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Her Royal Protector

Her Royal Protector

4.0 7
by Alexandra Sellers

Research scientist Aly Percy has never been known for her looks, but she is passionate about saving wildlife. In fact, she'll do anything for her current project even if it means spending time alone with the sexy Cup Companion Arif al Najimi on his private yacht. A man who sets her nerves on edge, and makes her feel things she never has before. She doesn't know why


Research scientist Aly Percy has never been known for her looks, but she is passionate about saving wildlife. In fact, she'll do anything for her current project even if it means spending time alone with the sexy Cup Companion Arif al Najimi on his private yacht. A man who sets her nerves on edge, and makes her feel things she never has before. She doesn't know why he's interested in her, and doesn't trust his motives.

Arif doesn't understand why the researcher is haunting his dreams. Maybe it's because she's beautiful and intelligent, and he loves her passion for her project. He also feels a need to protect her from the dangers of traveling alone to do her work. More than anything, he wants to show her how beautiful she is.

They come from different worlds, and they have a difficult time trusting. The passion is explosive between them, but it may not be enough to bridge their worlds. Can the ugly duckling find true love with the Cup Companion?

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"The sheikh lives and what a sheikh!  Meet Arif at your heart's peril--a powerful, stunning man with an even more breathtaking quality: compassionate honor.  And Aly is his perfect foil, touching him with her bright mind, elfin beauty and her humility.   In Sellers's new book she is, as always, giving us raw passion, a captivating story and pounding excitement.  Incredibly entertaining."  Stella Cameron, NYT bestseller.

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Johari Crown
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Meet the Author

Born in Canada and raised in Toronto and on the prairies, where she survived a now-legendary winter storm, Alexandra Sellers became a weather refugee at the first opportunity. She is particularly devoted to travel in the Near and Middle East, and counts her visits to Morocco, Yemen, Israel, Egypt, Turkey and Iran as some of the happiest, most productive periods of her life. She has studied Arabic, Hebrew and Persian (Farsi) as well as several other languages, and was awarded a First Class degree in Persian and Religious Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) in 1992. The Islamic world and its rich cultural history are the inspiration for her award-winning Sons of the Desert series. The author of over 40 romantic novels, she is the recipient of the Romantic Times' Career Achievement Award for Series (2009) and for Series Romantic Fantasy (2000).

Before turning to writing, Alexandra studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and acted on the stage for several years. She divides her time between London, Crete and Vancouver.

