"Let me go," she shouted.

He brought the horse to a stop, dismounted, bringing her with him.

She pummeled her hands against his chest. He didn't stop her. He'd hurt her, deservedit.

Her knee buckled and she dropped to the ground, sobbing. "How dare you ... how could you ... how...?"

"Shhh, my heart, I am sorry. I did not mean--"

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Her Highland Rogue 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
4 1/2 Stars!!!! Lots of mistery, romance, action-packed from beginning to end. My first by LB, will look for more!!!! Highly Recommend!!!,
Guest More than 1 year ago
I fell a little in love with Duncan in 'Highland Wishes' and was thrilled that this guy was going to get his own story! As with her past effort Ms. Burroughs has delivered yet again with this wonderfully romantic story about two souls that want to love but just can't trust the emotion. Duncan McThomas is forced to marry English beauty Catherine Gillingham by the English King. It's the last thing he wants but he will do his duty. He will marry her and walk away from her before she can leave him as his first wife did and as his own father did when Duncan was a small boy. Duncan is not prepared to find Catherine attractive or desirable he certainly never thought to find her company appealing. After consummating the marriage he leaves her at his home and leaves for Grant Drummonds stronghold. This proud warrior is too proud to admit he's making a mistake and by the time he comes to his senses, his wife has left for England. Will he be able to convince her to return to Scotland and to stand by his side? Catherine Gillingham McThomas wants her husband to love her as she loves him. She is unable to voice her feelings and instead runs from them only to realize you can't hide from what you feel. Together these two wounded souls try to find an even balance while pretending their feelings are less than they are. With the backdrop of Scotland's war for independence, Cat and Duncan find a love that they never thought possible. But, will they be able to find peace from their past hurts? Again this story is rich in history as well as breathtakingly original. We again visit with Tory and Grant, and introduced to new friends that will wrap their way around your heat. I greatly look forward to Ms. Burroughs' next effort. She is an author I will now purchase by name alone.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a sequel to Highland Wishes, Her Highland Rogue, picks up the story of Duncan, a Scot, and his arranged marriage to Catherine, an English heiress. The historical events of the time are a part of the story but don't overwhelem. Instead, Ms Burroughs has again created two likeable characters who overcome initial hostility and fall in love. It takes them a while to voice this to one another, but worth the wait. Ah, but there remains a villain who must be defeated, and that is satisfying as well. I look forward to Ms Burrough's next book--hopefully with some of the characters we've come to know.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Having liked this author's previous book 'A Circle of Crows' under the Brynn Chapman name, I truly expected to appreciate another facet of her talent. She obviously adores fantasy, such as Lord of the Rings, J.K. Rowling and M. Night Shyamalan, yet she brings her own special talent into her tales. These writers have brought her to love the beauty of the tale and to write outside of the box, yet where Shyamalan stories often leave the reader unfulfilled -- a lot of promise only to end with a big let down--Smythe delivers. The story is original, mesmerising with Callum having to face believing in things outside of the ordinary to save his mother and others. It's a wonderful dark original tale, imaginative, with strong characters, a solid premise and enough atmosphere to please people who loved The Village and for Harry fan's looking for another author to glom onto. It's a great book for the whole family, marking the launch of this writer's YA facet with a grand style. Highly recommended.
Guest More than 1 year ago
One look at the beautiful but eerie trees with eyes on the book cover tells you that you're in for quite a ride, and the author certainly doesn't disappoint! Callum McClure's mother is in a deep sleep, imprisoned on her bed by vines. She's dying and he doesn't know what to do to help, but he suspects some magic is in the air. * * * * * Ellsbeth McClure only appears to be asleep. Actually, she's in a nightmare, escaping from trees, sharks, all manner of spooking things that want to eat her. She's hurt, bleeding, and starving. If only she can hang on until Callum finds the answer to her plight. * * * * * Into the Woods is a fairytale, really, because it has a strong message wrapped in a riveting, wonderful story. If you like mystery, thrills, adventure, magic, and romance, you'll find it in this wonderful Young Adult novel. I highly recommend this book to readers of any age. You won't be sorry you bought it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Leanne Burroughs¿ Her Highland Rogue was utterly intense, from beginning to end. Catherine and Duncan MacThomas¿ passion blazes out of control from the very first pages, but is unexpectedly extinguished by a festering hatred from Duncan¿s past. Faced with the dying embers of their love, the two have to rekindle their romance one blazing night at a time or risk an eternity alone. Their destination, finding true love, is the same, but Cat and Duncan must travel very different roads to arrive at the door to their soul mate¿s heart. Burroughs is a master at taking readers through a gamut of emotions, wrenching tears from hearts and eyes more than once. She lets us experience each romance by introducing characters we would chose for friends and a few we wish were a bit more than that. Her Highland Rogue is an exceptional compliment to Ms. Burroughs¿ first book, Highland Wishes, and continues the heartfelt love stories that abound in the Scottish Highlands.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Leanne Burroughs' book Highland Wishes was a wonderful book. Her first, it was full of heart and so much love - of storytelling, history, of Scotland. She did the amazing Hat Trick of winning the 2004 Laurie for Historical Romance. Since Highland Wishes, from a small press, won over all those big named writers from the NYC power-publishers this says readers have found Burroughs and taken her to their hearts. In her second book, Her Highland Rogue - you will be amazed at the growth of Burroughs talent. Her craft continues to mature, making this story so emotional, so moving. It's the sequel to Highland Wishes. Set in 1304, while Scotland is still struggling to keep their independence, Edward Longshanks, the most ruthless king ever to sit on the English throne hopes to binds Scottish nobles through lands and marriages. The latter comes to plague Duncan Mac Thomas. A troubled man, a scarred man in many ways, the handsome Highlander finds his laird and father has betrothed him to a rich English woman, with Edward's blessings. Only, Duncan is a man not to be ruled. Despite his father's decree he accepts the marriage simply because he knows it will help protect his clan from Longshanks and give them the much-needed coin to see Clan MacThomas survives these troubled times. He may be forced to accept his English bride, but it doesn't mean he has to play husband to the lass. He plans to wed, bed her to solidify the marriage, and then leave her in the care of his clanspeople. Only, the arrogant Highlander comes to cropper with this English beauty now his lady wife. Catherine Gillingham was raised to obey her lord father. However, she is shocked to find her father pledged her in marriage to a Scotsman. Unsure of this new man she now must call lord and husband, she doesn't let it bend her gentle spirit. She is a quite woman, a woman trained to be proper in all things. Underneath is a strength Duncan little expected, but soon comes to admire. In a marriage neither wanted, they suddenly find themselves falling in love. Edward hopes to control this Scots noble through the marriage, but no one bribes Duncan MacThomas. When the call to save Stirling Castle comes, Duncan rises to the Scottish Banner, and along with Grant Drummond (hero from Highland Wishes), they rush to save the castle from Edward's war machines, nearly giving their lives to the cause. Through the turbulent times, Duncan and Catherine learn to hold tight to each other, and fight the coming storm that threatens to destroy them both. Burroughs has a true love of Scotland (and being a Scot I think I'm a good judge of this). She writes with amazing detail of the period and country. Only, it's through these two amazing characters she brings to life where she really hits her stride. Catherine is a gentle soul, yet there is such strength and determination in her. She is a heart-stealer. Duncan is pure Alpha male - arrogant, handsome, sexy, but a fully realized man with scars from the past. Duncan will leave the readers wanting their own Highland Rogue!