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Her Royal Protector (a Johari Crown Novel) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
A heroine with an Ugly Ducklings complex meets a memorizing blue eyed Sheik & neither is ready for their exotic temptations! Olivia Percy is a fierce environmental activist for the Johari turtles is at the Great Palace of Bagestan to give the fundraiser speech for her boss, who became sick. No problem, except Aly thinks she is the ugliest female here, with her salmon colored dress, that is too big the boob department & also getting up in front of people, terrifies her. Her whole childhood her cruel & unloving dad told her she was ugly, so she is always not her genuine self. Plus this pantie dropping, devil inspired beard Adonis with amazing blue eyes, keeps staring, probably to call security & have her removed. Sheik Ari al Najimi is the Cup Companion to the Sultan of Bagestan, so he is at the fundraiser because is also the environmental czar. He sees this itsy bitsy woman is the ugliest dress he has ever seen, who seems to be hiding with in herself & is shocked that she is Dr. Percy. Ari thought that this intelligent & proud environmentalist would have a more commanding presence. When he meets her, Aly stick her foot, then her whole leg, into her mouth & Ari is kinda charmed by this pixie. As he introduces her to the fundraiser, she trips up the stairs, sends her boss' speech flying across the stage, looks into his memorizing blue eyes & burned inside out. Since her boss needs surgery, Aly is on her own for the trip to observe the Johari turtles, look for their nests, protect them, record the info & see if she can find out way they are dying out. Ari is furious that this hungry eyed pixie is about to travel across the dangerous gulf alone & makes her go aboard his sailboat with him or he was going to sink her boat. She is not happy because she wants him so much, that she is rude to distance herself. Ari wants to show her that she is desirable & then maybe he can get lost in her. The sexual tension is so high that one or both of them is going to explode. With misunderstandings on both sides, sneaking around, dangerous situations & a building need of unexploded passions makes their sail across the high sea an exotic & tempting adventure. Will Ari help remove her scales from her eyes & show her how beautiful & rare she truly is? Can Aly believe that he loves her & not pity her? How can they save the Jodari turtles for extinction? When will Ari realize she is other half? This my first Ms. Seller romance & I did enjoy the exotic locale & the high seas adventure. Aly is a woman who had "UGLY" bashed into her brain by her father, because she SAW him for what he was, a con man. Women of today have a distorted vision of their bodies & so called perfect image. I found FLAWS more desirable & interesting, but I am an old crusty lady & no one listens to me. Ari was a man divide between his 2 different cultures, but he would of been happier to just embrace & blend them into his own world. I loved the phone call from his mom & how she kick the dumb out of his head. There was a lot of sexually tension & a buildup of passions, but Ms. Seller choose to keep the bedroom door closed. I prefer to let the characters unleash & explore their decadent sides, but the closed door worked for this story. Ms. Seller wrote a romance with great characters in exotic seas, fighting to protect baby turtles & I had a HOOT on the ride with them. I give this book a score of 3 fingers up & 6 toes. NetGalley ARC given for my honest review.
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
Wow! I'm so excited that this is the first book in a series because it was amazing. We just got these nifty new "Hot Pick" buttons, and I'm definitely giving it to this one. Arif al Najimi was absolutely everything a hero should be. He was also exotic, an animal lover and ecologist, and saved Aly's life a couple times. While his views of women sometimes seems a little off, it really helped make him just a little too overprotective, but in the best possible way.  Aly was the traditional pretty and intelligent girl that didn't trust in her own beauty. But this time there was a very good reason why. And her reason why tied into so many other things in the story so beautifully that the whole back story was about as seamless as you could get. I loved how she kept running off and driving Arif al Najimi crazy trying to keep an eye on her.  Watching Aly and Arif al Najimi hunt for turtle nests and try to find out why they were dying off was a great story. There was a lot more action than what seems possible in a turtle nest hunt. There were even several times I found myself getting excited right along with them at a new next found. The side characters served to boost the story and enhance the personalities of the characters in just the right way. I don't think I could really find something I didn't like about this one.  *This book was received in exchange for an honest review* 
IreneC More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars Her Royal Protector was an enjoyable read. The storyline was interesting and had me turning the pages to see how Arfi and Aly would ever find a way to work through their differences and the lack of self belief in Aly. My only complaint was that I would have loved a glimpse of them in the future, I feel an epilogue would have added to my overall enjoyment.
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Her Royal Protector - A Johari Crown Novel Book 1 Author: Alexandra Sellers Publisher: Entangled Publishing Published: 5-27-2014 ISBN: E-Book: B00K48BOF8 Pages: 156 Genre: Romance Tags: Contemporary, Animals Sensual Level: Mild Overall Rating: Great 4.5 Reviewed For: Entangled Reviewer: DelAnne Aly Percy has come to Bagestan to try to help save the Johari turtle, sacred to the people of Bagestan. Arif al Najimi is the environmental minister and of the royal bloodline. Aly is confident and secure in her role as scientist, but when it comes to her personal life she is shy, insecure and reserved. Raised to believe she was inferior and plain with no hope of ever finding love. Arif sees a beautiful, strong woman who is passionate about her work that makes his heart race and his blood burn. When Aly places herself in danger for her work with the turtles, Arif decides to become her royal protector As a romance this was a wonderful story of two people overcoming obstacles to find true love. Yet there is so much more, suspense, beautiful scenery and a young woman coming into her own. I was thrilled with this romance story and enjoyed watching the characters grow and change as the story developed. How far will you go for love? Would you change yourself to help the one you love to grow and shine? I would definitely enjoy reading more from this series and from Alexandra Sellers.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Aly Percy has spirit, goodness and passion. When her project to save the endangered Johari turtles runs into problems, she decides to undertake it herself rather than quit. Arif al Najimi, a prince of the blood, won't permit this. The danger is to great. He will go with her as Her Royal Protector. The passion and excitement build as these two spend time together. Will he be hers forever? I enjoyed this smartly written romance which had a touch of suspense. Who would want to hurt the turtles? I especially enjoyed the ecological storyline. I found it interesting when Aly and Arif were locating and marking the turtle's nest. The lush setting of the Gulf of Barakat added to the romantic feel. These characters were well written and interesting. Their battle of wills and intense attraction hooked me immediately. I wanted these two to have a HEA. Her Royal Protector is a perfect beach read. Alexandra Sellers knows romance and this book proves it.
ToryMichaels More than 1 year ago
At first blush this was a typical category romance, heroine who thinks she's ugly (but of course actually isn't), arrogant CEO-type (prince in this case), etc. But once you get into the story, it isn't that at all. There was a lot more to the story, an understanding of why Aly thinks she's the way she is. I liked the imagined history of the Johari people. And of course, having such a wonderful cause that Aly's a scientist for (the Johari sea turtle) touched a tender chord with me. I enjoyed watching Arif go from his somewhat cold "prince" persona and grow into the man who's willing to fall in love with the little scientist. I also like how the leaders of Johari insist their cabinet members (the Cupholders) shed their prince personas for a month a year and mix with the common for as common folk (be nice of politicians had to do that, yeah?). Nothing in this book actually didn't work for me. It was a seamlessly delightful way to spend a couple of hours. Thank you to the publisher and Ms. Sellers for letting me read it! Four gargoyles! Book provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
3.5 Star Review Aly Percy is one of those characters that a whole series could be written around. She's funny, quirky, sometimes sad, troubled, clumsy, and dedicated to her cause of saving the Johari turtles. You can't help but to root for her throughout the entire book. She deserves love but doesn't believe she is worthy of any man, let alone Sheikh Arif. He's the perfect dark, brooding, alpha sheikh. He's the Sultan's Cup Companion. A trusted advisor responsible for the environmental issues of Bagestan. Is he really falling for the plain, small chested, unworthy Aly Percy? Or is he using her to get information?  Most of the book was immersed in the turtle study. As romance bloomed between the main characters, the turtle issue faded away and I would have liked a more clear end to that aspect of the story line. This was an enjoyable light afternoon read with wonderful characters.  Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.